Morning Meanderings… Whatever Day and the Singapore Coffee Recipe… Uh huh… I got it!

Happy Happy Saturday!!!!

Did you know?

Saturday is my FAVORITE day of the week!

It is normally a no- work zone, a free pass, a WHATEVER day.

Man… I do like whatever days!

Here is this whatever days plan:

Currently coffee.  Big cups and straight black just the way I like it… but later… I will be trying the Singapore recipe from Cheryl (see recipe at the end of this post)

Next up:  Book review for this afternoon and a bit o’ blog hopping…. still so behind….

Get ready for YMCA – Zumba class at 10 am followed by 30 minutes of Yoga sounds like a good way to kick off the day

Brainerd Library…. think I am going to go and sit in it.  I know, right?  I never do that… but thought Laptop and I might go in and see what happens in the library (I bet there is reading!)

Stopping at store for dinner items for Al and I tonight and for the makings of the above mentioned Singapore Coffee for the below recipe of Singapore Coffee. 😛

Home until 4:30 when I do the pick up for the homeless program and then after orientation with my new overnighters I am home for dinner prep while listening to audio because honestly… I have to get the audio back to the library 😀

I am lovin’ this Saturday! And because I love love love seeing the yummy foody connections over at Beth Fish Reads for Weekend Cooking, I had to include the coffee recipe that I am so excited to try!

Here is Cheryl’s recipe (Cheryl author of the book A Tiger In The Kitchen and my earlier this week author chat)

Recipe: K.F. Seetoh’s Kopitiam Coffee 

• 1/2 tablespoon sugar
• 1.5 tablespoons condensed milk
• 1.5 tablespoons evaporated milk
• 1.5 tablespoons ground coffee
• 3/4 cup hot water

Place sugar, condensed milk, and evaporated milk in a coffee cup, and the ground coffee in a cloth sock. Run hot water through the sock and into the cup. Serve immediately.

Hmmm….. I think I am going to have to buy a sock too….. 😛

Oh and one last thing… I love Alyce’s Saturday Snapshot and mostly enjoy  plucking through old pictures that seem to speak to me….. well, you know I am sooooooo tired of winter so had to go this way today:

This is the Spring 2010 group that participated in the MS Allianz Ride... how nice we look...
This is the Spring 2010 group that participated in the MS Allianz Ride... how nice we look...

Of course.... once on the ride where we feel there are no witnesses... that's another story 🙂

Stop by and see Alyce At Home With Books and add your own Saturday Snapshot!  I can’t wait to start riding again!  😀

48 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Whatever Day and the Singapore Coffee Recipe… Uh huh… I got it!

  1. Yes, a low-commitment Saturday is excellent! We’re going to see some good friends for a bit this afternoon, but that’s the only thing on the schedule here. 😀

  2. Love the photos!!! I am soooooo sick of my winter coat. Sadly, we can get snow here into April. Sigh.

    That coffee sound yummy. I have a drip cone, and I bet that will work perfectly for this recipe. Funny, I normally drink my coffee strong and black. But I admit that this looks good. Maybe a little sprinkle of cinnamon??

    I have to work today, but I encourage you to enjoy the day off.

    1. Beth I just seen they are calling for snow throughout the week. SNOW. GAH.

      We have had snow in April too… a few years ago we had a huge snow storm Easter weekend.

      I think the coffee may become my comfort drink.. 😛

  3. haha….your ‘whatever’ Saturday is filled with things to do…but they are your things and it’s fun to do them, isn’t it?
    The coffee sounds good… but a sock? Really? I might have to buy one too.

  4. I hear you about winter. It seems to be going on extra long this year.

    I love coffee… I’m drinking a huge mug right now and that recipe looks inviting.

    And, you had to remind me about the yoga! I was thinking of.. kinda.. .slacking off today.

  5. Saturdays are wonderful. While I have no real commitments on Saturday or Sunday, the husband is not home on Saturday…..I get the house all to myself…. 🙂

  6. Do whatever days are my favorite too. Love the pics you posted and I have to agree – I am so tired of winter already. We are getting yet more snow today which is an even better excuse to stay in with a book. Have a great day an oh, that coffee recipe sounds awesome!

  7. Your photos are fun! I need to get more photos of my husband when he goes on rides like that. I was reading your comment above and I think that cheese cloth might still be easier than the disposable filter. I’ve used one of those filters over a cup before and made a huge mess. That could just be me though. 😉

  8. Big cups of black coffee and reading sounds like the perfect day to me – lately haven’t been able to drink strong coffee as get headaches and shaky hands but will be back on it soon!

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