Help! Seriously – I have lost my identitiy!

I could really use your help.

Recently I have noticed when I comment on certain blogs my fabulous Gravatar has taken a hike….. gone … vamoose…. in its place… is…


its pretty shameful but it is….


I Know right?

Blank face.

Blank face?  Where did you come from?  What have you done with that wonderful little Gravatar?

I have only a few clues and I am asking for the expertise of all of you to maybe help me solve this mystery and return me to my original Gravatar state…

here is what I know…

It is happens on both and on Blogger – but not all….

I have went into the Gravatar sight and I pop up just fine under the correct email and everything so there is nothing to change there.


and this may have nothing to do with nothing but as I am clueless right now I will grasp at anything….

I am a contributor on the Banned Books Blog and noticed today that when I am on a Blogger blog and click on me and it takes me to the cute Blogger profile page – this blog, Book Journey does not show up.  The Banned Books Blog does instead and that is not my blog…. I am a team member of it, that is all.

The only place Book Journey shows up is on the webpage link which brings you here.

So – like I said – this may have nothing to do with anything, but I can not find a way to add my WordPress blog to the Blogger profile… and maybe… it doesn’t work like that…

and maybe…

this has nothing to do with my missing Gravatar.

SO – people of the blogesphere, I bow low before you and request any help, advice, and chocolate (oh come on – that’s a good thing!) that you are able to share with me.  I would love to fix this annoying little glitch but have no idea where to begin….  😀

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  1. I am totally clueless, but I’ll be watching to see if anyone has some answers. This would drive me nuts too!

  2. I have noticed mine has pulled a vanishing act so your not alone.

  3. I meant to add that it shows up on certain blogs and not others. As you can see it appeared here. I don’t know why?

  4. I’ve had that happen to me lately too!! Call out the dogs…let’s hunt our gravatars down!

  5. Okay, I feel a little better as I was trying to use the easy way to get here and follow your link on the comment you left, but it ended up taking longer. 🙂

    I do hope you find yourself and all is okay. ;D

  6. that happened to me couple weeks ago everytime I want to follow a blog via GFC. I cant see my avatar. Just like you It made me worry. But I do not do anything. I let it so.
    Now It becomes normal again. It’s back

  7. This is a frightening thing, isn’t it? Sometimes my Gravatar doesn’t show up on certain sites, but I don’t worry about it too much, because usually it shows up on Blogger and Word Press sites. It’s the other ones…

    And on the Blogger profile, I know there’s no way to add your Word Press blog, unless, as you say, you list it as your website.

    I have given up on that one, since I have twelve WP sites and two on Blogger. Do you think they’ll list me with twelve websites??? LOL

    I know…I’m no help at all!

  8. Well I hope you find it!

  9. I have no answers regarding your gravatar, but I do have a Reese’s cup I’m willing to share. 🙂

  10. If I offered a computer suggestion I would just make the situation worse so I am keeping my mouth shut on this one.

  11. This happens to me too and its always on the same blogs over and over again so it makes me think its them and not me. Makes me feel better that way!

  12. Hi there just to throw things into the pot. Yesterday I tried to get to your web page through a button on
    Bev’s Reader’s Block blog so that I could join the It’s Monday… and I got a message saying the site was unsafe. I reported it to Bev and she advised to come direct to you. I notice you have been having some technical problems.
    Anyway I would still like to join It’s Monday….starting with next week, so hope to link up. All the best.

  13. Ah-ha! I learned something today. Never knew they were called Gravatars. 🙂

  14. Mine did that a day or two last week and then “poof”, it was back. Strange. Very Strange!

  15. Hmm, maybe that would explain why Ruth thought Banned Books was YOUR blog, rather than mine. Good luck solving this mystery.

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