Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

Danielle is occasionally known as Sydney, or Rebecca, or Helen – or whatever her mother decides her alias will be this time around.  She is eighteen and has been a sidekick to her moms stealing habits since she was a little girl.  Together they travel from town to town listening to the towns people talk, making friends but keeping low profiles until they get the information they are looking for on the wealthy and their homes, on the types of security they use – or choose not to…..

and that is when they make their move.

While Danielle’s mom hangs on local men as part of the way she unwinds, Danielle is left to herself.  She does not attend school.  She has no friends… at least not until they find their way to a beachfront town called Heaven.  While Danielle is out on the beach doing as her mother requires of her – finding out what she can about the rich and their homes… Danielle actually meets teens her own age that like her.  For the first time, she feels what it is like to have friends and even – a boyfriend… and then she finds out that these new friends… are actually who her mom and her are planning to target.

Ok…. fair warning…. this is going to be a scorcher.

I really wanted to like this book and I did like Danielle….  but unfortunately there was so much about the story I did not like….  I will not give spoilers so I am cautiously going to say that I was appalled at the life that Danielle and her  excuse of a mother lived.  Danielle is put in all sorts of situations as her mother brings men home through the years – one man and situation in particular had steam coming out of my ears and the way her mother (yes the mother again) responds to the situation made me want to throw the book across the room.

I am not saying that Danielle held no part to blame in this book but she really never had a good example to begin with.  Her dad was completely absent and her mother was fine with whatever she did.  The mom (what was her name anyway?) had so much baggage and issues that she brought down on her daughter that I wanted to grab Danielle by the shoulders and say, “You are 18!!!  Get out of this situation and get into a healthy life style!!!”  Yet, Danielle in her not fully present wishy washy way – never seems to come to realize that she does not have to live this way.

Talk about Co-dependency.

While one may argue that in the end things seem to turn around… I have to say for me it was too little, too late.

I have heard good things about Elizabeth Scott’s writing and I would try her again.

The 2011 WHERE Are You Reading map has been updated to include Stealing Heaven

I borrowed this book form my local library

15 thoughts on “Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

  1. This book reminded me of the movie Heartbreakers with Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I didn’t like the mom either and like you, wished that Danielle would walk away. I did like Danielle though even when she disappointed me with her choices. I’m glad that at the end it appears she is on her way to getting on the right path.

    I am glad you won’t give up on Elizabeth Scott’s books. I’ve read some of her others. Living Dead Girl is really disturbing but unforgettable. I liked Perfect You-it reminded me of Sarah Dessen’s books.

  2. Unfortunately, that’s one of the worst things about codependency…the inability to make good choices for oneself. Walking away isn’t an option the person can see.

    It would definitely require something huge to startle the person into taking a step forward and out of the negative patterns.

    Now I’m really curious about this book. I’m wondering if the author explored any of the issues (like the mother’s own childhood)?

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I adore Elizabeth Scott, but this definitely isn’t one of her better books. Bloom and Love You Hate You Miss You are my favorites, for reference.

  4. First, totally cute cover! Second, I’ve found that in life, horrid parents really exist … I’m not too fond of reading about them, however 🙂 .. and .. I don’t know .. I guess that if you grow up in a certain way, more often than not, you’re not really going to be fully aware that there is another way possible for you. 🙂 Love the review; it’s honest, and I totally get what you’re saying.

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