It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY

Welcome to the One Year Anniversary Party for It’s Monday What Are You Reading!  This weekly meme was transferred to me from J Kaye, one year ago this week.  I can not believe it has been a year already!  I have been having so much fun with this meme and having the opportunity to share what we are reading.

This week will work like any other week with just a couple additions.  First – every participant who links to this meme this week with their own “Monday What Are You Reading” post will go into a drawing for a $20 gift card to Amazon.  Secondly – leave a comment on this post letting me know a)how long you have participated in this meme and/or b) a blog or blogger you now follow because you found them through this meme.  ***If you post a Monday What Are You Reading post and leave a comment with the above information you will be entered twice into the drawing.  If you do not have a blog but still follow this meme and visit other blogs bacause of it, leave a comment here with the “b” part from above and you will be entered as well.

Hopefully that is not too confusing.  😀

As for everything else – we still continue as we always have:

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week.  It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

I love being a part of this and I hope you do too!  As part of this weekly meme I love to encourage you all to go and visit the others participating in this meme.  I offer a weekly contest for those who visit 10 or more of the Monday Meme participants and leave a comment.  You receive one entry for every 10 comments, just come back here and tell me how many in the comment area.

Last weeks winner:

Laurel from Laurel Rain Snow

Congratulations!  Please choose an item out of the PRIZE BOX (♥selections updated!♥) and email me your choice with your mailing address as well!


This past week was…. insane.  I did not have the reading time that I had hoped during the week and then this weekend it kind of broke free and I started catching up.  At this point I have reviews written for books I have read but due to last weeks schedule did not have them written or ready to post so now I have a back up of book reviews…. expect a review a day this next week:


Word Shakers On Line Book Club – Read A Long Chosen!

Help!  I Have Lost My Identity! (searching for assistance in my  missing Gravatar on some blogs)

This Book Is Overdue by Marilyn Johnson ( an interesting look at Librarians and what they have contributed and continue to contribute in the name of reading!)

The Secret Life Of Emily Dickinson by Jerome Charyn (review and book tour)

First Timers Cookbook by Shawn Bucher (Review)


As mentioned above – several books were finished this weekend and reviews written…. but in order to not overkill on posts I will wait patiently to get them out one day at a time this week.


So moving forward this week fills pretty good.  Tuesday is book club so I will be able to release my thoughts on our February read of  If I Stay as well as announce what we have voted to read next….  as for my reading plans:


When Kelley moves to New York to pursue her dreams of theatrical success, she expects that her only encounters with mythical beings will be confined to the stage, in the Avalon Grande Theatre’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. All of that changes when she meets Sonny Flannery, who introduces Kelley to a world she never knew existed. A member of Auberon’s Janus Guard, he patrols the portal (in Central Park) between the human and faerie worlds on the few dangerous nights when it opens and members of the Unseelie Court can pass into the mortal realm. He is strangely drawn to Kelley, and as he gets to know her, he begins to suspect that there is more to her history than either of them know. Through encounters with sirens, hellhounds, and kelpies, Kelley and Sonny are drawn irrevocably into a battle among the Fey. Despite the budding attraction between them, forces they can hardly understand seek to keep them apart.

I just picked this one up on audio from the first in the series sale.  I started listening to it on Saturday.




Since novelist Helen’s husband, Dan, died a year ago, she’s been unable to write, and though her publisher and agent aren’t worried, she is, particularly after a disastrous performance at a public speaking engagement leaves her wondering if her writing career will be another permanent loss. Meanwhile, daughter Tessa is getting impatient as Helen smothers her with awkward motherly affection. Tessa longs for distance and some independence, but Helen is unable to run her suburban Chicago home without continually calling on Tessa to perform the handyman chores that once belonged to Dan. And then Helen discovers Dan had withdrawn a huge chunk of their retirement money, and Helen’s quest to find out what happened turns into a journey of self-discovery and hard-won healing. Berg gracefully renders, in tragic and comic detail, the notions that every life—however blessed—has its share of awful loss, and that even crushed, defeated hearts can be revived.

Home Safe hit the kitchen cd player today after I finished listening to Testimony.



Widowed at 34, amateur harpist Marie “Angel” Buchan realizes at 40 that her life and dreams are slowly slipping away. A summer in Scotland turns out to offer far more than she ever imagined! Not only does the music of her harp capture the fancy of the small coastal village she visits, she is unexpectedly drawn into a love triangle involving the local curate and the local duke.

