Relentless by Dean Koontz (audio review and epic FAIL)

Bestselling author Cullen Cubby Greenwich is mortified when Shearman Waxx, the nation’s premier literary critic, savages his work. Cubby manages to find the syphilitic swine at Roxie’s Bistro in Newport Beach, Calif., where the author’s six-year-old prodigy son nearly pees by accident on Waxx in the restaurant’s men’s room. In retaliation, Waxx threatens Cubby with doom and gets things started nicely by blowing up his house. With almost superhuman ease, the book critic keeps track of Cubby and his family as they flee for their lives.



Let me share a little background info about me and Dean.  No, we didn’t know each other back in school, or ever really crossed paths – except of course within the pages of his books that i could not read fast enough…. and in my opinion he could not write fast enough.

Yes it is true…. back when I was 20, Dean Koontz was one of a very elite group of my favorite authors.  I read and loved:



Twilight Eyes



Lightening (Oh Yeah!)


Cold Fire


The Key To Midnight

Door To December

The Funhouse (first book I ever read of his)


Brother Odd

Odd Thomas

Eyes Of Darkness

False Memory

Fear Nothing

Tick Tock

One Door Away From Heaven

Winter Moon


yes…. I think it is safe to say I have been a fan.


And now this is where it gets….


I was so excited to listen to this audio and I LOVED the idea of the main character being an author who gets a bad review….  (I know a bit ironic right now…..).  A fun fact about Dean’s books is that he almost always includes some sort of “bookish” theme in his writing – either his character is a reader, or a writer or there are mentions of books shelves…


This time I just could not pick up what Dean was putting down.  The storyline was so outrageously over the top – the strange killings in the book beyond gruesome and a bit wacky and well…

I finally gave up as I was so confused and surprised by the book that it didn’t even have the regular “Dean Koontz” feel to it that I have come to know and love through the years.  It felt a little more like James Patterson when he goes a direction that I do not like.

Will I read Dean Koontz again?  I am sure I will.  I have found him to be not as dark as Stephen King, and not as light and funny as Harlan Coben.  He is a great middle of the road.


I received this audio from my library

17 thoughts on “Relentless by Dean Koontz (audio review and epic FAIL)

  1. I’m sorry that you didn’t like this Dean Koontz… but I’ve got a suggestion for you…. you absolutely must read… From the Corner of his Eye… my favorite Koontz book… If you liked Lightening.. I think you’ll love it…

  2. Koontz is my favorite author of suspense and horror but he does have some misses on his list. I agree with Deb, From the Corner of His Eye was awesome and also Intensity, which, btw, made a fan of me. I liked his newest, What the Night Knows but I suppose it’s all a matter of what you’re willing to believe for the time of reading one of his books.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved one, Sheila.

    1. Laurel when I was a teen I was a huge Stephen King fan…t eh darker the better….. then when I got married I found King too Dark and settled on Koontz who I just adored for great stories and loved how he always wrote a bit about what gave him the idea in the back of his book.

  3. I tried Dean Koontz when i was younger and was terrified. From what you say now, I may be able to handle him. I have the first in his Frankenstein series that I am working on.

  4. I didn’t like this one either – nor Breathless. I’ll add my vote to the others for From the Corner of my Eye which is one of my favourites. And his new one for Jan 2011 – What the Night Knows is apparently Dean Koontz at his best.

  5. Like you I’ve been a fan of Dean Koontz for many, many years. One of my faves is False Memory but I think I’ll be giving Relentless a miss. Too many good books and too little time so thanks for your honesty 🙂

  6. I hate to say it but sometimes authors just get too popular and have to crank out too many books and the quality suffers. I think Koontz is one of these. I used to love his books but haven’t read any for awhile and probably won’t read this one. That being said I won’t hesitate to give him a try again because I know he has it in him to write a great read!

  7. It was awhile ago but I seem to remember being addicted to King, Koontz and Peter Straub I think. I haven’t read them much since but now that you all have mentioned a few good titles, I’ll have to return to them.

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