Something Blue by Emily Giffin

Darcy was born beautiful.  Really… it’s true.  Just ask her.  She will be the first to tell you that she is perfect.  She loves that men find her attractive so it’s no big surprise that she is stunned to find that her fiance friend Marcus takes work.  Oh but never fear, Darcy continues to work her magic until she gets her way… only to be truly shocked and offended when she finds out fer fiance Dex, has also found his way to another… her best friend Rachel.

Oh the nerve of some people!  While yes, Darcy to has cheated with Marcus (more than once but really who is counting) she is still appalled to think that Dex and Rachel had done the unthinkable to her.  Yes… once again it is all about Darcy…

and as the title suggests….

she turns out to be pregnant with Marcus’s child… a child he does not want… and in fact he’s pretty tired of Darcy’s uppity ways as well.  Darcy quickly finds herself without a place to stay, so she packs her bags and goes to London to stay with her writer friend Ethan… only the life lessons continue as Ethan’s flat isn’t “all that” and he is not about to put up with selfish behavior.

Oh whats a girl to do…. and a pregnant one at that….

The character of Darcy is desribed as 5' 9" and 124 pounds. I had to Google such a body type to get a visual... and here she is .... "A Darcy"

Occasionally I enjoy a bit of a fluff read.  Just a fun, no thinking involved read.  When I found this audio on Amazon I thought I would give this audio a try.   A series of emotions came forth as I listened to this audio:





cautiously optimistic



Ugghhh…. it’s almost like the stages of grief.  😛  I started out not liking Darcy at all.  Really there was nothing to like.  She is an extremely self-centered character who only cared about making sue all men had eyes only for her, always wanting what she could not have until she got it… and then drinking while pregnant just about pushed me over the edge.  Fictional character or not, I was about to take Darcy out. 

Then…. slowly…. she began to change, in an almost predictable way, she learns the errors of her ways and well… you will just have to read it to see exactly what that means.

This is the sequel to Something Borrowed which I have not read.  ( I heard it was a movie and I was going to try to see it before I listened to this audio but I did not… I still may watch it at some point.) However I don’t think I missed anything by diving into this one, the characters were easy to figure out where they stood. 

In recap…. I didn’t hate it.  It actually grew on me a bit.  Not so much as I would pursue the series, but in the end I may have been able to have lunch with Darcy without stabbing her in the neck with my fork. 

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I have updated the 2011 WHERE Are You reading map to include Something Blue

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  1. don’t give up on emily giffen….her other ones are really good…my mind is drawing a blank but the baby blues one and one i think is called heart of the matter were wonderful

  2. I read Something Blue, but haven’t yet read Something Borrowed…but I did see the movie.

    Darcy in the movie was played by Kate Hudson.

    I love how you Googled and found “a Darcy.” Don’t you love Google?

    • I like Kate Hudson and wouldn’t mind seeing the movie although I have heard “Darcy” is even worse in the first book.

      LOL – I googled images of 5′ 9″, 124 pounds. I have a friend who is 5’9″ and is 130 pounds and I think she is super thin so 124 sounded like a sickly looking character. I was right…. the article that went with the pic was about anorexic women and models dieing. The pic is an actual model who is 5′ 9″ and 124 pounds.

  3. I tried one of her books once before but it never really grabbed me before it was due at the library. I always thought I would go back to her at some point, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  4. This is not my type of book but I really liked Something Borrowed. Something Blue was just ok for me, but I’m a series finisher so I HAD to read it!

  5. Darcy sounds so annoying, I think I’ll skip this one.

  6. While I have no interest in the book, I am kinda coveting the purse on the cover. How shallow of me. 😀

  7. I read Something Borrowed and hated Darcy so I’m curious to see how she changes. Its on my tbr list.

  8. Chick lit tends to bore me a little bit but I really enjoyed this book, as well as Something Borrowed. I definitely want to see the movie!

  9. Yep…the first one is a movie…I don’t think it was out for very long…

  10. I must say that for fluff read I quite enjoy her.

  11. This review made me giggle! Nice one.

  12. I love Giffin and maybe you can go read the first one???? But that photo of the perfect girl is so off base isn’t it?????

  13. I couldn’t stand Something Borrowed because I didn’t like any of the characters, especially Darcy. Goodness only knows what I was thinking when I decided to read Something Blue. Like you, Darcy ended up growing up and growing on me and so I ended up quite liking this book!

  14. I had similar reactions to her one book I read. I think Giffin and her characters are just not for me.

  15. Alison's Book Marks

    I reviewed SOMETHING BORROWED a while back, and got slammed for it. I thought her female characters epitomized all the things people hate about women. I just couldn’t get into the book, I was too busy hating her characters. Needless to say, I haven’t read any of Giffin’s other books…not for me.

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