The boyhood friends have been estranged as adults because of their mutual love of another woman (now dead) some years before. History seems destined to repeat itself, with Marie in the thick of it. Her involvement in the lives of the two men, as well as in the community, leads to a range of exciting relationships and lands Marie in the center of the mystery of a long-unsolved local murder. Eventually she must make her decision: with whom will she cast the lot of her future?

Angel Harp is a bit of a chunkster so I am going to devote most of my reading week to it.


That’s the plan.  I can not wait to see what you are all reading this week!  Thank you for being a part of this weekly meme which really is a favorite of mine weekly!  Please add your own Monday What Are You reading post to the linky area below so we can all come and see what you are reading too!  😀

Oh and don’t forget to comment about how long you have participated in this meme and/or a blog or blogger you now follow because of this meme.  This will put you into the Anniversary drawing for the gift card!


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225 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY

      1. Thanks! I failed to answer the questions.

        A) I have been participating the entire year you have hosted it and prior to that on J. Kaye’s blog.

        B) Almost every book blog I follow is because of this meme, seriously, it is how I have met so many. If you need one example, I began following Kristen @ Bookworming in the 21st Century.

        Thus far I have visited 31 blogs. 🙂

  1. I have been participating in this meme for the past 3 weeks and I already love it! I have discovered some wonderful blogs through this meme.

  2. I started participating in the What are you reading meme when J Kaye was still doing it and I transferred over to this blog when you started it here. I think if I missed posting, it might have been once or twice throughout the whole year. I really enjoy the meme a lot.

    I have found so many wonderful blogs from being a part of this… one of them is, Laurel Rain Snow

  3. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I started following you when I decided to participate in the 50 States challenge. I started doing the Monday meme shortly after that.

    I (think) I met Julie from Knitting and Sundries through this meme, and am now friends with her on goodreads.

    1. hanks for noticing the new button Kathy – I thought it was about time I updated it with the current blog name (I shortened it last May before BEA) and give it an anniversary face lift! 😀

      I like that you remember the exact day you started!

      1. No real skill on my part. I have a horrible memory for dates and even years that things happened. I just checked bag in my blog archives for my first It’s Monday post. It actually kind of surprised me.

  4. I was fortunate that J.Kaye’s was one of the blogs I found when I began book blogging in Nov 2009 and I’ve been participating in this meme since then.
    I remember being completely overwhelmed by all the lovely welcoming comments . Two bloggers I still follow from those early days are
    Marce at Tea Time With Marce
    Stephanie at Laughing Stars

    Angel Harp looks very appealing. Have a great reading week!

    1. Cat – I found J Kaye in the early days as well and she was a huge step in getting me blogging in the right direction. I admired how she interacted with those who visited her blog and I would stop by often for updates to our conversations.

      Thank you for mentioning the bloggers you met through this meme. I enjoy both of them as well. 🙂

  5. I’ve been doing this meme since 2009, when J. Kaye was hosting it. (in the summer, I think). I have discovered lots of blogs through this meme, like Natalie’s blog; Staci’s blog; Diane, @Bibliophile; and so many more.

    This is such a fun event!

    I see I won something from last week…thanks!

    1. Thats right Laurel – I remember you there. Kudos on your blog friends through the meme. I love that this is a tool that assists us all in finding blogs we enjoy reading and bloggers that are fun to connect with!

      And yes – you were the winner from last week 😀 WOO HOO!!!! I am hitting the mail box with all the packages tommorow.

  6. Congratulations! 🙂 I always want to do this meme weekly, but Mondays are so crazy for me so I end up missing it :/ I always read others posts though, and I absolutely love the idea behind the meme. Here’s to another year!

    1. Thanks Jillian – if it helps – I post on Sunday evenings, mainly to help my out of the states friends who are so ahead on time that they are nearing Tuesday when I post 🙂

      I am glad you read some of the blogs too! 😀

  7. Well, I started the meme probably close to a year ago but I went through many periods where I didn’t do it because it’s hard to get on the computer on Sunday and then Monday is busy. But I’ve got into the routine again and really love seeing how much I get read. I also love having a ‘schedule’ for what books I’m going to read for the week even though I don’t always follow it since I’m a mood reader. I really love seeing the same people and blogs through it and get some regulars visiting every week, which I really love. I know I’ve found new blogs through this, but to be honest I follow new blogs almost every day so I couldn’t begin to tell you which ones.

