Morning Meandering from Honduras

Good Morning!

This morning I am sitting at my nightstand… coffee close by and looking out the window from my upstairs room in Tegucigalpa Honduras.

We are preparing to go to El Sambrador this afternoon, about a four-hour drive from where we are and we will stay there for two nights checking out area mission fields.  I am supposed to be packing for this but instead I am taking the time to touch base with my book friends.  😀

Since we arrived here Thursday morning we have been to 5 different areas to see what they are doing and what there needs are.  It is a lot to take in as the needs everywhere are so large.  On Friday we stayed over night in Le Esperanza which was about a four-hour drive in another direction.  We are spending a lot of time in a van and when I am not checking out the beautiful scenery I am reading.

More pictures when I am back in the states but in the mean time… here is where I am at this moment.


Out my window



Nearby rooftops


I will try to post a meandering here and there as I have time.  Hope everyone is well!

13 thoughts on “Morning Meandering from Honduras

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip…sounds like you are both enjoying the culture, planning ahead for aid to the areas that need it the most and some well-needed R&R (including keeping up on your reading!). Godspeed and the best to you!

  2. It’s good to hear from you and know everything is going well. I imagine it will be awfully difficult to select the sites to help since the whole country needs help. As Elizabeth said, you are a good soul. Be safe.

  3. Thank you for the post. I haven’t heard of La Esperanza so I googled it…lovely churches. Beautiful photo:
    catholic church, La Esperanza, Honduras
    I hope you got time to relax and enjoy!

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