Morning Meanderings… Polar Bear Plunge In Prom Dresses and Tiaras… ok

Good Morning!

Happy Sunday ya all!  😀

Coming in pretty late this morning but I made it.

I had a busy morning and was not organized enough to get a post out before I took off.  Home now though with a new book (SSSSQQQUUUEEEE!!!) which I will reveal tonight when I post the It’s Monday!  What Are You reading post.

Yes I went snow tubing yesterday and yes it was cold but it was fun too.   There were 21 of us…. one injury that involved a trip to the emergency room, I was not the victim, but I was the driver to the hospital.  Turned out to be not too bad, a sprang ankle.

Came home and covered myself in blankets and a good book and then promptly fell asleep.  What is it about being out in the cold and wind that wipes a person out?

In other exciting news… this morning I signed on with some friends to do the March 12th Polar Bear Plunge for The Special Olympics.   I have always wanted to try the plunge and I guess this is my chance to do so.  The group I am doing this with has an additional stipulation…. our team will wear prom dresses and tiaras.

Well…. ok then.  😀

I am all about the memories and living life to the fullest so here we go…..

(And I thought I was cold yesterday)

So today I am off to read for the afternoon while washing clothes and doing a little book room straightening for breaks.

What are you doing this Sunday?

43 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Polar Bear Plunge In Prom Dresses and Tiaras… ok

  1. Glad to hear that you weren’t hurt tubing! And the prom dress/tiara Polar Bear Plunge sounds awesome! I would never in a million years do it, but sounds like it would be fun to watch! Be sure someone takes pictures of your plunge! 🙂

  2. Oh, my, what will you think of next? I guess that’s what keeps life interesting….

    I know what you mean about cold weather, although you might question my understanding of the term, living here in California…LOL

    I’ve been writing, blogging, etc., this morning, so now I’m off to read some more.

  3. Today I have listened to several CD’s with Stephen Fry narrating the last Harry Potter-book. I have also seen a new Gossip girl-episode on TV, and read a few chapters in Brontë’s “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall”. Now it is evening and I wait anxiously on a new episode of “Downton Abbey” which is scheduled to air in about an hour:)

  4. You are so brave to take the plunge but its for such a good cause I don’t blame you and it will be a great memory!

    I didn’t want to say anything yesterday but the one and only bone I’ve ever broken was when I went tubing with my family! I broke my wrist trying to catch myself when I flew off. Whoops. It’s still fun though 🙂

  5. i have a special place in my heart for the special olympics but the polar bear plunge??? like the warm blanket part of it…..

  6. So glad you weren’t hurt, and the person that was is okay. Good Luck with the plunge I know its for a good cause but not sure if I could plunge in such cold weather.

    As for what I’m doing I hope to get through my emails then off to read this book been wanting to finish for days but been distracted all this week.

  7. Your coming polar bear plunge sounds hilarious. At least you aren’t doing it on New Year’s Day like most organizations do. I’m freezing just thinking about it.

  8. I hop eyou get to wear tights or leg warmers in the Plung! Cold cold! Sounds fun though. ANother down side to living in Sunny Arizona ~ no snow or snow events 😦 If I was one for hiking then it would be perfect, but alas I’m not lol.

  9. OMG…you are truly truly unbelievable…a polar bear plunge in Minnesota…yikes…I spent my Sunday moaning in bed with a stomach flu…

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