    Looks like you’ve got some great books Sheila! I read Wondrous Strange when it first came out but haven’t got to the rest of the series. Too many books to read!

    1. Candace the schedule really helps me too plan out what I want to read for the week. And I really enjoy seeing what others are reading – it puts so many books on my TBR list – books I may not have known about otherwise.

      I am liking Wondrous Strange so far – not sure if I would have ever had time for it if it were not for audio 🙂

  8. I am so glad you have continued this meme. It is my favorite meme that I participate in! I looked on my blog archives and realized that I first started participating in this meme on February 1st when it was still hosted at J Kaye’s Book Blog the week before it moved to Book Journey and I’ve been participating regularly since.

    I can’t remember which blogs I found to follow through this meme but I am pretty sure this is how I found The Lost Entwife and Rundpinne.

    As far as your reading this coming week, I liked Wondrous Strange and I just saw a review of Angel Harp in one of my book review magazines at work-it sounds fantastic! I hope you enjoy them. Have a great meme anniversary/birthday week!

    1. Christina how fun that you crossed into this meme just as J Kaye was fazing out and I was stepping in. She had big shoes to fill and I was still a pretty new blogger ( about 7 months in) and I so wanted to do this right. 😀

      I am glad you are still participating and I enjoy seeing what you are reading weekly!

  9. That is so awesome, Sheila! A year already?!? You’ve done a spectacular job as hostess. I love meeting new bloggers through the meme and keeping up on the latest and greatest in books. 🙂 Oh, and I’ve been participating since I think March of 2010 (or so).

    1. Awesome Sami – so almost a year for you too! 😀 I participated weekly when J Kaye ran it and loved reading the other blogs so much. Seeing the other blog sites really helped me develop my own blog and make it be what I wanted it to be.

  10. Happy Anniversary-I do not remember how I found this. I was participating before you took it over-so maybe 18 months now. New blogs that I have discovered because of it-many.

    1. I love remembering the J Kaye days Esme and how many like you were part of the Monday meme there. So glad you followed it over to me and that we became friends – and New York roommates from the connections around What Are You Reading On Mondays!

  11. Happy anniversary! I have been doing the meme since I started my blog. That is 82 weeks. Thanks for hosting.
    I’ll be interested to see how you like Angel Harp. I thought about doing that for review.
    I may join your Word Shakers read a-long.

    1. 82 weeks! If that is when you started blogging Martha then I think doing the meme is really a great way to get your blogging feet wet wouldn’t you agree?

      I found that when I did this at J Kaye’s it caused me to go out and visit blogs I may not have found otherwise. When it came my way, I really wanted to emphasize the visiting because that was a big way in how I grew as a blogger and reviewer. 😀

  12. Wow! A year already? That’s just incredible! I think the first time I ever participated was exactly one year ago, the first time you hosted it. I was a bit confused at the time because of the switch, but I’m happy it was made. It’s been a fabulous year getting to know so many great bloggers and also finding more great books! I actually just told another “newbie” about this meme just yesterday, because I think it’s probably the best one out there to get to know more people. Just love it! 🙂

    I too had a similar problem with reading this week, but I’m hoping this coming week will be a lot better. *fingers crossed*

    Have a fabulous reading week!

    1. Yup – a year…. I was going to start chatting up the anniversary weeks ago and then… well you know… life happens. 😀

      That probably was a crazy time to start Danielle – right when I took the meme on. I was so nervous! I had emailed J Kaye a lot about changing the meme button and then adding the weekly giveaway that encouraged participants to visit others. I wanted to be respectful of what she had created, but she loved my ideas and really encouraged me to make it my own. 🙂

  13. Wow, I can’t believe you’ve been hosting this for a year now! I think I started participating right before you took over from J. Kaye, and boy have I learned of a ton of new blogs because of it. I regularly read alitareads, theresabook,and laurelrainsnow just to name a few, all I found because of this meme.

  14. Happy anniversary! As for how long, I’ve been participating, well that would be from end June 2010 onwards… though I don’t participate every week 🙂

  15. Wow, it’s already been a full year? Just looked it up, and I’ve been participating in the Monday meme since August 10, 2009. That feels like forever ago! I think it may have been the first meme I joined and a good number of the blogs I follow are ones that I came across while making my way through the list of participants on J Kaye’s blog.

    Not only has my blog reader expanded because of this meme, but so has my TBR list. Actually, I’ll go as far as saying it’s made the TBR list explode. It can be one dangerous meme!

