Morning Meanderings… From The North Shore


First off brrrr….

I started my car this morning to drive into town from the cabin for internet service and it was -13.  That’s a negative.

But – I am here…

and that’s a positive.

Last time I was at the cabin was the first weekend of November when we had a girls baking and crafting weekend here.  I made it to the cabin yesterday around 3:00 pm…. got settled and watched a little tv. set up my paperwork, read a little…. and promptly fell asleep.  😯

Ok… so much for day one.

However today is a new day and I am excited to get started.  I am in a little cafe in Silver Bay Minnesota.  There is a table of 4 older men… and another table of a family.  I am the only one with a laptop…. much as it has been any time that I have come in here for internet.  Even the internet is mine… we have Verizon so I get internet wherever I have phone service.

There is a new sign in the cafe.  It reads:

“No Work Boots Allowed In This Dining Room!”

If I ever do write that fictional story in my head – that line above has to go in it somewhere.   😛

Today when I go back to the cabin I will be writing the day away.  I am ready.

Tomorrow morning I need to head back home early as it is our week serving the homeless and I have to help set up at noon.  I plan to be on the road about 7 am.

But – I still have today.  😀

For my picture today for Alice’s Saturday Snapshot I leave you with this:


Ahhhh….. the North Shore.  😉


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  1. Ha-ha…very funny stories. The one about the work boots, and then the photo with the Beaver Bay (LOL) sign and the Vehicle Noise Laws Enforced.

    I can imagine all kind of stories about your life on the North Shore.


  2. Have a wonderful writing day!

  3. Have a nice retreat! Hope your Saturday is productive and restful.

  4. Must be so nice to get away. Although I would do it in the summer. I like to go for walks and be outside and -13 is … ummm… well… painful! Does the cabin have a nice cozy wood burning stove? I love those. Enjoy your escape from civilization.

  5. And here I was whining because it was 37 when we got up today! That was quite a shock after the high of 70 yesterday.

  6. Sounds like you’ve been very busy – hope you get a little rest and writing time. Love the photo!

  7. Great photo! It sounds like the perfect quaint getaway!

  8. Hope you are having a great time!

  9. Heh, great photo. Sounds like a place where one might get some peace and quite – great for reading and writing!

  10. I’ve been through Beave Bay! Last summer with the Boy Scouts on our way to Boundary Waters. How cool is that? Especially when you see my post…

  11. My road needs that noise sign. Hope you are getting lots of writing done.

  12. I love just getting away and your cabin sounds like the perfect getaway so i hope you enjoy.
    I had a great lay in this morning and mooched around until i settled to read with a massive mug of tea and some choc biscuits!

    Enjoy 😀

  13. Brrr…that is cold!! Sounds like you still managed to make it a positive day!! 😀

  14. Oh so cold and I have been complaining about temps just above freezing!

  15. Sounds like a fun trip! 🙂 Safe journey!

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