The Secret Society Of The Pink Crystal Ball by Risa Green


Erin Channing is working hard to keep her GPA high so she can earn a trip to Italy.  To be considered for this, she needs to write an essay that will blow the committee away, yet Erin fears she will not be chosen to win the trip because her life is the definition of boring.  What could she possibly write about that would be interesting?  How can she possibly win this honor?

When a distant Aunt suddenly dies unexpectedly and leaves Erin a pink crystal ball with instructions of how to use it Erin finds that the small requests she makes of the crystal ball seem to be coming true.  With her best friends Lindsay and Samantha at her side, Erin uses the crystal ball without fully understanding all of its powers and at first finds it fascinating (asking the ball is she is “smexy” (smart + sexy = smexy).  Then later finds herself making a mess of her relationships.

As Erin tried to figure out the true powers of the crystal ball she grows in her friendships and in herself.


I was really excited to write this review because I am a sucker for good books on friendships.  I really love that and some of my favorite books have to do with strong female friendships.  In my own life I know how important my girlfriends are to me.

I really enjoyed Erin for all she is worth.  She is fantastic – an overachiever that looks at her own life and says seriously, what am I doing?  And her two friends Samantha and Lindsey were well-developed characters that  wanted to go hang out at the mall with, and I don’t even really like shopping!

All in all the book was a delight to read and a fresh breath into the YA genre that I so appreciated.  I think YA’s will enjoy this read and I look forward in seeing what author Risa Green offers up next!

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I received this book from review from:

Danielle DeLuca

Assistant to the Publicity Team

Planned Television Arts/ Ruder Finn Inc.

16 thoughts on “The Secret Society Of The Pink Crystal Ball by Risa Green

  1. I haven’t try this book but it sure sound like a great contemporary book. I wonder if there is some sort of mystery behind this crystal ball that’s being explain in the book? If so, I bet it makes it even more interesting!

    P.S Just want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday! Hope that you’ll be having a great time this weekend =)

  2. Thank you for the review. I visited Risa Green’s website and read her bio. She practiced law for 2 years in LA before giving it up to become a school counselor and eventually, a writer. Good for her! She’s been blessed with many gifts.

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