    1. LOL Alita – yes I will give you that – this meme should come with a warning label…. maybe I will add one next week….. this meme is dangerous and may cause exploding tbr’s! LOL

      I am so glad you participate Alita – we have had fun and even read a book together this past year! 😀

  16. I actually have been participating in this meme since I started blogging. Wow. Since June of 2009! I can’t remember who I started following b/c of the meme, but I know when you took it over I started to read more and more of your other blog posts. 🙂

      1. Yeah, I remember we started blogging around the same time. 😀 I think you were one of my first blogger spotlights, which I started a few months after blogging. 🙂

  17. This was the first meme that I joined when I began blogging. I’ve been blogging for about 8.5 months and I’ve tried a bunch of different things, trying to find what fits me best and I cam back just last week since I missed this meme so much. I love being able to layout what I am going to do for the week.

    Thanks for hosting and congratulations on the 1 year anniversary!

  18. Happy anniversary, Sheila!

    I have been doing the Monday meme for about 8 months. I can’t remember any specific blogs I found through here but I certainly have encountered a lot of new ones.

  19. I have only recently found your brilliant blog so have only been playing along with It’s Monday What are you reading for a short time – I think todays post is only my third.

  20. I played along a few times last year- have joined it a couple of times this year so far. Look forward to seeing what everyone is reading every week- and adding to my ever growing tbr pile!

  21. I started to participate a month or two before you took over from J.Kaye (that’s when I started blogging), so I’ve been participating for over a year.
    I know that I follow a lot of blogs that I found through this meme, but I don’t exactly remember which they are, except I know for sure that your blog is one of them 😉
    Still haven’t read Wondrous Strange & Angel Harp sounds interesting. Happy reading & have a great week!

  22. Happy Anniversary! I began participating in this meme almost 2 years ago. My first post was April 9, 2009. I have taken a few breaks off and on in 2010 –but am glad to be back to blogging on a regular basis.

  23. Today’s post makes this my 55 Monday meme post, which I guess means I have be participating for a year and a week.

    I see you are starting one of my favorite series reading Wondrous Strange. I also love Berg’s book so it looks like a great week of reading. Enjoy!

    PS. Like the new button

    1. I am glad you do this meme with us Jan – every time I visit I just love your blog layout. I am starting Wondrous Strange and hope it is goo d- I am glad t see you call it a fav, now I really want to know more about it! 😀

  24. As you might have read in my post, this is the 8th week for me to join this meme. I am lil bit regret why I started the “blogwalking” late.
    I have no idea how many blog that I follow since I joined this meme. But for sure, everyweek I find many new blogs

    Hey, the new button is cool. I love it. It’s more colorful.

    Another book from Elizabeth Berg.XD
    I wish I could join your book club. But it’s not easy to find the book here. I am not sure if I can order it online.

  25. Hey Sheila – I was one of the occasional posters of the Monday meme when J.Kaye was still hosting. I posted many mondays, but not very regularly.

    I’m way more steady with it now than I used to be….mostly because I’m more comfortable with posting now.

    Since a lot of the blogs I followed all along also happen to participate, I can’t think of any that I follow after finding them on this site, except for possibly JackieB of Housewife and Chihuahua Blues. I’m pretty sure that I originally saw one of her comments and clicked on her name to see what she was all about.

    I’ve been having lots of fun with this particular meme, it’s one of two that I do regularly. I’m glad you took over the meme, and I think you’re doing a great job with it. 🙂

  26. Happy anniversary! 🙂
    I did my first Monday post May 31 last year, so I have been participating for about 8 months now. Love the meme! I can’t recall specifically which blogs I have started following because of it, but there are quite a few.

  27. Great books you are planning to read. W. Strange is one the books that I’m planning to read in the Summer. 😉 I hope it’s good.

    1. I found it on sale Nina so thought I would give the series a try… I am listening to it on audio and am having a bit of trouble with the narrators voice which is hard to explain other than she wounds like she is talking under water and I think it may be intentional…. it gives a weird mystic feel to the reading.


  28. Hello!
    Happy 1 year!
    I started participating last May. I took a couple of months off to get my bearings in the blog world because I started blogging last May as well, but I participate every Monday now.

    Thanks for hosting and thanks for a great year!

    1. I am glad you came back Jennifer – I found a lot of my blogging may through this meme just by observing how other blogs did things. There were things I liked and those I would try to craft into something for this blog… and the things I did not like I have tried to make sure I do not do 😀

      I enjoy the book blogging community and glad to have you a part of it!

