Morning Meanderings… RUN The Race

Good morning fellow book lovers and people who just enjoy reading about someone who makes their live feel…. well…

normal.  😛

This is a late post this morning as honestly…. I wrote this, left the house… and forgot to hit “publish”  😳

Little more coffee this morning Sheila?  Hmmmmm???

I  have an eye on the weather – it was snowing yesterday afternoon but I am relaly trying hard to NOT acknowledge that as today the sun is peeking out and I am hoping to Rollerblade this afternoon.

Here is what I want to leave you with today as I think this video can be an encouragement to all of us….  no matter where we are in life – we will fall… but know that we can get back up and finish our own race strong.  Attitude… perseverance….

Hmmm….. Makes me want to get outside.

Have an awesome day everyone – my review of Where She Went by Gayle Forman is up in a few hours here.  I think it is worth a stop back 😀

6 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… RUN The Race

  1. So you did finish Where She Went this week! Its on, I need to get to it! Our weather is so yuck right now, we had a tornado touch down yesterday and the winds are still crazy! So much for walking the girls to the store while I wait for my car to be serviced… Hmm.. Looking forward to a “real’ spring!

  2. I can’t rollerblade (sounds completely silly!) but i can slightly ice skate!

    Aside from my shortcoming on blades! I love that video – and i found myself cheering her on (come on, come on, come onnnnn!)

    Completely true about getting up and pushing through because if you give up what was the point in starting.

  3. Steve Capell

    I absolutely agree never never give up! GREAT video and I hope you have more Spring type weather in the future. It’s time for the snow to go!

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