Morning Meaderings: Adventures Beyond My Home and a winner!


FRIDAY!!!!!  Friday Friday Friday Friday!   YEAH!

Ok… one more…. Friday!  😛

I went to the 5:45 am Group Power Class with my friend Wendy.  At this point I am not sure which of us is crazier… she who is now on her way to work until 7 pm tonight, or me who needed to come home, get ready for a breakfast date at 9 am and packing to leave town right after a quick stop at the library after breakfast.

I am itchin’ for spring and for activity and I think I am finally starting to see things coming up that are exciting!  In three weeks (oh man… it may be less now) I am in for the Polar Plunge is Edina Minnesota for Special Olympics.  I have never done this before… but enjoy adventure.  Although today is currently -4 for a temp so really thinking more and more about that icy water.

Then – yesterday a group of my friends were planning a girls weekend that I thought at first I would not be able to attend as they had picked a weekend I had other commitments… and then – the email came and the date has changed and I am in!!!  IN!!!! AND we are seeing Rick Springfield in concert which is oh so 80’s of me… but that’s the way I roll.

Rick Springfield.... then and now

May 1 is the first Minnesota bike ride of the year and my friends Amy and Wendy are committed to doing this with me and I am super uber pumped to do this ride -and hopefully this year the weather is nice enough for us to do the 75 or 100 mile route instead of the 30 due to poor weather the last two years.

And the end of May – is BEA.

And from there – spring and summer means bike rides and a garden and apparently a run this year that still freaks me out a bit but…. I feel I need to do things now because some day I might not want to.  🙂


This weekend, well today actually I am going to our cabin up North for the first time since November.  I am taking time to get away and write.  I will be back on Sunday.  Posts will still go up as I should have internet when I go out for coffee at a cafe in Silver Bay.  A 3 hour drive each way means lots of audio time too… and I am thinking about a stop at Barnes and Noble in Duluth…. just because. 😀

Oh and yes, I have a winner from the Literary Blog Hop.  My winner using is:  Amy from The House Of Seven Tails.   She chose The Things They Carried by Tim O’ Brien.  Congratulations Amy!

Have a fabulous day!


15 Comments on “Morning Meaderings: Adventures Beyond My Home and a winner!

    • LOL Joy – I used to think he was all that. Seen him last year at BEA. My hubby thinks my favorite song from the 80’s is Jessie’s Girl. He has said that FOREVER and it never has been true. 😛

  1. You have blog energy and real energy – can i have some please!!!

    Congrats to Amy for winning! Such a great feeling.

    Have a lovely weekend in your cabin


  2. Ooh, Rick Springfield shows up on General Hospital occasionally, where he plays a recurring character….

    I actually think he looks better in the “now” photo, but maybe it’s that whole eighties thing that seems a bit…well, over the top.

    Have a great weekend. I envy you the cabin….

  3. I went on a cruise last Nov., found out that Rick Springfield was also on it. I was so excited I had to text my sister because I couldn’t think of anyone else who would even know who he is.

  4. Rick Springfield takes me back. (Jessies girl)

    enjoy ur weekend at the cabin, Sheila


  5. People do classes at 5:45 am?! I’m very much sleep at that time in the morning, or if not asleep then I’m trying to ignore the cat trying to get me up!

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