Clementine, Friend Of The Week by Sara Pennypacker

Clementine has been picked friend of the week!  This means at school she gets to be line leader, collect milk money, and feed the fish!  Even better, she will get a friend of the week booklet on Friday that all the other third graders in her class will fill in with things they like about her.

But when Clementine reads her friend Margaret’s Friend of The Week booklet she got when she was in third grade, Clementine starts to get nervous.  Margaret’s book has comments about how neat and organized she is – Clementine is neither of those things!  To get a great booklet filled with compliments by the end of the week, Clementine takes Margaret’s advice and starts offering her classmates compliments and gifts, hoping this will be reflected in their comments.

What is supposed to be the best week of her life soon turns into the worst.  Since when did friendship become so hard?


Read in one sitting in my dining room




I am not much of a Middle Grade (MG) reader.  I thought when I started this blog that I would be more so, but it just never really went that way.  While I do enjoy the MG reads, I do not read much in this age group.

Clementine, Friend Of The Week was a book I picked up in New York at BEA this past year.  As of that date it sat in a box waiting for me and I finally picked it up this weekend not wanting anything real heavy in the middle of the Bloggiesta.

Turns out Clementine’s story is fantastic.  I was thoroughly captivated in Clementine’s dilemma’s and how she interacted with her friends, family, and classmates. I enjoyed how she constantly changes her little brothers name from Pea Pod, to Yam, to Broccoli, Corn, and Onion.  I also appreciated how Clementine’s third grade voice rings true throughout the pages.

After reading this book I found out that Clementine has had two previous stories as well by author Sara Pennypacker.  This is a fantastic books for grade school children to enjoy a fun and funny read, while learning a bit too about true friendship.

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** The 2011 WHERE Am I Reading map IS NOT updated with this book as I can find no information of the books setting.

I received this book in New York at BEA

15 thoughts on “Clementine, Friend Of The Week by Sara Pennypacker

  1. This sounds like a delightful story! I love the cover picture…the depiction reminds me of the illustrations in Judith Viorst’s Alexander series…(Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day, etc.).

  2. What a cute review and I agree on the awesomeness of your speech bubbles. This is a series my students enjoy. Although my boys are reluctant to check it out. Some are brave and end up loving it just as much as my girls.

  3. I”m wondering if a boy would like it or if it is more girly? I’m always on the lookout for books for my first grader, but I suspect he would think this was “too girly’ based on the artwork.

    1. hard to say Jenners – I was thinking that when I wrote the review. While the book is about a girl – she is not overly girly.. but I have no idea when boys these days say – “oh no… that’s about a girl!” 😀

  4. OK … you just made me laugh out loud! The bubble thought on your photo is hilarious. Whenever I visit your blog I always know I’m in for a good surprise.

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