Morning Meanderings…. Last Weekends Girl Weekend and Concert

Good morning!  Quick check in on my back….. PAIN.  BIG PAIN.  Not sure what my next step is.  I seen the chiropractor yesterday and felt pretty good when I left but as the day went on it got worse… now if I clench my hand into a fist on my right hand a shoot of pain goes into my back.  Good grief…. I am so not this girl.  My back hurts so bad I am propped in the recliner and even that is not helping.  I am trying to decide if I try the chiropractor again or if I need to go to the hospital.  GAH.  Hate this. 

Ok… anyway… last weekend I had went with 8 other girls to Walker Minnesota for a girls weekend.  This group does this once a year and last year I had missed out because it was the home show weekend and I was already committed to it.

So this years adventure was not very far away – a little over an hour from home is Walker Minnesota and our reasoning for going was to go to the Rick Springfield concert.  Now personally – while Rick Springfield was ok back int he 80’s… I probably would not have chosen to go to his concert…. HOWEVER you mix in 8 fun friends and suddenly the idea sounds brilliant.  😛

We left on Friday and went to a beautiful hotel called Chase on The Lake.  We had two suites and you have to see these rooms:

One of the two bedrooms in our suite
The kitchen
The living room

The rooms were fun and Friday night we stayed in, had dinner, and played board games.  On Saturday we went to the shops near by and I bought a cute summer shirt and a sweater (ugggh…. with our weather lately you just do not know which way to go).  Saturday afternoon I even had time to write a review while some of the girls played more games or napped.  Saturday evening after a good dinner in the hotel we went to the concert.

Color me impressed.  Rick put on a very good concert and turns out I knew more songs than I thought I did.  He was high energy, pulled people on to the stage including a little 7-year-old girl who sang “Don’t Talk To Strangers” with him.  Amy, Paula, and Heidi spent the whole concert right up front and Paula and Heidi were both hugged by Rick when he went into the crowd.

Saturday night we were back in the hotel and played board games again until one in the morning…. I love board games! 

My friend Amy playing "Headbandz"

A fun weekend and I actually liked that we were not that far away as we were home on Sunday around 1:00 pm.  So I still had Sunday to get the house cleaned up and have dinner with Al.

Seven of the nine: (left) Dee, Jill, Paula, Me, Heidi, Deb (front) Amy

27 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Last Weekends Girl Weekend and Concert

  1. Love hotel suites…especially the ones that have “living rooms and kitchens.”

    Sounds like a fun weekend…and now, I am thinking positive thoughts for your back pain to…disappear.

    I think I’d go to the hospital…but then, I always recall the times I did that when I had my back issues, and they didn’t actually resolve anything…just prescribed pain pills. But then, a few weeks ago, I had the kind of pain that seemed to immobilize me, and at the ER, they gave me a shot and some prescriptions…then, after a few days of ice, relaxation, and pain pills, it was all better.

  2. I don’t trust chiropractors, I have had some bad experiences with them and they always drag you back for more & more visits. Go to the ER, get some relaxers & pain meds and lay low for a couple of days. (The weekend looked like a great time!)

  3. Ugh sorry to hear about your back pain! I love my chiropractor and he’s always been really good, but sometimes there’s nothing they can do. I imagine if you go in again and he can’t do anything for you, you should try the other route. 😦

  4. Sheila, have you tried the ice/heat rotation? Backs are so tricky and if you get something spasming there, it can be so tough. Hope it loosens up soon. Take care!

    Your girls weekend looks like it was great fun!

  5. What a great weekend!

    So sorry about your back! I like the chiropractic route, myself, but I’m picky about practitioners; the best ones don’t think you need to keep going FOREVER (imo).

      1. Yeah. My husband tweaked his back a month or so ago and was hardly able to walk, but each visit he got better (with some return to pain between visits, especially at first).

  6. I hope you can find a way to deal with the pain, Sheila. And then I hope you can get rid of it for good!
    Your weekend with the girls sounded like so much fun. I need one of those getaway weekends!

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. What a nice girls’ weekend out.

    I do hope your back get better soon. I had back problems one day (for no good reason) and expected it to be gone the next day – but it took a week. Yours sounds worse though 😦

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