Morning Meanderings… Train Wreck…. (but in a good way)

Good morning!  😀  I feel good.  Really good.  The sun is out (odd but true!) and I am sitting at my kitchen table with scrambled egg whites and spinach and of course…. COFFEE CUP. 

It’s very…

zen like.

First words out of my mouth this morning when I woke up:  “train wreck”. 

That is the way my body felt getting up…. my arms ache, my legs ache, my back is tight (not hurt!) just tight, I can feel my calves stretch and pull and it feels WONDERFUL. 

Yesterday I took the morning Group Power class and yesterday late afternoon I took the kick boxing class.  Both for the first time in two weeks since I hurt my back and recovered.  It just feels so good to feel my muscles saying “WHA????????  I thought we were done with that!”

After work today I am either on biking or blading…. the weather looks good and I can not miss out on a good day when it looks like it will turn back to rain the following two days…. *sigh*  and of course hoping so much for a nice Saturday for the MS bike ride.  I can not easily say no to this one as this is a team ride.

What are you doing as spring has inched its way around the world….  are you a garden person (I wish I was more of one!), a flower child?  A runner, a biker, a relax on the deck with a stack of books and a LARGE ice tea person (oooh I like that one!), a spring cleaner, a bird watcher….

I am curious what you do when the weather turns nice.  😛

37 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Train Wreck…. (but in a good way)

  1. fitrst thing?? OPEN THE WINDOWS!!!! to finally smell/feel fresh air, feel a breeze….it’s the best!

  2. I love walking in the park and taking pictures of the pretty blooming flowers (if only my allergies didn’t hate them so much). I also LOVE running in the spring rain. It is supposed to rain where I am tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  3. Since I’m the one who has to take care of the yard, I’m a ride the Cub Cadet until my rear end can’t take it anymore person. Then (!), I’m a sit on the patio with iced tea and a good book person.

  4. I love sitting outside a restaurant in an outdoor mall, with a drink, my book, and my “people watching” eyes tuned to those around me.


  5. I enjoy riding my bike on the Mill Creek Trail and I also walk 2.2 miles every day. Both of these activities especially the bike riding are great activities in the Spring. I have read that you enjoy riding as well. I love to garden. This last Saturday I went to the annual plant sale for the Master Gardeners club and purchased all my garden plants. Peppers, Tomatoes, Squash, and Flowers are now waiting under cover for a couple of weeks before I place in the the garden. I do not want to take a chance that a Kansas Frost will damage the young plants. There are two seasons that I love the most, Spring and Fall. I am really enjoying my Spring. Hope everyone else finds each day filled with many blessings.

    • That is so awesome Steve that you walk each day! I wish I could maintain a garden but it is so hard in actoive life to put the love into that I need too…. I think I need to think small as I do love fresh vegies 😀

      I love spring through fall.

  6. This year I am a teach-my-girls-to-ride-a-bike, and walk VERY slowly behind them while they do kind of person! I have so enjoyed getting outside with the girls since the weather has turned, although we have had more rain than sun as of late!

    • Sounds like you have a wonderful plan Bonnie 🙂 We had more poor weather than nice lately too so I am thankful for any nice day I can get 😀

  7. When the weather gets nice, I love taking long walks and then finding someplace gorgeous to sit down and relax with a good book.

    • That sounds wonderful Meg…. I read a lot on my back deck…. its secluded there and the only sounds are birds and squirrels. 😀

  8. I love riding my bike, reading outside, walking on the beach, taking photos and sitting outside listening to the birds.

  9. We go on family walks, so I guess I’m a walker. 🙂 We bought a treadmill last week, and I’m working my way up to going faster on it without hurting myself. I have this irrational fear of flying backwards off of it into my couch. So far I’m fast walking but haven’t worked my way up to jogging or running yet. I decided to track my progress on a spreadsheet though so that I can get a sense of accomplishment from it and set goals, etc.

  10. Well you know…I live in CA and the weather is nice most of the time. So no changes to my routine! :-p

  11. Here in Houston we can ride year-round, and I do. In fact, I have a bit of an lol at your question, because the weather is not “starting to get nice” here – this past weekend we did a mountain bike race at which Husband’s Garmin claims we hit a high temp of 102. It has mostly ceased to be nice, although we’re hoping for a few days below 90 degrees still left in May… I like to ride my bikes and run when it’s not too hot. (When it’s too hot I get up at 4am to do it.)

    Husband recently built a new deck in the backyard and I really like reading out there with the dogs running around and a tall drink.

    • Julia I love HOT weather…. when I am in Honduras I am so happy to be in that 90+ weather….. why i live in Minnesota is someone’ s idea of a joke…LOL

      I would love to bike year around and I am so jealous that you get too! :razz We are snowed in from December – March at least and this year – April too.

      • And I, for my part, cannot even conceive of your weather!! The heat can get a bit much – but I’m from here and for the most part exult in it. I absolutely cannot handle the cold, argh. They’re trying to transfer the Husband to Chicago which sounds like death and torture to us. 😦 (please no offense, Chicagoans, it seems a lovely city. in the summer.) Sheila we probably have room for you down here…

  12. I am all of the above in varying degrees and at different times.

  13. I like to drive out to the countriside and go for a nice gentle stroll. During the walk I usually find a nice place to stop and read for a bit, as well as leave a bookcrossing book for someone else to find.

    • Abigail I used to do Bookcrossing all the time… I had so much fun with it…. did you ever have a response on one of your books…. I only had one and it was from a truck driver who found the book I had left outside a plant shop. The book wound up going to Virginia which I thought was pretty cool 😀

  14. Garden is clear, waiting for new garden furniture to lounge on. I used to be a biker until my bike was stolen but depending on whether i move to the countryside i am thinking of taking it up again.

    Ice tea and a HUGE stack of books sounds amazing! 😀

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