Rococo by Adriana Trigiani


Rococo:  also referred to as “Late Baroque” is an 18th century style which developed as Baroque artists gave up their symmetry and became increasingly ornate, florid, and playful. Rococo rooms were designed as total works of art with elegant and ornate furniture, small sculptures, ornamental mirrors, and tapestry complementing architecture, reliefs, and wall paintings. It was largely supplanted by the Neoclassic style. In 1835 the Dictionary of the French Academy stated that the word Rococo “usually covers the kind of ornament, style and design associated with Louis XV’s reign and the beginning of that of Louis XVI”. It includes therefore, all types of art produced around the middle of the 18th century in France.

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Bartolomeo di Crespi, “B” has a dream.  He has always wanted to get his interior decorating hands on his church, Our Lady Of Fatima.  Seriously…. this church could do with a make over and B has just the plan.  When the opportunity arises renovate the church, B is beside himself with joy and that is really where the fun begins!

B soon learns that his “one man plan” is not going to work as there is no “I” in Team.  And as if working with other artistic types isn’t hard enough, he also is dealing with his large Italian family and loads of drama… his sister Toot is desperate need of a post divorce make over of her own and relies heavily on her brother, Capri the daughter of the richest woman in New Jersey was long ago told she would marry B, and as much as B loves her…. he doesn’t love her in that way, Father Porporino does his best to keep his flock scandal free (even as we slowly uncover one of his own), Eydie the international designer is stepping to close into B’s dream for the church, and B’s cousin Christina is drowning in a grief that consumes all who come near…

What this adds up to is a funny adventure with delightful characters centered around a family that still sticks together no matter what, a church that is the center of them all, and B the artist who would love to just do his job and avoid all the rest but has too much a sense of family to shut them out.

Adriana with friend and comedian, Mario Cantone

There is no secret that I adore Adriana Trigiani.  She is an amazing woman, writer, and author.  I have been lucky enough to spend time with her and this is where I stumbled on to this treasure of audio.  Adriana is an amazing story-teller…. not only in her books, but in everyday life.  Recently at a lunch in New York, Adriana shared stories about her books and about her good friend Mario recording Rococo.  (You may recognize Mario from the Sex In The City movie). 

When I left that luncheon I knew I had to find Rococo (which I had never read) and I had to find it in audio with Mario narrating.  I did find it on and anxiously awaited for my current audio to end so I could give this one a try.

If you are talking awesome narrators – Mario Cantone hit the spot.  This audio was amazing to listen to!  I laughed through much of it, delighted in all the Italian characters who were loud and opinionated and lovable.  Honestly – Adriana did it again.

What I love about the books I have read of Adriana’s is the family.  I am not sure if all her books are like this, but the ones I have had the privilege to experience are centered around family that cares about one another.  I come from a small family that is not all that close and reading or listening to such family is an experience for me.  I bask in what that would be like – big meals, family gatherings, opening your home and your heart when there is a need….

This audio is truly a treasure.  If you have a chance to listen to this one, I encourage you to do so.  Mario reads with such a passion and while it is a fun listen, there is also a great story line and in the end… I was emotionally choked up, already missing characters who had now become family in my mind.

I have updated the 2011 WHERE ARE YOU READING map to include Rococo

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20 thoughts on “Rococo by Adriana Trigiani

  1. i’ve never read or listened to any adriana trigiani but have heard so much about her from other bloggers. my library has such a limited selection of audiobooks that i’m interested in listening to but i’m going to check and see if i can get this one sent over. thanks for the review, recommendation, and great photo!

  2. I read the book when it first came out and would like to listen to that audio version after hearing Adriana talking about Mario reading it! I love the picture of them.

    1. I love her sense of family. When talking to her I am always impressed that many of the names in the books are of her relatives. I think you wold enjoy the book she wrote about her two grandmothers (non fiction): Life Lessons From My Grandmothers.

  3. I have two books by this author waiting for me to read them. I do not have this one, and it sounds fun. Actually, the fact that you like the narrator as well as you do really sparked my interest. I do appreciate a good narrator; I can revel in their work.

  4. For some reason, audiobooks and I don’t get along. I never have enough quiet time to actually listen to one for long, although I DO have a gift for insulating myself when I’m actually reading a physical book. I do know that the narration plays a huge part in the enjoyment, and this sounds as though the narration was excellent.

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