  29. Happy Anniversary Sheila!!!

    I started participating in this meme only a few months ago – in November and I love it! I look forward to setting up some goals for each week and seeing how much I accomplished from last week.

    Thanks for hosting this!

  30. I actually found your blog via this meme… or I found your blog on a Monday and this was the first post that I read of yours…

    I actually haven’t participated in this meme before but I did this week.

  31. The first time I took part was 16th August 2010.
    I had only been blogging since the July.

    I cannot name just one blog I follow that I found through this meme as these memes are a great way to find like-minded bloggers.


    1. Carol I think it is fun to connect to a meme when you are a new blogger – it helps you have a topic and a reason to post – I remember in the early days other than a book review – I had no idea what to say 😀

      Glad to have you here!

  32. I honestly cannot remember when exactly I started following this meme but I know it wsa shortly after I started blogging about a year and a half ago! I love it! I’ve seen and found so many blog that it would be hard to pick one to name. I know I look forward to seeing what everyone is reading every Monday!

    Thanks for hosting this!

    1. Thanks Melissa for this comment! What you said here is exactly why I enjoy doing it. You find other blogs that you can relate too and start connecting with them and maybe seeing what books they are reading that you would like to read too. 😀

  33. Congratulations on the one year anniversary!!! I have been doing this meme for a few months now, found it through Leeswammes blog. There’s quite a few blogs on the list that I follow, I’m pretty sure I found Kristin from Always With a Book through here. And this is also how I found your blog!

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying the meme! I love Sunday evenings when I plan out what I am going to read this next week – I have no idea why but I just enjoy sharing that with all of you and finding the book connections 😀

  34. I started participating a couple months before you took over. And I’d guess that I found about half of the book blogs I follow through this meme. Maybe even more.

  35. Angel Harp looks really good! I tried to read Wondrous Strange last year but I couldn’t get into it. Hope you enjoy it, though. Congrats on the anniversary! Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading 🙂

  36. I started participating last summer when I started my book blog. This is my 32nd “What are you reading?” post. Such a fun meme! I love finding out what everyone is reading. I’ve found dozens of blogs through this meme!

  37. I have to run to physical therapy (ankle still wonky, need an MRI) but I just wanted to stop in and say Congrats on your 1 year anniversary – and I love the new logo design! I’ll be pulling that into my post a little later.

    Enjoy my intro – I wish I had known about the anniversary, I would have tied it in. Next time!

    Have a good one, Sheila!

    1. Thanks Alison – I look forward as always, to your intro…LOL 😛

      I totally spaced the anniversary myself – the plan was to announce it was coming last week and I just forgot … or seen something shiny and was distracted. 😀

  38. Gosh, I have been blogging for about three years and I have been participating in this meme for about the same time. I have found so many great blogs through this meme, but I would have to say your blog and Kristin’s Always with a Book!

  39. Happy Anniversary Sheila! I can’t remember when I started playing along. I should go look at my tags and find out! I don’t remember if I did it before you took over but as I always followed J. Kaye, I might have. The old memory, she ain’t what she used to be! anyway, I do enjoy it and while I occasionally miss, this meme sort of keeps me from ignoring the reviews I have waiting for me and heaven knows I can use all the prodding I can get on that!

  40. I have followed since you started and follow u and a host of others since you started a year ago.
    Learned so much and about so many new authors ever since too! Happy Anniversary and thanks so much for hosting!

  41. Happy Anniversary Sheila. Wow I just realized that I think I have been following your blog for a year now. I love coming here to see what you and everyone else has read.

    I have been blogging for almost three years now (Aug it will be three) and as for doing this meme its only been since January.

    I am so bad at linking back to the post. I have to work on that.

    Have a great day 🙂

    1. Thanks Cindy! I think I have followed you since the beginning too – I believe I found you through A Minute With Michael – is that right?

      And yes – link up! Then we can all see what you are reading 😀

  42. Hi Sheila- This is my first book link party! I just wrote a quick post about my current read, “The Emperor of all Maladies: A History of Cancer.” It is a great read and not my typical “type” of book, but it grabbed me in a NY TImes book review a few weeks ago and I just got it at library. Thanks for the link. I posted your website to my post!

  43. Congratulations in your 1 year “memeversary” 😀 I’ve enjoyed posting my reading updates every Monday with a fresh outlook on the week. It was lots of fun to look back at my first Monday meme entry last August just a week or two after I started my blog. Thanks for all your hard work, Sheila!

