Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

____________________ is a pretty young wife.  She stays at home taking care of things for her husband Kevin, making sure she looks nice for him and that dinner is always on the table when he arrives home.  ______________ has no friends, mainly because Kevin doesn’t want her to.  And when things do not go Kevin’s way… that’s when the hitting begins.

Yet ______________ has an escape plan and after many months of taking small amounts of money from her husbands wallet, she cuts off her hair, dies it dark, and with a new name, she walks away from the home she knew – and never looks back.

Now, known as Katie, she lives in Southport North Carolina and works as a waitress.  As she dives into her new life she makes a friend in a new neighbor named Jo, and meets a wonderful store owner named Alex who is kind-hearted and warm and everything Katie has ever dreamed of finding in someone to love.

Far away, in another state, Kevin is still brooding over the disappearance of his wife.  As his drinking becomes worse, he is positive that she is somewhere laughing at him,having made a fool of him he believes his co workers are also talking and laughing behind his back and as Kevin begins to obsess over where his wife may be and who she is with… his dark moods become scarier and then – he finds a clue… a clue that will lead him right to her.

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Realistically, Nicholas Sparks is not an author I pursue.  Mainly I have found his reads in past years to be light and fluffy and a bit too sugary sweet for my liking…. I used to tell my bookish friends that Sparks books always started out with a guy and  girl and the book was mostly about how they wind up together.

Oofta…. somebody call me a dentist.

Yet… I may have to quit saying that.  As of the past year I have tried Sparks (Dear John, for one) and found that he has changed his style to a more meatier story that I like.  I have enjoyed that the book was not as predictable as I would have thought, and neither was this one.

Safe Haven first attracted me by the cover.  Seriously, I tried to avoid it.   When I did decide to read it, I was expecting the Sparks I knew and I was pleasantly surprised to find an upgraded version.  Safe Haven is smart and witty.  The characters are likable and Kevin is downright creepy and I actually liked that too.

If you have seen the movie ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’ and enjoyed it, you will enjoy this book.  While the story lines are close to the same – Sparks brought in a different twist that sat me bolt upright in my chair with a “WHA???”  (and that was in a good way).


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21 thoughts on “Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

  1. I haven’t read any of his books either but entered a challenge anyway to give him a try. Since you give a good thumbs up to Safe Haven I think this one will be the first one I will read.

  2. I am reading Safe Haven this next week…in e-book format. I haven’t read Sparks until this week, but I’ve seen some of the movies.

    The Wedding was one I just finished, and it had more to the story than I had anticipated, too. I have high hopes for Safe Haven.

  3. Oh my! This sounds really good 🙂 I have read most of his books and you are right…most were predictable but THIS…..this is quite the change for him! A change I think I will like as well! Thanks Shelia 🙂

    Happy New Year btw 🙂

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