Snitch by Rene Gutteridge

Convinced he has a greater chance to die–of boredom–at his desk job than he ever faced in narcotics, Las Vegas police sergeant Ron Yeager agrees to slip off the retirement track long enough to head up an undercover task force designed to combat the recent surge in auto thefts.

Then Ron gets a good look at his inexperienced team he has been assigned.  Jesse Lunden is a cocky maverick who feels this job is beneath him and he really should be taking the lead.  Then there is Dozer who can not seem to stay awake beyond the morning debriefing, Mackenzie “Mack” Hazard who insists on wearing her faith on her sleeve – all the while trying to be a convincing undercover blue eye shadow, short skirt wearing, wrong side of the tracks girl….and well Whiz… lets just say he didn’t earn this nickname because he is smart… Oh, and lets not forget Kyle, Yeager’s youthful Pastor in desperate need of a sabbatical who really is interested in the whole under cover excitement and would really like to (hint hint hint hint) be a part of the team.

Yeager needs to find a way to make this motley crew a team… and the way it looks now… he has half a mind to turn tail and run, not walk back to retirement as fast as his cane can take him.


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Snitch is the second book I have read by Rene Gutteridge and I flipped through the pages with great joy.  The storyline was fun and quick – yet also carried a solid plot that held everything together.  The characters were interesting and diverse.

Snitch happens to be the second book in this three book series… Scoop being the first one which I have not read.  (Short story – I wanted to try Rene Gutteridge, I put in for several of her books at the library and this is what came  in, so this is what I read.  :D)  However, I did not feel that I had missed out on anything by not having read Scoop first.  Snitch is a self-contained book and while I enjoyed it enough to be curious about the first book and interested in pursuing the third book,, I do not feel I would need to in order to complete the story.

What I really found in this book was a bit of humorous mystery that was enjoyable to read.  A nice mix of suspense, humor, and even a little romance – but not to the point of sappy.  I liked this book very much and for the second time can say I am impressed with Rene Gutteridge’s style of writing.

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            1. They did not for this series but I put requests in. I still have BOO checked out and already renewed my check out dates once on it and hope to get a chance to read it before it has to go back 🙂

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