Morning Meanderings…. It Is Still Morning Right?

Ok… you may not believe me but I really have been up for hours.  AND I really did set out right away this morning to write something for this post and then get on with my day…. but here is the way it went down….

6:30 am – UP!

6:45 am – flip switch on kitchen audio and start coffee maker.  Had fallen asleep early last night so had not cleaned up dishes so decided to do that….audio is good anyway. 

7:00 am:  1st cup of coffee “ahhhhh” and decided to go and work on getting laundry moving…. washer to dryer, dryer to upstairs, fold fold fold – put away…. did I mention the audio is good?

7:15 am:  2nd cup of coffee “ahhhhhh” and “…. I think I want oatmeal.

7:30 am: sit down and open up email.  Sheesh…. I was not on at all yesterday and in box looks like a disaster! Pick through the ones that are delete without opening – you know the ones – advertisements…. forwarded jokes….

7:45 am:  3rd and 4th cups of coffee…..  “ahhhhhhh….fully awake now” and oooh my Shelf Awareness email *read read read* – Huh?  What’s this?  The new Harry Potter trailer for the July movie…… *click*

8:00 am:  After having watched trailer twice, I am a little teary eyed.  Why?  It is the end of an era…. it is a bit of history that those who lived it – waiting for the books – waiting for the movies – will never be able to recapture that first time feeling for the next generation…. it is…. it is….

a blog post.

8:15 am – 9:30 am:  Harry Potter – My Story.  A blog post coming up later today.  Had to write it while I felt it.  😀

There it is.  😀

I will be back later with that post and again later after that when my CLOAKED review and giveaway go live for the Fairytale Fortnight event.

As for current life happenings…. yesterday I rollerbladed 2nd time this week with Wendy = awesomeness.  I am meeting her at noon for my first group power class since the back pain an I am a little cautious but ready.  After that I hope to get in a bike ride as today appears to be a gorgeous day (weird weird Minnesota – snow to sun, all in the same week).  Later I am helping set up for a class and then attending that class so will not be home until later tonight.  GAH.

Oh – and for giggles… and for myself too…. I thought I would keep a running total for the summer of where I am working out….


Rollerblading (twice this week) total:  18 miles

  Biking (only had Al’s bike out so far but hope to change that later today):  3 miles

14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. It Is Still Morning Right?

  1. It’s probably not morning where you are…anymore. Have to think about the time difference. I got up very early and posted for my Friday memes…and hit publish, too. But it didn’t work! That surprised me.

    So I had to redo it…GRRR.

    Meanwhile, I’m rushing, because I’m supposed to meet a friend for coffee at Borders…at 10 a.m.

    I open my e-mails…and she has jury duty. So suddenly have more time on my hands.

    I finished reading a mystery and posted my review here:

    1. OOH coffee at Borders…. I wish I had that in town here….
      I can either have coffee shops or book shops but not combos. 🙂

      I too need to get moving… just made a biking plan today and have work to get done before that happens.

  2. Yes, it’s still morning. 😛

    I’m thinking spring might have actually finally gotten here; the 5-day forecast shows every day’s high at 60° plus! (but still not too hot, thankfully)

    1. I hope so Hannah… today is nice… and two days ago… not so much 😀

      We were going to cancel this Sundays 60 mile bike ride and go to Barnes and Noble instead as it called for rain and storms…. then yesterday it said it would be sunny on Sunday so we were on and now this morning it says chance of snow showers Sunday.
      SO jury is still out for this weekends ride – right now it is on but I am probably not biking in the snow. 😛

  3. Do you wake up at 6:30 on purpose???? :-0 lol

    I could never read emails first thing other than work of course.

    And great tip I am taking from you. Great post discussions write them when I am feeling the passion and choose perfect time to actually post them. Have a great weekend.

    1. I fell asleep about 9 pm last night Marce… I was shot … no idea why…. 😀

      I create posts all the time – even if it is just a thought I draft for later…. sometimes I use them… sometimes I delete them but I do try to capture them 😀

  4. It’s nice that you were able to go blading. Did you see any of the Royal Wedding from the UK! It was massive.

    I hope you get to sleep after all that coffee.


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