One Good Dog by Susan Wilson (audio review)

Adam March is a married well to do man.  He has a wife who loves her who likes the comforts of having money and a teenage daughter who wants for nothing.  On the brink of becoming CEO of the company he has worked hard in for years, a lapse in judgement, a snap decision, causes Adam to lose everything.  My the mighty have fallen when Adam loses his job, his, home, his wife, his daughter, and his dignity.   Now working off a community service sentence at a local soup kitchen Adam needs to find out where he goes from here.

Chance is a pit bull.  He has born in captivity to pit bull parents who are caged and breed for dog fights.  Chance is pretty proud of his standings, he has a few scars, but usually comes out the victor in his matches.  While life is ok, Chance knows it is not great.  He sees his mother old and tired, they live in fear of the men who cage them never knowing if they are going to eat that day or be beaten.  When Chance has an opportunity to escape, he does and finds himself living as a free dog on the streets.

In a “chance” meeting… both Adam and the dog wind up together.  But what can a man who has nothing to give do with a dog who has known no other life than fighting?  What can a dog offer a man who is broken, bitter, and self-absorbed?

Pit Bulls:  Many areas restrict pit bull ownership such as Canada, Miami Florida, and Denver Colorado.  They are a member of the terrier family and bull-dog family.  These dogs are a popular breed used in dog fighting.

While looking for an audio a couple of weeks back this one came across my path.  I liked the sound of the read (the synopsis on the audio was kind of funny) but… I was concerned about reading about a dog.

Side note – I am really sensitive when it comes to animals. 

But the book pulled me in and I even made a note on a post that this dog better be ok throughout the whole book because I will be mad if this is another book that breaks my heart. 


I am not going to tell you.

What I am going to tell you is that the alternating parts told from Adams point of view, and then Chances are wonderful.  Usually if I am reading about a dog he is cute and lovable and Chance is not that.  Chance is a pit bull.  He had half an ear and many scars.  He is a fighter and does not know how to be pet (and not really sure he would want to be one!)  Yet the story is told so well that you come to love Chance for who he is on the inside, really just a dog who needs to catch a break. 

I even enjoyed Adam and he is not a likable guy.  He is rough (get it?  “Ruff!”… oh, never mind…) around the edges and angry with the world.  The story, while maybe predictable, still felt unique to me in its telling.  This was one of those audio I could not wait to get back to.

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19 thoughts on “One Good Dog by Susan Wilson (audio review)

  1. I’m the same – I love books with animals but I always worry that they will break my heart. I like the sound of this with the dog not being cute and fluffy but that the reader warms to him anyway. Again, not sure we have this in the UK but will keep a look out 🙂

  2. I am usual not into animal stories, but this one sounds good. I think I may give it a go, on audio – when I am done with a series that I am working my way through.

      1. My gosh, only 6 hours??? That sounds like a breeze considering the chunkster of audiobooks that I listen to; currently book 7 in the Wheel of Time series.

        1. I kind of like the audios between 5 – 9…. occasionally If there is one I really want to get to I can go up in hours… the longest I listened to was 30 hours. The Passage, Justin Cronin – was good!!!

  3. Aaargh. I’m torn on whether to read this one. I’m a pit bull advocate. I have one. She’s a fantastic dog. But I read The Lost Dogs about Michael Vick’s dogs earlier this year and it made me cry far more often than I want any book to make me cry. I am glad I read the book, but I don’t think I can ever read it again.

    Soooooo… I don’t know about this one. For the same reason that I’m afraid to read The Art of Racing in the Rain… I too am sensitive about animals.

  4. I hate the automatic fear response when people see a pit bull. They are just individual dogs who are the way they have been treated. Did you know that in the 19th century they were known as “nanny dogs?” You can find old pictures of children with their pit bulls sitting beside them, guarding them from harm.

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