Morning Meanderings…A Chance To Win Forever by Maggie Stiefvater And A Queen Event

Good morning!  😀

Sun shining… mood hitting level awesome…. what could be going on?

OH – many things!  For one, today releases Forever by Maggie Stiefvater.  I reviewed this a few weeks back with the appropriate level of SSQQQUUEEESSSS so you know…. check it out.  😀  (Amazon rating here)

And check this out…. I am so not a fan of book trailers but this is something incredible…

I had pre ordered Forever back in January right after I finished Linger.  When I received the ARC at BEA this year, I still wanted the hard cover that I had pre ordered so that book is due here in the next couple of days.  Hmmm…. what to do with the ARC?  (*see bottom of this post)

Tonight is our book club Queen Event which is basically a potluck event where we all dress up in formal wear and give little speeches of why we should be the Queen.  Why do we do this?  It came out of a book we read years ago called Same Sweet Girls by Cassandra King.  It is just a fun crazy thing we do every July and it is a lot of crazy fun! 

Here is a glimpse into last years 2010 event:

Click here to read about this event

and here is 2009 before…

Click here to read about this event

I bought my dress for tonight on clearance… I have a closet full now of these fun dresses… (one of which you may have seen dive into the lake for the polar plunge in May).  😛

I love this event because we all agreed to do it… I wasn’t sure they would, but yes, for the past 5 years we have done this and had so much fun seeing what everyone came up with for their speech… some sing, some rhyme… some read off cards like a politician.  It is all in fun and we do have fun!  😀

Pictures and results will be up tomorrow 😀

**Leave a comment today on this post and I will choose one random winner to receive my ARC copy of Forever which I will send out to them this week. 

48 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…A Chance To Win Forever by Maggie Stiefvater And A Queen Event

  1. I love your book group’s annual “Queen Event” idea! What a fun way to get together in the middle of July! I’d love to win your ARC of Forever–thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I love Maggie Stiefvater’s book trailers. So imaginative!

    Thank you for sharing the pictures from your book club.I hope you have a great time this evening. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I don’t usually like trailers but this was such a cute one! You have such a fun book club! Have a good time tonight!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. That trailer so so wonderfully creative!

    I love when you post pics, and these of your book club are wonderful!

  5. Good grief! Is it time for your queen event again already? Sometimes I just want to yell, “Stop the world. I want to get off!” Have fun in your formal wear.

  6. What a beautiful book trailer! I would love to win Forever thanks for the giveaway.

    Have fun at your Queens event. Your book club looks like a blast. What a blessing to have book nuts you know in real life to complement the ones you know online.

  7. Can’t wait to see the pics of tonight’s “gala”…
    Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win the copy of Forever….I finished the other two not long ago and cant wait to find out what happens!!!!


  8. Hey Shelia, I was actually coming by to say ‘Thank You’ for not only visiting my blog but for your sweet comment about my dog Belle. I still get choked up about it. We still have two other dogs, but none as long as I had her.

    I love your Queen book club event! I have the book by Cassandra King but have not yet read it. And I have really been wanting to start the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, so yes, I would love to toss my name in!

    1. Thanks Kristal. Pets always hold a soft spot in my heart. We have two shih-tsu’s and the one is 14… he has been such a big part of our life I can imagine what losing him will feel like and I dread the day.

      I choked up just reading your story.

      Read the Cassandra King book – it is awesome and sad…

  9. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun in The Queen photos. The trailer was interesting. I’d love to win the book.

  10. I’d love a chance to win this one! Forever looks to be a great addition to the series…

    I think you are someone who knows how to have fun, Shelia! I love the queen idea that you do every year. I think that’s priceless, every woman should feel like a queen some of the time, it’s a confidence thing… LOL!

  11. I love my children but I so miss being able to have fun events just for myself, does that sound selfish? A little I guess. My husband works night and sleeps during the day so whenever I am not with my children I have to make arrangements for them and with making arrangements for working and such it feels like too much of a bother to make arrangements for them so I can go to fun things. I love your book club event, it looks like you all have so much fun! (Can you feel my envy?) Years ago I belonged to a group for one year and I loved that one night a month when I got to talk with a group of women about a book and have fun. Can’t wait to see your pictures tomorrow and find out who the winner was! At the same time I will cross my fingers for this book too!

    1. Not selfish Jill – you need to have a happy mix. My kids are grown so it is easier for me now but I still made time when they were younger too. Taking time for me, made me better for everyone 😀

      Take time Jill -see a movie with a friend, go out to dinner…. I wish you lived closer! 😛

  12. Oh, we’ve heard a bunch of songs in the Hobbit audio book now, so far they don’t bother me, but I can’t seem to get into the actual book. We are at the end of disk two and I just don’t really care what happens next. If this weren’t an audio book I don’t think i would still be reading it. Hopefully it will hook me soon!

  13. Can I just say how much fun I think it would be to be the Queen of a book club!?! And thank you for the Forever giveaway, I have the first two books in the series but havne’t read them yet because my mom stole them as soon as they arrived in the mail! I will have to get them back from her asap!

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