What Is With Me And All The Berg Books?

If you have hung around here any amount of time you have more than likely seen the Elizabeth Berg books popping into my “To Be Read” pile.  I read my first Elizabeth Berg book in January of this year, We Are All Welcome Here.  The book touched and impressed me and I made a commitment that I have never done before – to read all of this authors works in 2011.

Here we are in May – and here is a list of Elizabeth Berg’s books and the ones I have read have reviews attached:

Durable Good

Talk Before Sleep

Range of Motion

The Pull of The Moon

Joy School

What We Keep

Until The Real Thing Comes Along

The Art Of Writing True

Open House

Never Change

Ordinary Life

True To Form

Say When

The Art Of Mending

The Year Of Pleasures

We Are All Welcome Here

The Handmaid and The Carpenter

Dream When You Are Feeling Blue

The Day I Ate Anything I Wanted (returned to library – ran out of time, need to check out again)

Home Safe

The Last Time I Saw You (Currently reading)

Once Upon A Time There Was You

Elizabeth Berg is a Minnesota author.  She was born in 1948, and that would make her the same age as my mom.  🙂 She submitted her first poem to American Girl Magazine when she was 9 and when it was rejected, it took her 25 years before she ever submitted anything again.

FuN To KnOw

Berg hasn’t managed to get her way when it comes to titling her books, usually getting overruled by her agent and editor. She wanted to call Durable Goods The King of Wands, after a tarot card; Range of Motion would have been Telling Songs; and Open House would have been The Hotel Meatloaf. Perhaps Berg should be thankful for her handlers?

Have you ever read everything be an author?  If so who?  If not, which author would you like to read everything by?

40 thoughts on “What Is With Me And All The Berg Books?

  1. I’ve always liked Elizabeth Berg-she is kind of a comfort read for me. Years ago she used to write a column for one of the parenting magazines I used to read–I believe she used to be a nurse. Her parenting columns were really good, but since my kids are 23 and 21 I don’t read parenting magazines any more!

    1. Lisa – my kids are the same age as yours! (Well Justin will be 21 tomorrow but then they will be! :D) I knew she used to be a nurse – i did not know about the parenting magazine…. interesting!

  2. I am now reading books form the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. He’s one of my favourite authors and I really want to read all of his books.

    Never heard of Elizabeth Berg before! 🙂 Need to find out more about her writing. Thanx!

  3. Elizabeth Berg is a “top shelf” author for me. I am ever so thankful that many years ago my daughter bought a copy of Range of Motion for me because she thought it looked like a “Mom book.”

    The other author on my top shelf is Anita Shreve. I’ve read every one of her books and am amazed at how she reinvents herself as an author with each book.

  4. I will read anything by Berg, and have actually read most of the ones on the list.

    I haven’t yet read The Art of Writing True, nor her latest one (on my stack!).

  5. You are a third of the way through. Way to go! There are a lot of authors I like but I can’t think of any one author I woud feel compelled to read all of their works. My mom has read and owns every Lavyrle Spencer book though!

  6. I have read everything by Jodi Picoult — except her Wonder Woman comic, which isn’t exactly a book, is it? My favorites are “My Sister’s Keeper” and her most recent one, “Sing You Home.” “House Rules” is also excellent, and I really like her very first novel, “Songs of the Humpback Whale.” Actually, they are all good.

    1. I loved Ninteen Minutes and My SIsters Keeper – I listened to House Rules on audio and loved it but was disturbed by the sudden ending.

      I have SIng You Home but have not read it yet 🙂

  7. I read any thing from Richelle Mead I’ve loved her work for a while know she was actually the first author whose book signing I went to. I also really like to read any thing Ellen Hopkins writes her work is pretty awesome, Jodi Picoult, and Nicholas Sparks, and Melissa de la Cruz. They are basically the authors I most follow and tend to read most of their books.

    I’m going to look for some Elizabeth Berg books in the library thanks for a new author to add to the list have a nice day.

    as always ♥, carol

  8. Haha! Remember I asked you sometime back that I’m seeing a Berg book on your list at least once a week! It’s wonderful to have an author you keep returning to!

  9. I’ve read one Berg book and absolutely loved it. She’s definitely an author I want to read more of. One author I love and will read everything of is Barbara Kingslover. She is awesome!

  10. LOL—my virus protection just came up and said “we have tested this site and didn’t find any significant problems”.
    I just thought you’d like to know that about your site Sheila. (weird that it even came up to tell me that)
    BUT…. hmmm….I’m going to have to think of an author whose whole writing collection I’ve read. I’m trying for Margaret Maron, because I love her.

  11. She’s a favorite author of mine too!! Enjoy…I’ve read quite a few of her books but there are still a few that I haven’t read it! Look forward to reading about them from you!

  12. I bought a copy of We are all welcome here after your review here, and have another couple of E Berg’s novels on my wishlist.
    All due to seeing them here 🙂


  13. I would very much like to read some Berg books but have not yet got there!

    I have however got a taste for Katie Fforde – it all started with Love Letters, lets hope they are all just as good! 😀

  14. I’ve read 6 of her books and really enjoy her writing style. Her books are usually not too long, and just so relatable on so many levels. Great idea for a challenge!

  15. I need to jump on your Berg-wagon! I haven’t read anything by her yet…but will!

    The only author whose entire catalog I have read is Pat Conroy. I read my first Pat Conroy book my Freshman year of college when I was sick with the flu – The Lords of Discipline. (when I should have been reading Pilgrim’s Progress). I revisit his “On Writing” – any writer or book lover should readi t! Then, almost two years ago, when I first started my blog I got a lovely note from his editor welcoming me to the publishing world – along with a box full of amazing books from Random House. (I also received that note ON MY BIRTHDAY). See? Pat Conroy means all good things to me.

  16. Yeah, there are at least a few authors that I’ve read everything they’ve written, and there are several others that I’m working on it. 🙂

    Most of them don’t have such an extensive backlist as Berg does, though.

      1. Seriously? You’re not reading them fast enough to finish them all this year? Seems like you’ve been gobbling them up, left and right!

  17. I can think of several authors, some of which I read when I was a kid (e.g. Laura Ingalls Wilder) and some as an adult. My favorites are Anne McCaffrey and Sheri S. Tepper. Their books are mostly sci-fi (although Tepper’s sometimes range into fantasy, most have a feminist slant).

    Right now I’m unofficially working through Connie Willis’s books. It wasn’t a specific plan of mine, I just love her writing so much that it’s become inevitable that I read all of her books.

  18. I’ve read her books off and on for years. She is a relaxing author to read. The thing is, I can never remember which book of hers read!

  19. Love Elizabeth Berg and hope to make my way through all of her books someday. I think I;m somewhere around halfway. Pull of the Moon is the one I read first and the one that hooked me.

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