Morning Meanderings… January re- cap

Good morning!

This year I started the WHERE Are You Reading Challenge and I have already been having a lot of fun with it.  The idea was to just read what you are planning to read anyway – and just see where in the world you are reading.  I offered prizes as you got to the end of the year if you were able to read in each of the 50 states, and bonus entries and prizes for those who read outside the states.  You can find all details here.

Each month, I would like to recap where we have been and how this challenge is going for us.  Here is where I am for the month of January 2011:

I have read 11 books so far in January, and listened to 6 audio.  On my Reading Map they have landed:


North Carolina

New York

Minnesota (2)




New Jersey







One unknown (Clementine – friend Of The Week!)

What I have found most exciting is that all of these places I have landed have been unintentional!  It is really for to see where they land on the map and how many areas I have already covered!

For those of you participating in the WHERE Are you reading challenge, please feel free to create a monthly wrap-up post and link it here if you would like.  I plan to do this each month.  For those of you who are not connected to this challenge, it is not too late to start your map and join in!  Challenge details here.

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And finally… I have come to really enjoy Alyce’s  (At Home With Books) Saturday Snapshot. It’s a fun weekly meme she has created of just random pictures that mean something  and anyone can join in.  I love seeing what she posts weekly and want to start participating when I can.  Saying that, here is my Saturday Snapshot:

My cousin Jarrod, me, and Brian - 150 mile bike ride

This is a picture of a bike ride I was participating in my with my cousin Jarrod and his friend Brian in 2009.  The winters in Minnesota are LONG and I anxiously am awaiting when I can bike again this year.

29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… January re- cap

    1. I was driving home yesterday Rebecca and the temperatures have been warm for the past few days – at least warm for this time of year – actually in the 30’s. As I was thinking about this I suddenly had a craving to ride my bike… I love my bike so much I don’t even keep it in the garage. It is in the house in the spare room….
      waiting to be go again. 🙂

  1. I am also really enjoying doing the geography link ups to my reviews. I’ll come back later today and post my January post. I’m finding all my books are international!

  2. That bike ride must have been such an accomplishment! Is it possible to ride at all in the winter there? I was thinking about winter gear but then realized that simply the fact of having snow on the road would probably rule it out.

    Thanks for participating!

    1. 2009 was the first year I started doing the longer distance bike rides Alyce and I adore them! I shouldn’t say it is not possible to ride in the winter, but I only know one guy who does and his is a mountain bike with big wide tires. Mine is a road bike and with the thin tires it would be disastrous! 🙂 Plus I baby that bike so much I would never take it out in the snow 😀

      1. That makes sense to me. My husband has a road bike and loves long distance biking too. Here in Oregon it’s easier to keep up with the riding since all we have to deal with is the rain.

  3. Is your bike seat really padded? LOL, all I can imagine is my seat after riding that far.

    I’ve journed to NY, MA, TN, SC, WA, DC, OH as well as India, Paris(twice), Russia, Turkey, Amsterdam and Scotland so far this year! Need to update my map.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pic, Sheila! We get to be babies down here in Houston when the temp drops to the 40s 🙂 – to be fair it can be SO humid that it can be a cold 40… but really we can ride year-round. Which can be a problem, too; a person can burn out going hard 12 months a year. I’ve been mostly off since the fall this year, though. Need to update my cycling page in fact…

    I’ll be posting my update on the challenge on Monday and will linky-in. Thanks!

  5. I have also made my January Summary for the challenge. I have put it in the Mr Linky. Please check it out.

    One more question about the challenge.
    How about if one book, there are many places mentioned? Where should I put the pin?

    Thanks for your answer 😉

    Seems you enjoy many sport

    1. Aleetha – which book?

      I try to put it where the characters spend the most time… if they are from California but the book mostly is about college days in Connecticut, then Connecticut. Tell me the title and i can try to help you if you would like. 🙂

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