Morning Meanderings… Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!!!


I am having a pretty good week.  After the Monday What Are You reading Celebration, a fantastic book club meeting last night (review and discussion up later today), and now today…. is my birthday.

I am in a fine festive mood and feel we need a little theme music here before I can move on so hang on while I put some music on…

hang on…

be right back…

*looking through stacks of music*

Ok… sweet!  Here we go:

(Open up another browser to listen to this song while you read)

(right click on above text and click where it says open new window)

Oh come on it is 80’s!  Whats not to love?  😛

Anyway while I dance around my kitchen table with my coffee cup let me share a happening and a tip….

Last night at book club I apparently dropped my cell phone in the snow.  By the time I left 2 1/2 hours later (yeah… we were chatty last night) I found it iced over by my vehicle…. it was functioning but slowly.

Thanks to my son doing the same thing a year ago _ I knew what to do.

I brought it home and put it in a Ziploc of rice.  Apparently the rice will draw any moisture out of the phone.  The verdict?  It is working fine today.

SO – birthday agenda?  Nothing great really.  I work until 3, then hitting the gym…. home for dinner and then 6:30 I take Chance to Youth Group and myself to class.  AT 8 pm I plan to run Chance home and then at 8:15 meet up with a few girlfriends for appetizers for a small but “Woo Hoo its your birthday” gathering.  The eating healthy is on hold until the Birthday is over.  😀

90 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!!!

    1. LOL Bonnie – if you only knew how hard I tried to get the video to plan on the blog – but no…. so had to link it… but yeah…. whats now to love about the 80’s?

      (Oh – other than Millie Vanillie)

  1. Happy, happy birthday, Sheila! It’s a great month — week, even — to be born! 😀 Mine wasn’t a huge deal this year, either. But I hope you have a good day.

  2. Happy birthday!! Enjoy every moment – today is all about you.

    PS thanks for the drying out the cell phone tip. I will need it one day.

  3. Happy Birthday Sheila! I was going to wish you an early one last night at book club, but I had a little…ahem…red light problem before the meeting. Anyhoo, have a great one!!

  4. Happy Birthday – great song Yesss!! Careful not to spill your coffee on your nicely dried out phone though!

    I think i will always have to keep a ziploc with some rice handy just in case!

    I still need to write my what are you reading this monday as i am working on an assignment and that comes first but it will all work out!

    Have a good workout and a GREAT day


  5. Today is your birthday??! Yesterday was my birthday!


    Next year let’s have a virtual party! Enjoy your special day, honey.

    1. Thanks Jill – its funny because when I set this to post I had thought I had pulled the picture because I thought it was cheesy….

      later on when I looked at the post comments and seen someone had commented on the glasses I was like – WHAT? Yup – there it is.

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday!

    Great choice of birthday song…takes me back!

    I have dropped a phone in the washing up bowl(no fear of that now I have a dishwasher) but freezing your mobile is new to me 🙂

    Thanks for the tip on rice drawing out moisture.


  7. aahh..Happy birthday dear Sheila
    Wish you tons of happiness for the next 365 days

    I have never heard that song before. It’s a fun song.

    Your glasses is so funny.XD

  8. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day.

    I used the rice trick this weekend on a TV remote. Worked great. Have had to use it for cell phones in the past as well.

  9. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Thanks for sharing the tip about the cell phone. I hope I never have to use it 🙂

    Have a fun and relaxing time celebrating your birthday with your family and friends.

  10. Oh wow Sheila…it is your birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day full of much fun, joy and peace!

    Happy Birthday friend!!

    By the way, the song is a fun one….glad you chose it to dance around your table. 🙂

  11. Happy BIrthday To You!!!

    Where is Al in all of the festivities…and hopefully you don’ t have to do that thing you do to the furnace today on your special day!!!

    1. Hi Patty – normally AL has a full day on Wednesdays and I do not see him until evening. HOWEVER – he surprised me today and changed his plans so we could go out to dinner! 😀

      (I do have the stove tonight before I go to bed… ia m the only one up to do it!) 😛

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