Morning Meanderings… Death Of A Coffee Pot

Good morning.

Nope -this post title is not a book…. however I can imagine it being a cozy mystery …

No instead this would be the true tale of the last day of my coffee pot.  You are probably imaging something really tragic – like a crash upon the floor, but no – there was no warning and it was rather…. well…


Here is what happened.

I was at my house with my friend and author Sarah Lindberg.  We were going over website stuff and before she had arrived, at 8:00 am I had made a pot of coffee.  Having drank most of it (*sheepishly guilty*) before she arrived at ten I prepped a second pot after pouring her the last of the current pot.

We worked on the website for about an hour when I asked her if she would like a second cup of coffee, she said yes, so I got up to fill her cup and that is when I noticed that my coffee pot, had not prepared the pot as I had asked.  I tried again… there was clearly power to the pot, but no action… I even moved the pot to another plug-in and still…


Sarah and I then each had a cup of tea, and after she left I looked at the coffee pot again.

It was just done for.

Of course…. I did have to (I had to!) go out yesterday afternoon and purchase a new coffee pot.  I am not trying to be insensitive here… but really…. the coffee must brew on.

Today, Wendy and I are doing a day trip to St. Cloud.  We are going to shop a little, have lunch, stop at Barnes and Noble and maybe take in a movie.  I am sooooooo looking forward to a little friend time!  😀

Have a LOVELY day!

42 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Death Of A Coffee Pot

  1. I had to laugh, because I don’t like black coffee, only latte with irish cream, but I’m offering my deepest condolences for your coffee pot, and hope the new one is just as good:)

    May I ask where you live, Sheila, because when you post your morning meanderings, I’m half way into afternoon? 😉

  2. OMG! I have actually had that happen…a coffee pot that just fizzled out….

    There was no peace in my house when it happened, though. Lots of shouting…a little cursing.

    But now that you mention it, I’ll be watching…and waiting…for the first signs of death.

    More recently, my microwave died. I pushed “power” and nothing happened. Changed to another plug. Nothing. Sad….

    How old was your coffee pot when it…passed on?

  3. Oh dear! I can’t stand tea or coffee myself (I know… I always get a weird look when somebody asks me if I’d like tea or coffee and I have to ask them if they’ve got something cold to drink!).

    I hope you both have a lovely day. I popped to town and came home with 13 books! They were bargains though and only 2 of them are for me, the rest are for my Mum and neice. Yes, I’m hoping my 14 month old neice will be into her books just like I am… So far she loves picking up a book and bringing it over for me to read. 🙂

  4. We always have two pots going – one decaf for Dave and one regular for me. The worst thing that happens here is when the power goes out and we have no coffee. The nearest place to get some is 5 miles away!

  5. I’m surprised you didn’t jump right into your car right away to replace your coffee maker–I can’t imagine you could face the chance of a day without coffee!

  6. Just found your website and love to read as well! If you have not tried french press coffee at home – please do – you will love it!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your coffee pot! My Keurig coffee maker died on me right before Christmas and I had to wait almost four days before the replacement arrived at the house. It was an extremely long four days 🙂 Glad to see you got a replacement and hope it is as good as the old one!!!

  8. We would not last long here without our coffee maker. My son and husband drink the most, but I seem to need at least one cup to get the day started, sometimes 2.
    Hope you like your new one.

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