Morning Meanderings… When You (I) Do Stupid Things

Good morning.  😀

I want to share something really really crazy I did the last few days and hopefully you can follow along with the craziness of this story…. it is kind of like a mystery so watch for the clues that I missed.  😉

Last Friday I rented How Do You Know from Red Box.  Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd…. what’s not to love?

Well Friday was the Missions Banquet which I had been working on setting up for several days and after the banquet a very (VERY) tired version of me came home around 10 pm.  Now, no matter how tired I am I can never come home and go right to bed… I actually need to wind down by either reading a bit or staring at the TV set.  This night, was the latter… I grabbed my Redbox movie, went to the DVD player, opened it… closed it… sat down in the recliner.

The DVD player was empty.

I went and looked in the Redbox case and sure enough… I was so tired I never put the movie in… but there was something else.  There were two DVD’s in the Redbox case.  Holy cats… someone had returned their Redbox movies and put two in the same case.  The second movie was The Ugly Truth.

I watched my movie… well sort of… I fell asleep in the middle and watched it again the next day, and then I watched The Ugly Truth too.  When I went to return the Redbox movie I called the 800 number and told them I had found two movies in the same case and what should I do.  They told me if I wanted to help out the person who did this and get that movie checked in for them – I could purchase an empty case through the Redbox and then put the movie in it and return it.  They gave me a credit code so I could purchase the empty case to do this.

I went into the store and returned the movie I had rented, then purchased a case and tried to return the second one.  It wouldn’t go in the machine.  Every time I did it a message came on the screen that the barcode had to be facing out… it was.  I tried about 6 times and then frustrated, felt this is what must have happened to the other renter and why they put two in the case.  There was no one around to help me so I took the movie with me, planning to call Redbox again and let them know I could not return the movie.  By now I am a bit frustrated that I tried to do something good to help out the other renter and still could not return the movie.

Then – this morning as I readied myself for work I went downstairs to grab a movie that Chance and I had rented from the video store and a Netflix DVD paper that was sitting by the DVD player, good I thought, I will get this in the mail too…. I looked at the title on the paper case, it said….

The Ugly Truth.

No way….

So in case you did not catch that…. the whole time (THE WHOLE TIME) the “extra” DVD I thought was in the Redbox case was one I had rented from Netflix.  I believe what happened is Friday when I was so tired instead of putting my Redbox movie in the DVD player, I pulled The Ugly Truth out of the player and put it in the Redbox case on top of the one I rented.  Then when I opened the case… I apparently surprised myself with the two DVD’s and did not recognize the one being my Netflix rental at all.

How hilarious that I tried to return it to Redbox and was unable too…. thank goodness I could not find anyone to help me as if I could have turned it in to someone to handle for me I would have – and then I would have had to find it again to get it to Netflix…. can you even imagine the mess I would have had?  😛

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  1. Funny! But I can understand being THAT tired….

  2. OMG, that is beyond hilarious…and the kind of thing that does happen when we’re OVERTIRED. Hint, hint!

    Does someone need to curb her enthusiasm for all those wonderful things she does? LOL

  3. Oh, man! Glad it worked out, and that DVD didn’t get sent into Red Box! I’m hoping you’re more rested now! 😀

  4. OMG, How funny!!!!!! You just made my day with a good laugh. I hope you got some good sleep because girl the last few weeks your posts have shown you have burning the candle at both ends.


  5. Oh dear, sounds like something dizzy I would do.


  6. I’m glad you weren’t able to return the Netflix movie to Redbox! That sounds like something I’d do. Since I get movies from both places sometimes, I’ll have to be careful not to do that! I’ve always been worried that I’d accidentally send one of my own movies out.

  7. What a funny story! I’m glad that everything worked out. I hope you’re getting some rest. 🙂

  8. No, Sheila, this is not crazy. This was just a mistake because you were tired. Now jumping into icy water wearing a prom dress – THAT was crazy!

  9. That is so funny! While I haven’t done anything like that with my Netflix movies, I have had similar moments when trying to access (what I thought was) my account on Borders. After a 20 minute phone call to a very confused customer service person I had a new password and then when I tried to login was embarrassed to realize I’d been trying to log in to the wrong account the whole time.

  10. You need some sleep girl!

  11. Fatigue was the culprit there. At least you can keep your sense of humour about these things.

  12. I don’t even know what to say…

  13. You need some sleep, Sheila…seriously! LOL! We all have moments like this, believe me. 😀

  14. LOL……It took me a while to stop laughing. I just couldn’t help it, then when my kid starting looking at me like I lost my mind, I laughed even harder.

    You just made my day and I’m so glad it all worked out in the end.

  15. Lol, I read this post on my email this morning and could not stop laughing. Met my girlfriends and we got talking about all the silly things we do when we are over tired.. If I had a busy life such as yours, I think I would have done some crazy stuff myself 🙂

    Thanks for sharing …

    • I think what cracks me up the most is the fact that I “surprised” about the two DVDs in the case… although later I discover I am the one who put them there…..

      Its spooky what we can do when we are tired and not know…. 😀

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