Morning Meanderings…. Mischief Managed and Placing The Sorting Hat High On The Shelf

Good morning.  My Minnesota view outside my window is overcast and gloomy.  Rain spatters the windows of my home and for once I find this weather quite appropriate for my mood.

I feel…. melancholy.  I feel a  little overcast myself really.

Last night, as the clock struck midnight and many (most) of you were well into the sleep world… I was sitting in a crowded, chatty movie theater waiting anxiously, and a little precariously as the opening to Harry Potter 7 part 2 lit upon the big screen. 

I think most die-hard Potter fans would agree that this final movie is at once exciting and sad. 

I have talked about it more than once here about how Harry Potter came into my kids lives in the later part of 1998 and Scholastic brought it into my home on that lovely little paper ordering sheet that the kids and I drooled over.  Through the years we read them together, and last night while I was here in Brainerd Minnesota watching the movie, my college son was in Mankato Minnesota doing the same thing. 😀

While the movie was exciting and with 5 theaters showing it last night in my small town alone at 250 seats per theater and $8.50 per ticket… well I can only imagine the impact heard around the world –


to me it did not generate that same excitement I had standing in the forefront of a line that wrapped around Barnes and Noble or insert book store of your choice here…. waiting for the next book to get in my eager hands.

I am forever grateful to be a part of this era of Harry Potter.  To have lived it first hand as the books were printed, as the excitement grew, the first movie to the last.  I wonder if they even fully know the impact they made not only on the lives of children, but on their parents, not only the movies – but the BOOKS – THE BOOKS.  The books that made readers from non- readers all over the world.

I leave this morning this ode to Harry Potter:

AND for those of you who have shared with me that you have not read the books… have not seen the movies and are on the outside scratching your head as to the over all over the top obsession I have with these books…. here is a 6 minute recap of all that has happened in the movies to bring you up to full speed (also – full spoilers here to all previous movie – but not this last one)

Oh yes.... this is even a new level of dorkiness for me 🙂

Have an awesome rest of your morning!  I am reading today, and enjoying my day off.  😛

32 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Mischief Managed and Placing The Sorting Hat High On The Shelf

  1. I would have loved to have been one of those individuals in the theatre last night for Harry Potter but I was just too tired. I hope to go next week, though. I am excited to see it all come together in this grand finale, but sad, just the same, to see a story that has been a part of my life and my children’s for the last ten years, come to a conclusion.

  2. I’ve seen three of the movies…and haven’t yet read the books, although I did read a few pages of Book One while sitting in the coffee shop at Borders.

    I guess it didn’t grab me…sigh.

    I am excited that others love the books, though, and applaud this author who has made reading fun for so many!

  3. I was there, too, Sheila. What fun, eh? I’m not sure how many tickets my local 14-screen theatre sold. They said they would just keep opening theatres as needed. It was a festive atmosphere, for sure, and people applauded three times before the Warner Bros logo appeared!

    I wasn’t going to do the midnight show, but I’m glad I did. I’ll probably see it again in the theatre (maybe no 3D next time) and I’ll purchase the DVDs for my collection. My daughter (23) wasn’t much of a reader (until recently – yay!) so she never read past book 1 and had no idea what was going to happen. I was glad she got to see it spoiler-free with me. We’ll both be a little tired today, but it was a fitting memory to a wonderful set of books!

    1. I will probably see it again too either this week or next. I was very impressed on how well it was done and in the end – actually have a couple “fact checks” to look up in the book that I thought were brilliant – but I do not remember happening in the book. 😀 I hope they are there.

  4. Not sleeping? I’d be sleeping today, at least part of it, if I were you. I’ve loved the books, but I want to watch the movies straight through; I’ve only seen maybe 1.

    1. We have thought about watching the movies striaght through Hannah…. its a big commitment as most of them were over two hours. It is amazing to see how young they all looked in the first one – heartbreaking really…. they really made an impact on my kids… and me too. 😀

  5. I agree that even waiting in line for the movie with exciting fans is nothing like waiting for those books to come out. It makes me sad that even though kids/adults may love the books when they read them for the first time at some point in the future, it can never match that sense of anticipation waiting years for the next book and then standing in line for the midnight release. Jo definitely gave us a special experience! (*sob*) BTW, my tickets in the city are $15, and not even for the 3D version!

    1. Exactly Sarah – that was half the fun. I waited in lines at B & N, my local book store, and one year even Wal-Mart who had a Potter Party up until the books sales at 12:01 a.m.!

      There are few books I would do that for! 😛

  6. I went to see the movie this morning and I thought it was fantastic. Very true to the book. While I left the theater though I did feel sad. Harry Potter us over for all of us. I might read the books again soon so I can go back to Hogwarts or maybe this time I will listen on tape like you did. If I remember correctly you said they were great.

  7. Thank you for the B’day wishes-I started the day off with a ride and then finished off the day with time at the beach. For an overcast day it turned into a nice day. I hope the sun shines on you.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful day Esme! This morning is really hazy… it feels weird but I think it is going to get humid and hot. 🙂 I need to finish the lawn mowing before then and maybe I will get a little rollerblading or biking in today.

  8. I saw the movie this morning and I was disappointed. I remember when the first movie came out I reread the book and then through the whole movie all the changes bothered me immensely. This time the movie felt slow, like it was just hitting all the details but not really flowing from one to the other. Maybe at a later date date I’ll enjoy it as I now do the first one, but I was expecting a more suspenseful feel. I wonder what it was like for people who hadn’t read the books, if the not knowing added to the show, I’m sure it probably did.

    1. Great thoughts Jill – I had read the books – this last one though I read when it came out and have not had time to read it again. I hope to yet this week.

      I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was right on with the way the story went. Did you see the first half of this movie that came out in November?

  9. I did see the first half. I watched it again yesterday to get ready for today. I think sometimes all the hype takes away some of the enjoyment. My kids want to see it too and I bet when I go see it again I will enjoy it more.

  10. What a wonderful tribute to Harry Potter!! You are right – it is a cultural phenomenon. I can’t even compare it to anything in the past. You’ll have to stop by my blog and see the photos I posted of my son’s Harry Potter party (many years ago!)

    I spent the past week re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I thoroughly enjoyed it, again. Rowling really is a talented writer. I got just as caught up in it as I did the first time (in fact, I trashed all my other plans Sunday and accomplished nothing except finishing the book and seeing the movie).

    Then we all went to see the movie yesterday. It was wonderful, of course. My kids spent the early part of Sunday re-watching #6 and the first part of #7 to help their friend catch up so he could come with us.

    All in all, it was a Harry Potter weekend here!


  11. I am sooooo late in responding to this post, but I cannot let it go un-commented (okay, so that is probably not even a word!). I am soooo going to miss Harry Potter so much. I will never again be able to read or watch it for the first time. However, starting this winter, I will be able to read the books and watch the movies, experiencing them vicariously through my son’s first time. I cannot wait and can only hope that he loves them as much as I do!

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