First Drop Of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost

Denise MacGregor knows all to well about the things that go bump in the night.  Her husband has been killed by a demon.  So have several of her other relatives as the demon is in search of one man… and he is using Denise as bait.

Denise in a frenzy wonders who she can turn too.  She makes a call to her best friend Cat who is half vampire, half human, but instead of Cat, it is Spade who answers her call for help.  Spade is a not too painful on the eyes vampire.  He is kind and generous and agrees to help Denise with hardly any questions asked. 

Yet Denise is unsure what her dept to Spade may become.  He has paid for people to get out of her way.  He has protected her… and he has discovered that her blood has been possessed by the demon making it as hard to refuse as a drug to other vampires.  As Spade works to hide the truth about Denise’s blood… he also works to control himself around this grieving girl who makes his once beating heart… feel alive again.

Ok... this really has nothing to do with anything except that this is Timothy Hutton and I think the dude in the cover shot looks like him. 🙂


I listened to this on audio.

Note:  I am more willing to stretch my genre tastes with audio…. 1.  because I can listen to an audio that is not always captivating much longer that I can tolerate a book that does not grab me and 2.  I thirst (ha ha… vampire humor!) for good audio

So yeah, First Drop Of Crimson is more than likely a book I would have never picked up.  Just not my thing… even the cover is not to my tastes.  HOWEVER, this one of the audio offered at the Blackstone Audio booth at BEA this year and I wanted to give it a try.

I can’t say I disliked the audio.  It was interesting.  I found it to be a cross between the Sookie Stackhouse series (which annoyed me to no end) and the Twilight series, which I enjoyed.  The “Twilight” side of this audio saved it.  Denise reminded me a little too much of Sookie, mainly the narrator’s voice gave off a simpleton southern twang that had me thinking… oh no… it can’t be…. Sookie reincarnated…  BUT as the read went on, I discovered that Denise was smarter than Sookie.  Not always… but occasionally.

There are some pretty steamy and graphic sex scenes in this audio – fair warning for young readers.  It was a little too hot for me, and that’s not saying much as I do not like that in books anyway. 

I did not learn until after I finished this read that this series – while being book one, is actually a spin-off from another series of Jeaniene Frost, and the characters in this audio, have already been developed well in another series – which is great for those who have read the series, but for a newcomer like me… confusing.   Knowing this now explains a lot about the beginning of the book when cat is mentioned but does not actually show up until the middle and Spade seems to have a familiarity with Denise prior to this book.

I will not continue on with this series, it is not what I am drawn too, however I do think many YA readers will enjoy this and find it fits in well with the paranormal reads that are in huge demand today.

Goodreads review

I have updated the 2011 WHERE Are You Reading Map to include First drop Of Crimson

I picked up this audio at the Blackstone Audio booth at BEA

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