BEA -“utiful! Check out updates on BEA (Book Expo America)


BEA is sitting right at a month away!


A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my thoughts with you on “What I Learned at BEA“.  This was a recap of my adventures last year as a first timer to the Book Expo in New York and what advice I would give those of you who are new to BEA.  (I am paying it forward here as last year there were many posts about BEA and what to bring and not to bring and I devoured all their advice. 

My roomy again will be the lovely Reagan of Miss Remmers Reviews and she also has created a couple good posts I encourage you to check out…. she is braver than me – she even did a VLOG.  😀

BEA – What To Bring

BEA What To Wear

She also created a BEA Blog Feed you can sign up for

** If you have written a BEA post let me know and I will link you up here

If you have any BEA “utiful” questions – please post them here on the comments – if I do not know the answer myself I will do my best to find out for you.  Oh – keep the questions BEA related…. I know nothing about the earths hemisphere or the volume pitch a killer whale can produce.  😛

14 thoughts on “BEA -“utiful! Check out updates on BEA (Book Expo America)

  1. I’m wondering how the book signings work. Are you paying for each book that you get signed, or are they signing arcs? What’s the proper etiquette? Thanks for the help! It helps me feel less nervous about going.

    1. Great question! Some are ARC’s but not all.. you pay for none 😛

      There were a few “key” authors that if you wanted a book signed you had to go into the Javits center early and get special tickets to get a book from them later but those were few…

      Reagan and I did that one morning (mainly just to say we did) and I got Rick Roirdin and John Grisham. (I wound up using neither because I had to be in a line at a certain time and I didn’t want to wait 🙂

  2. I was so excited to attend BEA this year. I’m just a 50 minute train ride from Penn Station so why wouldn’t I go…. my husband invited me to join him on a business trip to Italy!!!!

    I can’t wait to read all about the adventures of BEA, have a great time.

      1. So weird how that happens sometimes!

        I remember the gist of it, thankfully: Are you (do you recommend) planning to spend all your time at BEA-centric events, or will you have time to explore NYC?

        1. Great question! Last year the blogs I read on BEA advised about not booking too much as you will be invited places. I took their advice and glad I did… we had something go on every night, dinners with authors/publsihers, the blogger get together…

          I did stay an additional day this last year so I could do a show. Esme (Chocolates and croissants) and I went to the King Tut Exhibit and Mama Mia. 😀

          This year I hope to get to the Statue of Liberty (did not get there last year!) and Reagan and I would love to see a new Harry Potter exhibit that I am ridiculously excited about.

          My recommendation to newbies is – keep yourself open for things to happen… but if possible try to see some sights as well when you can.

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