  44. Happy Anniversary! One good thing about taking the time and reorganizing my labels is that I could click on it and find out that the first time I did this meme was Nov. 9, 2009. I started blogging 2/9/07. I am not sure I would know for sure how many of the blogs I follow are due to participating in WAYR?

    Home Safe was my first Elizabeth Berg book!

  45. I used to participate almost every week , when I was blogging regularly. I took about a year off from blogging but now that I’m back ,I’ve been participating almost every week now 🙂

  46. Happy Anniversary Sheila!!!
    I found “Where Are You Reading” challenge one day while visiting and thought it looked like so much fun to see exactly where my reading actually took me throughout the year. I am hoping this is the right link to my map but not quite computer savvy. Thank you for hosting!!!,-87.626953&spn=20.495127,50.097656&z=4

  47. I know I was following this meme over at J. Kaye’s too. I’d have to say I found your blog through this meme to be honest, when it moved.

    Going to have to keep an eye out for Angel Harp as it looks like a neat read.

  48. Wow, you have been busy this week!
    I started following this meme on and off since a week before you took it over last year. I was a bookblog virgin before that. In fact I never knew that they existed until I saw the 100 books a year challenge and then found the memes. I did have a period where I didnt post at all last year, but have been back for a while now. I dont follow any blogs from here since I always forget to check the blogs I follow. However, there are a few blogs that I check regularly and this year I have signed up for 8 challenges all because of this blog!

  49. I just checked and I started in March of 2009. I haven’t always been regular but this is one of my favorite memes.

    I can’t think of any particular blog I found through this meme except for yours 🙂

    You have some great books this week – I love Elizabeth Berg and need to get back to reading some of hers.

  50. It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? was my 2nd post on my new book blog on January 3 just a little over a month ago — and I’ve participated every Monday since! This meme is a cornerstone of my book blog. Thanks so much for all the energy that you pour into it, Sheila.

    I’ve met several book bloggers through this meme. So, I’ll just put the first one who commented on that first Monday post — Jennifer of Rundpinne. Thanks, Jennifer!

    My book blog is celebrating its Grand Opening today and the fact that it has made it a month and appears to be sustainable is due in part to this meme that helps me reflect on the week past and plan the week ahead.

  51. Wow I didn’t know how far I would have to scroll down to comment, hehehee. I have been participating in this meme for a couple of years , I think. When J. Kaye hosted it. I’ve met sooo many bloggers thru this meme!
    Congrats Sheila! Your the perfect blogger to host this meme, glad you were chosen.
    Natalie :0)

  52. This just my third week doing this meme 🙂 I love it. It keeps me organized. I know I’ve found blogs through the meme but can’t remember which ones. Good ones obviously!

  53. Wow congratulations on a year.

    I started participating in this meme April 19. 2010 but I haven’t always participated regularly.

    I currently follow Emily’s Reading Room which I found through this meme. I also connected with a lot of people on goodreads through here.

  54. Hi!
    I tried to link up with the linky tool, but it wasn’t working. My It’s Monday, What Are You Reading post is up. All your books look really interesting. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  55. Happy Anniversary, Sheila!! I don’t know how you manage to juggle so many blogging activities at once! You do a great job. I was way behind in reviews, too, but have started to catch up.

    Looks like you’ve had an eclectic reading week, with more good books to come this week!

    I have two different book groups meeting this week, so that will keep me busy. I’m trying to decide if I have time to join your Book Shakers one also! I’m already in 3 physical book groups that meet locally and recently joined a virtual one, so I’m already having trouble juggling books! We’ll see…

    Oh, and my first What are you reading Monday post was March 9, 2009! And, as always, I linked back here from both of my book blogs today. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Sue! 😀 I always enjoy seeing what your family is reading!

      You think last week was eclectic – wait until you see the reviews coming up this week!

      I think you should join the Word Shakers read … I think it will be a fast read, Bergs have been for me so far.

  56. I have only been blogging for like 2 months, so I have only done this for like 2 months. It was one of my first memes to join. I love it. And I probably now follow at least 10 people just from here. Thanks!!

  57. Happy Anniversary, my dear bookie friend! I think I have been with you since the beginning when you took this over, and it has been a blast! Here’s to many many more years to come! Hugs, my friend!

