Morning Meanderings…. Confess It…. Where Are They?

GOOD MORNING!!!!  Guess what?  It is my day off!  (* happy happy happy dance!!!*)

I love what I do but honestly….

I am tired out this week.

Last night I had a gathering to go to that was in Aitkin Minnesota.  It is normally about a 40 minute drive but with the snowy conditions we were about an hour +.  I arrived back home last night at 9:30 pm.

Todays meandering is brought to you by “TOOMUCHCAFFEINEATTOOEARLYANHOUR”….

What I would like to talk about today – is where are they?  Oh don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about!  Bookish people come on…. give it up.


Tell me…

Where are the books?

Ok ok.. I know the places they should be… I would say it is safe to say that most of us have at least one book shelf or a book box or something… but what I want to know is the down right occasionally embarrassing stuff…  take a moment… if you are at home scan around the area you are currently in.  If you are not at home close your eyes (not while typing – that could be dangerous!) and think… where are the books…… where are the books….

Here’s mine:

My books (besides the book shelves) are:

On my kitchen table (currently 9)

on a stand by my kitchen table (currently 7)

Kitchen counter (currently 3)

Downstairs by recliner ( currently 11)

Downstairs coffee table ( currently 2)

On my nightstand (currently 1)

On the reading chair table (currently 9)

Front room rocking chair table (currently 1)

Bathroom (proudly – none)


Oh that feels so good!  😀  I am not counting the reading room at all whats on the shelves, whats next to the shelves, the BEA box still (STILL!!!) in the corner, my grandmothers step stool that is covered with books….

really as I type here… I should give that room some attention and do a little organizing.

With my day off I will be meeting with a friend and author in a couple of hours here to talk website design – for her, not me.   Then I need to go and pick up a book at the library that I have in, and go to the award store in town to get the Bookies Book of the year plaque updated to reveal our book of the year next Tuesday at book club.  (You will have to wait to hear who won!)

Other than that – I am hoping to read today… in fact right now I have a little over an hour to sink into a book and that means – yes my friends…. there will be reviews.  😀

58 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Confess It…. Where Are They?

  1. I guess I’ll be cheating a bit because I just cleaned the house — by request of people I am living with — and put all my books where they’re supposed to be; in my room! Have fun with your day off!

    1. Oh good call Jillian! 😀 It the kitchen table books that surprise me the most. How do they wind up there? As I glance at them now I see they are mainly books that have come in this week one, one library book, one book I am reading today, and a book I recently purchased and am excited to get to.

  2. Enjoy your day of Sheila! Book of the year award…I’m curious about that! So do you send the plaque to the author or do you actually keep these somewhere?

    1. It is a plaque that has a name plate for every year since 2003, of the book that we voted on and chose as our best Book Club read of the year. Currently it sits at a tie and I am waiting on a couple of our book club members to hopefully email me their responses soon so I can have a solid winner…

      There are other questions I ask them too Jo-Jo…. worst book of the year, favorite memory, best female and male character of the year…

      I will reveal all next Wednesday!

      1. Oh and oops – in answer to your question the plaque stays in my library. I take it once a year to the Book Club (1st meeting of the year) to reveal the winner. If I have an author connection I will email them to let them know they won and that they are on my wall. 🙂

  3. Fun meandering.
    I am glad to see that I am not the only with the tendency to allow books to pile up all over the place. 🙂

    Where are my books? This answer would have been much different in November because I have cleaned up my piles and promised myself not to pile up on the piano no longer.

    My books…
    Nightstand – 6 books
    Dresser – 22 books
    Cabinet in my living room – 6 books
    Next to main room computer – 6 books
    Bathroom – proudly…no books, and also good for them since 7 year old would probably plunge them into water.

    The above did not include my 5 bookcases (average3 shelf) along with books strategically placed on top of said bookcases.

    gah…I am out of room for books which means I have two or so containers filled with books too! 🙂

  4. Suddenly, after reading your list, I feel that I may be a bit more under control, but definitely an underacheiver! You rock…
    My list:
    1 book and kindle on the night stand
    1 book on the floor next to night stand
    1 book on chair next to night stand
    1 audio book downloading from itunes
    Bible on the coffee table
    Office: no books (except on the shelves)but magazines and work everywhere!
    I’m so glad I discovered this blogging community…reading has always been a guilty pleasure for me…this community is ‘guilt’ therapy’ and I am not alone!

  5. Apart from the five books waiting to be reviewed, the one for my book club,, the two to go back to the library and the two I am reading, all the rest are on their shelves. However, that is only because hubby is off this week and we have had a massive cleanout and tidy up!

  6. And the floor? Seems mine get stacked (more or less neatly) on the floor, at least upstairs where there’s carpeting. As I write this my dictionary and thesaurus are right at my feet. Forty two books are on the folding table next to my desk (research for the novel I’m writing now). Seven are stacked at the top of the stairs waiting to go back down to the library. Four on the nightstand, ten on the floor next to the nightstand…this is fun…

  7. Oh, dear, you had to do that? LOL

    Well, here goes:

    About seventy books in piles near my bed, which I’ve dubbed “Old TBRs”; then some of my old ones have crept into my office, because they’re going to be read…soon! So about 25?

