Morning Meanderings… A VERY BOOKISH Easter Weekend

Well… what’s a girl to do who has been layed up since Friday with a bag of ice on her back and shoulder-blade between chiropractor appointments?  I am under Doctors orders to not lift, strain, work out…

Well of course I am going to READ.

I did make a dent in the reading over the weekend which was actually…. nice.  With the weather still cool and rainy it was not a big sacrifice to hang out in the house.  We have no big Easter plans, other than College Son is coming home this morning   – WOO HOO!!!!!  And we get the day to hang out and he goes back to Mankato tomorrow. 

We used to have the Easter Basket hunt when the boys were real young.  As they got older… it became a neighborhood scavenger hunt.  All the neighbors have been here since I was growing up including my aunt who lives two doors down.  The boys would be given a clue at the house and they would have to do whatever it said to get the next one… such as:

“Go over to John and Peggy’s and hop on one foot while asking if you can borrow an egg.” 

Of course all the neighbors were in on it  and they would give them the next clue until they came tot he final clue which would give them hints to the “basket” whereabouts.  Of course the “basket” itself was always improvised as I did not like the traditional baskets….

One year the candy and goodies were in baseball caps, one year football helmets, once plastic totes filled with their favorite trading cards and tickets to a Weird Al concert (which was their first concert!) and then one year – they were new 10 speed bikes hiding in my aunts garage. 

As I type this up… I am filled with fond memories of having the kids here.  At this moment they would have been all over me waiting for their first clue.  😀

I miss that.

Do you have any fun Easter traditions? 

I am still hurting, but not as bad.  I have another appointment tomorrow but am really hoping to get to the gym tomorrow – even if it is only the treadmill.  The first big bike ride of the year is next Sunday – the Ironman…..and I am excited about it, praying for good weather… and of course none of this back/arm stuff.  I really want to do the ride.  😀


38 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A VERY BOOKISH Easter Weekend

  1. No Easter traditions here, not that I can recall anyway. Easter has always either been a quiet weekend for us or one where we’d go off somewhere. I took Mum out for the day yesterday (and we both bought some books!), but I’m hvaing a quiet day today and hoping to get som reading done.

    i hope you feel better soon!

    1. I have had a really quiet weekend Nikki-ann and almost feel back to my old self (in fact I just talked Wendy into rollerblading tomorrow afternoon!)

      I am either hanging around the house this afternoon with College son or we may go to a movie…. going to check theaters now.

      1. I haven’t been to the movies in ages. I haven’t even a clue what’s out at the moment!

        Rollerblading? I’ve not done that for years either. Mind you, it’s all hills around here!

        Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

    1. We have two sons – one is in College (he will be home today) the other is in The Navy. It is different when they just come to visit 🙂

      Now I am thinking I should have done something for college son… I think perhaps a book and a card… 😀

      1. And happy Easter you you, too!

        I don’t usually realize I miss the traditions early enough in the year/season to do anything about it, you know? It takes some forethought to pull that kind of stuff off, even on a substitutionary level.

  2. We used to do a scavenger hunt here at the house when the kids were little. Now they are grown and for the first year I didn’t even fix baskets. They don’t seem to eat the candy anymore. Funny, I’ve never outgrown candy! It is sad to give up the tradition but maybe someday there will be grandkids so we can haul out the traditions again. No hurry on that! I hope you are feeling better and can participate on your ride. Hope the weather cooperates too. Happy Easter Sheila!

    1. Thanks Beth – I am really looking forward to the ride and would be thrilled if we had decent weather…. the last two years I have been on this one it either rained or snowed… this year I do not know if I have it in me to battle poor weather. 😀

      I used to always try to put something in the baskets besides candy – like movie tickets, some toy… like you, I think I enjoyed the candy more than they did. 😳

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re in pain, but I guess its nice that you can make a dent in your reading? What fun Easter traditions! My girls are still quite young and we are still working on making traditions!

  4. We are taking it easy today. We already did the Easter Egg hunt and now Aidan is watching a movie. I just put the ham in the oven and will be waiting for friends to show up later.

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  5. Not such a strange Easter tradition… waking up in the morning, hunting for our baskets, eating chocolate until we’re sick, and then (after Jeffrey, my half brother, came over) going on the Easter egg hunt (youngest kids out first, then the next oldest, etc.).

    The strange thing is that, if we’re in town, we still do it the same way. At 35, I can’t wait to go hunting for those eggs!

    The only strange thing about it is that we still do it.

  6. I’m glad you’ve had a chance to get some reading done. Our traditions for Easter are very simple. The boys get to hunt for their basket in the house first thing in the morning and then we go to church. Unless we are at our parents’ houses, in which case we also do an egg hunt.

  7. Every Easter eve we make Resurrection cookies while reading the Bible verses that go with it. I love the whole story that goes with them and the excitement of opening up the oven the next morning. This is the first year my oldest son wasn’t home to do it with us, but my youngest (he’s 16) still loves them. Easter day I have my parents, my grandpa, my aunts and this year my future daughter-in-law and granddaughter all over for a HUGE meal and then we do the Easter egg hunt in the afternoon.

    1. I think you told me that you do this Angie and I love this tradition of yours! What memories for your boys!

      I love that you get the family together for Easter too…. that is something I wish my own extended family did more of.

  8. Our grandson is now at age where we are back to coloring Easter Eggs. I guess you can say a rebirth of a family tradition. I sure hope you are feeling better soon!

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