  58. I’ve been wanting to start Wonderous Strange for a while, it looks amazing! I hope you like it 😀

    I’ve been participating in this meme since Nov.15 🙂

    I love this meme, it’s a great way to share what you’ve read, and it makes me feel better if I don’t feel like reviewing everything I read. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on It’s Monday? What Are You Reading?’s Birthday! 😀

    1. Ambur I am listening to it on audio and I think it will be ok… just an odd beginning but I think it is the narrator that is throwing me off.

      I like that people feel free to post if they read a lot, a little, or nothing – because that is the way life goes. 😀

  59. Until Febraury 2010, I didn’t know much about book blogs. Then my girlfriend in the U.K. said that she had won a book. The site she had one it from was restricted the U.K. So I just googled Book Blogs and yours was one that I found the first day and I have enjoyed reading it everydat,


  60. I started my blog on 12-31-2009, my first meme was IMWAYR back on January 18, 2010 and think I have only missed 2 weeks. So it wasn’t long after that that you took over and I got to meet you and Cheryl from CMash Loves to Read and Jennifer from Rudipine and the list could go on and on. With the exception of a few bloggers I met through PaperbackSwap I would say this is the meme where I “met” most of the blogs/bloggers I follow. I have recently branched out a bit to follow some non-book blogs, but I have to say this feature is like home base for me. It gets me started each week and hopefully by the next Monday I have scored a home run or close to it by reaching my goal.

    I should be using football metaphors since that is what made me so tardy today. I am definitely on a Packer Super Bowl Win High and have watched them land back in Green Bay, still was watching the parade, wishing I was there.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SHEILA!!! Thank you for bringing this wonderful group of bloggers together each week!!! I don’t know what I would do without you!!!


  61. Happy anniversary! I’ve been doing this meme since I first started blogging… which would be a month and a week now. 🙂 Hahaha. SUCH a long time…

    iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books

  62. I’ve been participating in It’s Monday since August 23, 2010. Thanks so much for hosting. I always enjoy starting my Monday by thinking about what I’ve read and what’s coming up!

  63. Farrah and I have been doing the It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? meme for about a month now and love it! It helps me plan things out and find out about books through other bloggers. And I love finding and meeting new bloggers in the book community.

    Happy 1 Year! 🙂

  64. I got such a late start today. I only visited your blog plus 10 and my kitchen is full of people and I can’t concentrate. I vow to use my time much more wisely next Monday to make up for my dismal display today!

    Thank you for everything you do!!!!

  65. Well, my first Monday post was 1/11/10, but I haven’t really been faithful in posting this meme so I wouldn’t really count myself as having participated for a full year.

    Thanks again for hosting this meme, Sheila!

  66. Congrats on the anniversary! My first What are you reading post was on Oct 19, 2009 – back when it was still J.Kaye’s – and you could say that I started following your blog because of this meme 🙂

  67. I’ve read the first two books you posted and loved them both!!!

    Now to the fun little giveaway..I am confused so hopefully you can figure it out for me 😀

    I’ve been doing this meme for 2 years, I started following your blog because of this meme and love it!

    Ha! I just re-read your instructions and now I’m not confused 😀

  68. I just started participating in this meme today. I have been following this for a long time and have always wanted to participate. So today I had all the reasons too on the anniversary party 🙂

  69. Okay, Sheila, I have finally done it! I’m now participating in this meme. I have posted my “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?” lists, here:

    And now I’m here to say I’ve been doing this meme for … uh … about half an hour now. I’m probably your newest participant, at least this week.

    Would you like to know what finally persuaded me to do it? Your new icon. I didn’t like the old one, mostly because it was hard to read. The new one is beautiful. Thanks.

    1. Bonnie you make me laugh! 😀 The story behind the old meme button is that J Kaye asked me to take over this meme while I was on vacation last year is Florida… I was to go live the next Monday and I would still be on vacation at that point.

      I wanted to give it my own identity with the switch so I made the button – probably one of the first I ever created…

      I didn’t really like the colors and as of last May – I quit going by One Persons Journey Through A World Of Books as that was too much to say – so I shortened it to Book Journey. 😀

      Anyway – no matter, so glad you are here and can not wait to see your post!

  70. Oh! LOVE the cover of Wondrous Strange (I have such a draw to red hair) and Home Safe is already on my wishlist; I hope you enjoy it! I just read a review of Angel Harp today – it was good enough to make me put it straight on my to-buy list! Enjoy your reading week!

