Morning Meandering… Where I Am Going And What I Am Doing

Good morning!  Coffee Cup and I are off to early start today.  All that craziness of late all comes down to this day.  I am packed, have the dog/house sitter lined up…. packed (FINALLY!), caught up at work, dropping Chance off at school pretty quick here, returning library books, mailing packages (Yes Secret Book Santa – this includes you :D), fueling up Durango and at 1:00 pm…

we are on our way to Honduras.

I am going with my husband, and five other people.  We will fly to Texas tonight, stay over night, and then fly out of Texas to Tegucigalpa Honduras tomorrow morning landing in Honduras around noon.   We are on an exploratory team and we will be looking at several different areas of Honduras to see where we feel called to do future missions.  I have been on work teams going to Honduras since 2004, but this is the first time we will not be working and instead traveling all over Honduras exploring.  (Just call me Dora the Explorer).

I will have internet service occasionally while I am there and on those days I will try to pop in and do a morning meandering.  Thanks to a group of wonderful bloggers, I will have guest posts each night that I am gone…. and they will all have a little something Christmasy in store for you.

I hope you will stop by often over the ten days that I will be gone and check out their stories.

Have an awesome start to your December!!!

Me in Honduras in November of 2009 doing what I love

21 thoughts on “Morning Meandering… Where I Am Going And What I Am Doing

  1. I put this on twitter but The Heart Is Not A Size could be perfect trip reading for you! It’s about a similar trip to Juarez. In any event, have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to hear about it!!!

  2. Hey…it is snowing on your blog! hehehe…love it! It is snowing here where I live…ahh..winter.
    I have been a lame duck lately with commenting but I have been reading your posts. I think it is incredibly cool that you travel to Honduras.
    I certainly do hope that you have a great experience being Dora the Explorer and all. This seems like a fabulous opportunity.
    Have an awesome trip Sheila. You and your team will be in prayers as you search out areas for future missions.

  3. Oh…I see that you are reading Silence (over on your sidebar). That is such an awesome book. One of my favorites for the year. I also think it is such a good choice for reading now seeing that you are about to go on your own mission work (searching out future locations is mission work). The book has depth, and is not a light read…for sure, but I do hope that it touches your life.

  4. Have a great trip Sheila, will keep you and the team in my prayers. Everytime you say, “Coffee cup and I”, I think of Dora and “Backpack”, so when you mentioned Dora in your post this morning I chuckled. It was just what I needed this morning, isn’t God GREAT! Take care and enjoy your time with Al, doing God’s work:) Love ya girl!

  5. Sheila,
    Safe travels and I must admit I wish I was also going with. I look forward to hearing all about it. Do not worry, your blog and readers will be here, what you are doing in Honduras is far more important. Have a wonderful and safe time.

  6. Bravo! I hope you had a fruitful trip. A friend of mine spent time teaching in St. Lucia and was so impressed by the warm-hearted people, and by the drastic poverty, that she is hooked…she returns regularly to do volunteer work. It is an admirable way to spend your time.

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