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Good morning!  Quite the lovely weather in Minnesota currently and hopefully staying that way through the weekend.  I am in charge of special events where I work and this Saturday is our annual picnic, approximately 300 people with children and we are using a new camp for this event so I do have a wee bit of anxiety that it all goes off without a hitch 😛

This morning I was taking a quick read through my morning Shelf Awareness email and came across a small article about The Grey Zone by Daphna Edwards Ziman.  I seen this book at the Book Blogger Convention in May and was not overly drawn to it.  YET – during the Speed Dating session of BBC, this was a session where bloggers and authors met for 10 minutes to let the author discuss their book and the bloggers to ask questions and then you would get a new author to chat with.  BRILLIANT IDEA.  But I digress….

Daphne was at our table with her book, The Grey Zone which is about a 6 year old child, Kelly,  who witnessed her other murdered and her father wrongfully accused.  Through foster homes she is neglected, abused, and involved in human trafficing….

As I sat and talked with Daphne, still not sure I wanted to read this, we started connecting on child endangerment.  When I told her about my working with street kids in Honduras, we had hit a connection.  Suddenly – we were both sharing experiences at once and Daphne told me how she was worked to ensure child protection in foster care… wow. 

Suddenly Daphne’s book took on a whole new meaning… and now that I knew the passion behind the book.  I wanted to read it.

I have not read the book yet, but I do have it with my BEA books, given to me by Daphne. 

Daphne (Left) as pictured in Shelf Awareness today


Daphne and I at The Book Blogger Convention


Have you ever had a book that you almost passed on but then for whatever reason, you found yourself drawn to it later, either by a friend, review, hearing the author…. I would love to hear your stories!  😀

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  1. I can’t think of anything at this moment, but I do know what you mean…there is a lot more to a story than what we can glean from the cover, the blurb, and even the author’s short “elevator pitch.” Behind the story is always the author’s story, and you discovered that. That’s great….

    Yes, some topics are difficult, but when you can see what drove the author to write the story, it does add a piece.

  2. The Twilight books were the first thing to come to mind – I really wasn’t that interested but eventually had to give in if only to see just what all the fuss was about.

  3. Hi BookJourney,

    I received a book from you at one point. Inside you had put your beautiful coffee cup card named Book Journey. I’m sorry to say can’t remember the book I put the card in. I did appreciate the card so much. Wanted to say thank you again.

    Yes, the book for me is The Lovely Bones. I have a copy. Friends and other people say it’s a must read. I pick it up. Start it. I just can’t get pass the title.

  4. The Gray Zone was brilliant and one if I recall correctly I highly recommended. I am glad you were able to meet her and connect.
    Enjoy reading the books and your Picnic this weekend.

  5. I passed over The Gray Zone at BBC. Now you’ve got me wondering if I made a big mistake by not picking up a copy!

  6. RedHeadedBookChild

    I can’t think of one right now that I have passed on but I am really glad I did not pass on this one. I had a chance to talk to her too and what am amazing woman she is!! haven’t read it yet but I know I will!

  7. Yes, that’s certainly happened to me before. I can’t think of a title right off hand, but it’s fun when it happens!

    • It really reminds me that no matter we may think of a books synopsis, cover, genre, etc… you never know until you read the book. 😀

      It makes me wonder what else I have passed on that I may have loved…

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