    Then the newer piles: all over my office coffee table-25

    On top of my office bookcase — 35 (some of these are new, while others are rereads I’ve set aside…oh, who knows? For a rainy day?)

    Then there is an overflow (about 25) of more rereads, also stacked near the bookcase.

    Pretty sad, huh?

  8. My goodness! For a change I feel positively tidy! I have one book (and many magazines) on the table beside my recliner, and only coffee table type books on the coffee table in the living room. The rest are in my home office (warning – disaster area) or on shelves where they belong. Maybe this is because I only read one book at a time. Oh, I did have two in a bag hanging on a chair in the family room but I took those to a friend a couple days ago.

  9. My car, briefcase, under the bed, bedside table, coffee table, kitchen counter, garage and mantle piece. This does not count the bookshelves.

  10. I look around and there ARE BOOKS EVERYWHERE!
    I, also don’t have books in my bathroom but many in my family including myself bring books with us into the bathroom!

  11. What fun! I’ll get home tonight and play along for real (post on my blog perhaps?) but from memory:
    kitchen table: 2-3
    coffee table: 10?ish
    desk: oh heck, 15?
    kitchen: hopefully none
    bathroom: 1-2
    bedside table: 2
    in my bag: 2-3

  12. I can totally relate to the late night. I got home from band practice at 10:30 last night (drank coffee on the way home to stay awake and so couldn’t sleep until after 12:30 last night). My plans are to take a nap once I get the kids to school this morning.

    The book count is going to be embarrassing…

    Computer Desk: 2
    TBR stacks in dining room: 36 (I really need to put these books away, but I keep thinking if they’re downstairs I’ll dig into them faster).
    Coffee Table: 5
    Car: 2
    Bedside: 2

  13. Currently I rent a room in one house. Some of my books are the table, almost no space left for the others. Some are also on the floor. I am wondering how if I move back to my town. How to pack them all

  14. I am rather organised (or I should say clutter bothers me). The new books that just arrive are on the coffee table until I log them, the rest on in order on my many, many bookshelves. Those stay neat and organised mainly because I donate a ton of books on a regular basis.

  15. This made me laugh! My books are everywhere. My book shelf is overflowing, and I’ve got a stack of books on the kitchen table, in my bed, on my desk, and two on the kitchen counter. I have a studio apartment, so that is pretty much all the spaces I could possibly have a stack of books. 🙂

  16. There’s always a book somewhere in my bathroom 🙂

    There are books on shelves..on the floor, in Itso cubes from Target. (Love those) in little bins…on the dining room table..on my computer…

    I need to make another small donation to the lending library at the YMCA…which is my favorite library right now 🙂

  17. Ok…you asked…here goes…

    On my Kindle…hundreds…not even joking…too easy to buy…

    Upstairs end of the hall bedroom…
    Guest bedroom
    Other guest bedroom
    Living room
    Barnwood shelves in family room
    Bins in basement…mostly children’s from teaching…
    Dining room and kitchen…cookbooks…

    But…my Kindle books are invisible…my husband will never read this…and because I am so highly organized all books are dusted and shelved neatly and precisely…

    Whoops…downstairs hall closet…
    Double whoops…my husband’s study

    Wow…this felt good…almost like a confessional…thanks, Sheila!!!

  18. I for one love love love seeing all my books in my bookcases (all 5 of them). So beyond the 3 books I’ve checked out from my library, they arell safely in their proper shelf in my formal living room that I am gradually turning into a library. However, I do have some school books in my office, but just 3.

  19. Besides the bookshelf in the living room and my library which is still under construction… here is where my books are…

    Desk: 12
    Coffee Table in Living Room: 2
    Kitchen Counter: 4
    Reading Table in my Room: 8
    Coffee Table in my Room: 2
    Allison’s Room: 2 (that she’s currently reading)
    Miranda’s Room: 3 (that she’s currently reading)
    Laundry Room: 1 (lol i read while I iron sometimes)
    Bathroom: None!

  20. Sounds like you need a new second set of ceiling shelves for all these books :).

    Enjoy your day off. I’m going to finish Lipstick in Afghanistan and nap tonight… in preparation for tomorrow’s run.

    Have a great weekend!

  21. I had to respond to this post because I think I deserve the medal for weirdest answers…

    1. In the bed. I fell asleep reading last night and didn’t make the bed this morning so it’s still there. But that’s not the really great one. Wait. Are you ready?

    2. In the refrigerator. 😀
    I’m making this bizarre recipe for bread that you have to flatten and chill before baking. The heaviest thing I could find to put over the dough to flatten it was a cookbook. Ha!

  22. My home is crammed with mountains and mountains of books ! My mother keeps on telling me to get rid of some of them but……….HOW CAN I GIVE AWAY A BOOK !?!?! Thus my house is always in a complete mess, especially my study table, its covered with novels of all sorts.

  23. Where are they? It would be easier to say where they aren’t. The Master Bedroom is the only room with no books. Oops, just remembered there is a bag in there with 4 books I bought as gifts, maybe more. So that makes the Master bath and the upstairs bathrooms the only rooms with no books. There are stacks of books, boxes of books and 40+ full bookcases of books. I need to live to be 120 and not buy any more in order to read them all. I have way too many keepers, but I love them all.

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