    I’ve only been book blogging since April of last year; my first What Are You Reading post is here: (how awful does THAT one look? I’m surprised anyone came back to my blog when my posts looked like that!). I can’t tell you how many bloggers I’ve started to follow due to this meme. I generally take a random number (say 4) and then hit up all of the blogs whose listing number ends with 4 through the week – I try to come back and pick a different number when I’m through with the first, but I generally forget to keep track of how many, and when I do, I almost always fail to come back and post how many I commented on! 🙂 I visit each blog, look and comment on a review or different post or two, and follow the ones whose review style and reading genres I like!

    Congrats on your first meme anniversary! (does that even make sense?) 🙂

    1. That funny Juli e- I looked st the first one I did last year and it looks horrible…. I didn’t even go back to the first one I did with J Kaye – I should do that. 😀

      It really funny to even go back and see the early reviews… I used different colored words and they are so hard to read. I like how you randomly choose the blogs to visit! I like to start at the later ones and work my way backwards because I always thing the early ones on the linky get tons of hits. 🙂

  71. I’m sure this is a lot of work for you, and I really can’t thank you enough for all you do to get this up every Monday….It has been an awesome year!

  72. I started participating in this meme probably about a year and a half ago..I remember when the other lady use to have it before she tranfered it to you.

    1. Right Stormi! I picked up a lot of tips from J Kaye, the original creator of Monday What Are You Reading… I mostly appreciated how she talked with everyone who commented…. it made me feel like I knew here and we were able to talk books…. I carried that over to my own blog and now I really do feel like I know many of you! 😀

  73. I don’t always participate in “It’s Monday”, but I always read it. lol
    And I love to see what others are reading too.

    I did put up a post this time tho…that makes 15 times for me in the past 6 months. I’m just not always on the ball like you are. I would love to be tho—you still amaze me.

  74. Wow, Sheila!! ***Let the trumpets roll!!*** Congratulations!!! I didn’t realize it’s been a year, really? In that case, I’ve been doing this meme for quite a while too – since Jan of last year. I should say, of course, the very first blog I *remember* discovering through this meme is yours, after J.Kaye transferred to you! And then, countless others…

    Keep up the awesome work!!

  75. Work was crazy and Monday’s I watch Bachelor with my mom, hhahahaha.

    Sorry I couldn’t participate this week. Happy Anniversary, you are a great host, I appreciate that you take the time to visit us.

    I have found many blogs from this meme.

    Look forward to another year with you. I haven’t visited or networked this week 😦

    1. Thank you Marce for the kind words! I love this meme and visiting you all as often as I can find the time to make the rounds is so fun! 😀 I love seeing what you are reading and adding to my own TBR!

  76. Between your anniversary and my grand opening, I got so motivated that I commented on everyone’s blog! Subtracting mine, that 118! Whew! I don’t know how you do it every week, Sheila.

  77. Hey Sheila! Congrats on a year of hosting! I participated in this meme a couple of times when J. Kaye was hosting it, but really picked it up over the past year since you started hosting…although I haven’t joined in every week.

    You have some great reviews and reading coming up this week. 🙂

  78. I’ve been doing this meme since last May tho sometimes sporadically.

    If by ‘follow’ you mean pop by and lurk, one of the bloggers I discovered via IMWAYR is Laurel-Rain Snow

    congrats on the anniversary. that’s a huge accomplishment. I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates what you do to make this possible for the rest of us..

    Your review of the Emily Dickensen novel prompted me to send for it and it’s already awaiting pickup at my local branch.

    I read Berg’s Home Safe last spring and loved it. Reading about your current Berg binge is tempting me to follow suit.

    1. Joy I am so glad you pop and lurk – that is fun too 😀 LOL

      I will be curious what you think of the Emily Dickinson book.

      And watch over the next few days here – I have a “Berg announcement” that may just fit in with what you are thinking here 😀

  79. Rather late to the party, but I couldn’t stay away! Congratulations, Sheila! I don’t join in every week as I’m a slow reader and often don’t have much new to say about my current reads each week, but I do try to join in every 2 weeks. Looking back in my archives, my first “It’s Monday, What are You Reading?” post was on June 21, 2010. I think I was probably inspired after meeting you at BEA. 🙂
    P.S. Love the new button.

  80. Well, I can’t get on to Mr. Linky, but my post is here:

    I guess I’ve been doing It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? for about 1 1/2 years because I used to do it on J. Kaye’s blog. I don’t participate every Monday, but I like this meme because it’s an easy one and I can get around to several different blogs if I want.

    Thanks for taking this over Shirley and Happy Anniversary!

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