The Maltese Falcon – Radio Theater Group

When a beautiful woman begs for Sam Spade’s help, well what’s a San Fransisco detective to do but risk his tough guy reputation to help her? 

Sam is a real man’s man and tough enough to bluff confessions out of the thugs.  When Sam’s partner is murdered on a stakeout the cops all but blame Sam… no wait, they actually do blame Sam for the death.  Sam knows people in low places and has the pull to get people working to assist him in solving the crime , as look for the payoff that everyone wants – a valuable gold statuette of a falcon.

Who has the falcon?

What will it take to get it back?

As a motley crew of characters gather in Sam’s hotel room, all searching for the same answers, you have to wonder – can Sam, Mr. Cool, Mr. Smooth Talker himself, solve this crime and mystery?




Hee hee.

I picked this audio up from the amazing Tanya of Blackstone Audio (can I get a WOOT!) as well as the great blog, Dog eared copy.  I met Tanya at BEA this year and always interested in dipping my listening ear into different genres and mixes, I jumped at the chance to listen to this audio. 

I find that I am more experimental in my audio then I am in books.  Something about listening to an audio… I usually give it more of a chance to grab me then I will a book. 

In this case, The Maltese Falcon was a surprise in many ways.  For one, I didn’t pick up on the fact that this was Radio Theater.  Or if I did, I did not really think what that meant.  When the audio started with this dramatic  music, sound effects and voices… I was well, take a moment and listen for yourself:


Ok…. so now you see where I am at.  😛

So – I will admit I was surprised, not necessarily pleasantly so as I thought I was going to hear this book read by an assortment of narrators…

The second way this audio surprised me was…. it grew on me.  Suddenly, I got into the way this one played out and I would be in the kitchen laughing to Sam Spade’s over the top solving of the crime, and the search for the maltese falcon.

Que the scary music soundtrack….


Ok I jest…. it really turned out to be a unique experience – one that I really did enjoy.  I have never seen the movie, so I went into this knowing title alone and nothing else.  Both readers, Michael Madsen and Sandra Oh did a wonderful job.  This was actually quite fun.

I have updated the 2011 WHERE Are You Reading map to include Maltese Falcon

Thank you to Tanya and Blackstone Audio!


12 thoughts on “The Maltese Falcon – Radio Theater Group

  1. It does sound fun. That reminds me of how, when I was a kid, we would curl up in front of the radio and listen to shows. This was before TV. It was all very dramatic.

    Radios were big, burly things back then…not portables. They had a “presence.”

    Glad you enjoyed this one.

  2. I love radio shows and never get enough of them. Some of my favorite things to listen to are readio dramas. I think this one would be a lot of fun.

  3. I’ve read the book and seen the movie a few times… an old favorite of mine. I had no idea there were audiobooks for these oldies. I’m sure I’d enjoy it. Nice review with the sound effects. 🙂

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