Morning Meanderings…. Challenge Time!

That’s right, that’s not my normal morning meandering logo…. but this is not your normal meandering post.  Nope!  Today I am promoting the challenge I am hosting for 2011.  As I host the meme What Are You Reading, I thought it would be fun to host a challenge called WHERE Are You Reading.

This challenge is easy because you can include all the books you are reading anyway, just record what country/state you are reading about.

IE…. you are reading a novel centered around the North Shore of Minnesota…. that’s a Minnesota point.  If you are reading a non fiction about polar bears in Alaska, that’s an Alaska point.

Super easy and works with any or all other challenges.

Click here for my original post about this challenge as well as the links to sign up.  I will be using a Google Map to record my 2011 readings, and you can do so as well or just list them somewhere on your blog.

I am really excited to begin and my goal is to be able to read a book in each of the states as well as a few out of the US.  I am offering up a few prizes too!

(This week I will be working on cleaning up my 2010 Challenges and trying to see where I scored – and where I failed.  I also plan to post the Book Journey best of the best for 2010 – which will not only be my favorite reads but also my favorite meanderings. )

Are you joining any challenges for 2011?


23 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…. Challenge Time!

  1. I have joined four so far. I’m trying to organize and manage them better this year! LOL

    I may join up for yours…it sounds fascinating, and like something that would mesh with my other challenges.

    I’ll click over and find out more.

  2. I want to join this one badly. I am excited too. It seems pretty easy. It will help me focus on “place” and whether the author truly develops place or does it get sorta pushed aside in the writing. Thanks Book Journey.

  3. What a great challenge! This is something I do anyway, at least tracking the countries I read about, but I should track states too…

    • I kept track last year Amanda and was surprised how unintentionally I seemed to really hover in some states… I was actually really surprised how many books I read that were centered around New York. 😀

      This year I want to intentionally try to branch out. 😀

  4. I’m joining 5 and toying with joining a 6th. This is my first year joining challenges so I’m trying to go slow 🙂

    • Linda I haven’t really looked closely at many of them as I have been so crazy busy, but I hope in the next few days to see what else is out there that I would like to try. 🙂

  5. I really should join some challenges, but I worry I won’t commit to them fully haha I really want to focus all my attention on the details of my site this year, I think 🙂

    • Melissa that is a good idea too! I tried to make the challenge fit with whatever anyone is reading. My blog needs a little :update time” and I hope to do that during the January Blogiesta.

  6. I have signed up. Cant hardly wait to start it

    I got one question

    How about if I read a book and the place couldn’t be found in the world map?
    It happens a lot for some fantasy books.

    • Good question Aleetha, you can pluck those pegs out in space somewhere – LOL….. sometimes they are actual states (or countries) , but not actual towns… in those cases you use the state/country. 😀

  7. I LOVE this idea! I signed up as soon as you posted the first info about it and can’t wait to see where all I go!

  8. I may have to jump in on this one too. So far I’m participating in 3 challenges for 2011, though looking around the net, I think I’ll probably be adding a few more before the first.

    • I think I will be too Andrea – I want to stick to ones I believe I can actually accomplish or that will push me to read a bit outside my normal genre. I love to stretch myself!

  9. This looks like a fun challenge, so far I am in 4 challenges for 2011. I tend to stick around England lately, would be nice to branch out alittle.

  10. Great idea! I never thought to use a map…maybe create a Google Map, that’s always fun! All the best to you as you globe-hop!

  11. I have never joined ANY challenges because I already belong to two (sometimes 3) book groups, plus reviewing commitments, so I hate to put any other constraints on what I read – I want to be able to choose some of my books without limits. BUT, I love the sound of this one and it wouldn’t add any constraints at all – so I think you have a new recruit, Sheila!


    • YAY Sue – it really doesn’t add any pressures – you read what you want and just peg where they are told from. You can fill in missing spots later in the year if you want. 😀

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