Morning Meanderings… Note To Self…

Good morning.

This morning came pretty early.  Do you ever have days like that?  I felt like I just went to bed.

I did stay up way too late…. after the midnight hour… I was still online.  I was possessed….

Note to self:



When you get all excited about joining something errr….. let’s say like NETGALLEY, do not make said decision at 11:30 pm and think anything good is going to come out of said decision.  Since when has having the opportunity to look at books being offered for review (PAGES AND PAGES of delicious looking tempting reads) ever been something I can whip through?

The truth?

I can’t.

I have to look at each book.  What is is about?  What genre?

With the addition on SNOOKIE (my NOOK) into the family this Christmas it has since sat close to my reading chair with a couple of books on it I purchased off Amazon but other than that… that is really all I have done with it.  I wanted it mainly for road trips and travel…

I had forgotten about NETGALLEY.

Yesterday when i seen many book lovers reading and enjoying books from NetGalley I decided to check it out and…

it looks amazing.

So pages and pages of books were looked at, a few requests made… well into the morning hours.

Timing…. is everything.  😀

So Self,

Plan better next time…. a Sunday afternoon would be a perfect time to browse books.

I am just saying…



Ok then… that was a bit awkward.

I am off to work…. running out the door quite literally with COFFEE Cup in hand.

I will leave you with this “Question On The Blog” that came in this morning:



Sheila, how far do you get in your audio listening per day if you are listening to three different audio?



Great questions Patricia!  The one in my IPOD I listen to while I get up and prep for my day – so while I am in the bedroom bathroom are it is on – about 30 minutes a day average.

The one in the kitchen I will switch on while I make the coffee in the morning and prep all my things to leave for work – ten minutes maybe, but I will listen tot hat one again when I come home, clean up around house and make dinner – so probably another 30 minutes.

The final one is in my car and that is what I listen to as I go to work and back, run any errands…
that one gets about 20 minutes a day.


Have a great morning everyone!  This afternoon I am posting my thoughts on Cybils Award winner:  Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers.

31 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Note To Self…

  1. Sounds like my night. Between not sleeping well while waiting for my youngest to make it back from California, my new white kitten and my 2 yr old black cat decided that 1:30 am was perfect playtime to chase each other throughout the house and up and over our bed several times. They started to settle down right bout 2:30 just minutes before the dogs started in when Bec got home lol. Then up at 5am for work. Going to be a long day heh

  2. I am really liking Netgalley also Sheila. It appears that the Kindle button has been disabled for a bit so hopefully they get that up again soon!

  3. I like the idea of multiple audio books! I usually have one going in my car but it has to be child friendly because my kids are with me so much and then they get upset if they miss part of it so we end up relistening to parts or I have to summarize what they missed. Still, they love books which is something I hope they keep for life!

    1. My best idea ever (ok maybe now ever) was putting my IPOD speakers in the bathroom. It is right off our bedroom so I can turn it on in the morning while I get ready and get in about 30 minutes of a book a morning 🙂

  4. I joined Netgalley but haven’t requested anything YET! I have to cut back on books , I have so many in my tbr pile and it stresses me out.
    Hope you enjoy your Netgalley picks, I’ll have to watch for your review and how it goes with them.
    Natalie :0)

  5. I am not familiar with NetGalley, and I’m thinking this might be a good thing.

    I need to think of a cute name for my Kindle. I have nine books on it so far; two of them I’ve read.

    Audio books are not my thing, and I know it’s because I’m a “visual” learner; I don’t retain what I hear if I haven’t taken notes (the visual part).

    Taking notes while driving…not a good idea!

    Snookie is a perfect name for the Nook…still haven’t figured out something equally engaging for Kindle. Maybe by the end of the day!

  6. You are too funny with your multi listening. I read different books at the same time-but so far I am just listening to one book-on the bike I much prefer music-I need something energizing.

  7. I have heard of Netgalley, but have held off from signing up because I already have so many books to read. I saw yesterday that someone had gotten Outside In (the sequel to Inside Out) via Netgalley and that’s the closest I’ve come to being tempted – because I want to read that book so much! I fought off the temptation though because I’ve really been trying to get a handle on my stacks of books.

  8. My Jan. 18 morning started about the same way. I am usually up way to late on line, but that night I had a sick dog that needed to go out about every 15 minutes. At 4:30 AM I finally hoped there was nothing left in her system and went to bed. Unfortunately, the alarm went off at 7:45AM Short night and no way to start a birthday. I am up late again, and really need to get to bed.

      1. No such luck. All three dogs have been sick. I thought they were doing better last night and went to bed at 1AM Guess they aren’t over it. Third morning in a row we have woken up to messes on the floor. Worse yet, I think my son and I caught it from them.
        We’ll see how tonight goes.

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