The Nineteenth Element by John L. Betcher (and a signed copy to GIVEAWAY!)

You may think that there is nothing in Minnesota that grants a nuclear attack plan.

You would be wrong.

The Prairie River Nuclear Power Plant seems to be the target and with the help of a few Minnesotans as well as a Three Mile Island Survivor with a chip on his shoulder, things are looking a bit grim.

Yet just as things are beginning to look bleak, we find retired U S Government Intelligence, James Becker, living a mere six miles from the targeted plant.  As John uses his past experience to put together the clues, he is also tasked with trying to convince the government of the threat.

Can’t a retired guy catch a break?

So here I am reading a book about the government,war, and terrorists….. and I do not like reading about government, war, and terrorists.

Why then?

Here’s why.  Last year I had the opportunity to read John Betcher’s first book, The Missing Element.  In this book I was introduced to a character I really enjoyed, James Becker.  James was  light-hearted character who while dealing with serious matters, still had a snappy line here and there that made me smile and want to read more.

This past fall I was offered to read John’s second book and I  was glad to do so.  It took me awhile to fit the book into my crazy schedule but once I sat down to read it…. I was back in the world of James Becker again.

I think what makes this book enjoyable for me is that John Betcher’s writing style is down to earth.  I can’t help but like the life he writes into his character James Becker’s DNA.  SO while this topic would be one I would most certainly pass on, John writes it in such a way that I found it fascinating to research the clues and solve the mystery like a side kick in the story.   I, being from Minnesota as well, enjoyed this setting around the familiar area of  Red Wing, a place where you really are not expecting a body to wash up along the shores of the Mississippi.

John and I in Minneapolis - Oct. 2010

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The 2011 WHERE Are You Reading Map now includes The Nineteenth Element

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I received my review copy as well as a signed copy to give away from author John Becker

41 thoughts on “The Nineteenth Element by John L. Betcher (and a signed copy to GIVEAWAY!)

  1. I have been enjoying your book journey emails & hoping I might get lucky with regard to having my name drawn for the book you are giving away. I enjoy mystery stories & am presently reading an old one of Robert B. Parker’s called “All Our Yesterdays”. I have not read John Betcher, so I would be very appreciative if I was lucky enough to win it.

  2. Until two years ago, we lived in Southern California not very far from the San Onofre Power Plant. There is a large park with a beach close. You can see the towers from there. We went there once, it was deserted and we never went back, It was just a chilling feeling to see the towers. Now, I am in Texas and would like to read this book especially with the main character being the way he is,



  3. I remember when you reviewed The Missing Element and am happy to throw my name into the ring for the giveaway of the 19th Element! I am so excited you got to meet Mr. Betcher as well and always enjoy a good story set in my homestate!

  4. This sounds like a series I would enjoy_but I like starting at the beginning…so Missing Element first. Thanks for a shot at a freebie!

  5. Sounds like an exciting read to me! My husband would also enjoy this one. Please count me in! I’ll have to read The Missing Element first! So exciting to meet the author and have a signed copy up for a freebie!

  6. I love books set in my home state as well. We have traveled all over the state so it’s fun to actually have been to some of the places the characters have been to.

  7. I remember when you reviewed his first book. I liked the sound of his main character and the story then. Sounds like he has done a good followup to it.

  8. I like reading about government, war, and terrorists so I suspect I will enjoy The Nineteenth Element and would love to win a copy!

  9. Thank you for the review. I must forward it to my good friend in Minnesota, a mystery lover and avid reader. He will surely enjoy it!

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