Morning Meanderings… From The North Shore


First off brrrr….

I started my car this morning to drive into town from the cabin for internet service and it was -13.  That’s a negative.

But – I am here…

and that’s a positive.

Last time I was at the cabin was the first weekend of November when we had a girls baking and crafting weekend here.  I made it to the cabin yesterday around 3:00 pm…. got settled and watched a little tv. set up my paperwork, read a little…. and promptly fell asleep.  😯

Ok… so much for day one.

However today is a new day and I am excited to get started.  I am in a little cafe in Silver Bay Minnesota.  There is a table of 4 older men… and another table of a family.  I am the only one with a laptop…. much as it has been any time that I have come in here for internet.  Even the internet is mine… we have Verizon so I get internet wherever I have phone service.

There is a new sign in the cafe.  It reads:

“No Work Boots Allowed In This Dining Room!”

If I ever do write that fictional story in my head – that line above has to go in it somewhere.   😛

Today when I go back to the cabin I will be writing the day away.  I am ready.

Tomorrow morning I need to head back home early as it is our week serving the homeless and I have to help set up at noon.  I plan to be on the road about 7 am.

But – I still have today.  😀

For my picture today for Alice’s Saturday Snapshot I leave you with this:


Ahhhh….. the North Shore.  😉


32 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… From The North Shore

  1. Ha-ha…very funny stories. The one about the work boots, and then the photo with the Beaver Bay (LOL) sign and the Vehicle Noise Laws Enforced.

    I can imagine all kind of stories about your life on the North Shore.


  2. Must be so nice to get away. Although I would do it in the summer. I like to go for walks and be outside and -13 is … ummm… well… painful! Does the cabin have a nice cozy wood burning stove? I love those. Enjoy your escape from civilization.

  3. And here I was whining because it was 37 when we got up today! That was quite a shock after the high of 70 yesterday.

  4. Heh, great photo. Sounds like a place where one might get some peace and quite – great for reading and writing!

  5. I love just getting away and your cabin sounds like the perfect getaway so i hope you enjoy.
    I had a great lay in this morning and mooched around until i settled to read with a massive mug of tea and some choc biscuits!

    Enjoy 😀

      • Wow that is most definitely a commitment! At least you got there and back safe – looking forward to a week packed with meanderings! 😀

  6. Brrr…that is cold!! Sounds like you still managed to make it a positive day!! 😀

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