Morning Meanderings… The books that grabbed me this week

Good morning.  Life is pretty insane these days as I juggle my way through the next 30 hours before I head to the airport.  I am trying to balance the “to do’s” with some down time each day so I do not get overwhelmed and crack like an egg…

seriously… I can’t imagine it would  be pretty.

So yesterday – between work and making tacos for 30 people and a wrap up pre trip meeting last night… I squeezed in a little down time and read through the Monday What Are You reading participants as well as a few of my favorite blogs I just love to read and see what they are reading.  I seriously pick up awesome reads this way!

For example…

Over at Mundie Moms I found this cover that I thought was very eye-catching.  This book is the last of a series but the review I read was enough to make me think that this may be a series I would like to try.

At In The Forest this title and review caught my eye.  I know very little about cutting but do know someone who has done it so I have looked it up on-line to understand it more.  I would be interested in trying this book.

You may be seeing this book start to pop up around the blogesphere but I first seen it at Word Lily.  I have not (that I can recall) read any books like this one.

And finally, over the weekend this little gem caught my eye first at My Friend Amy’s and then I read a couple other reviews on it as well.  I was on my way to the book store to talk with Pat Bluth at a book signing so as long as I was there I inquired about this book.  They did not have any in stock but I was able to order it and with a little luck it will be here Wednesday morning and may make the cut as the fourth book that I will take with me to Honduras.

So that’s what happens when I visit other blogs and bloggers who book opinions I trust…  I wind up with uhhh…… more books.  However, I do not find that a bad thing because honestly the good ones are worth promoting and when a book interests me… I cant wait to grab it at my library or support my local book store when I can.

Any books that have caught your eye on other blogs recently?

30 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The books that grabbed me this week

  1. Cut by Patricia McCormick is really good. Actually, I think Patricia McCormick is one of the best YA authors out there. I’ve also enjoyed Purple Heart and Sold by her

    1. Helen I recognized the name but I don’t think I have read anything by her.

      Actually as I think about it that’s not true….I am half way through SOLD…. I guess I didn’t realize that was the same author! 😀

  2. As a social worker, I dealt with kids who cut…very disturbing phenomenon that has all kinds of implications. Looks like a fascinating book.

    Wow, you have a lot to do, but it sounds like you’re getting it all done. You must have lists.

    1. When I first learned about it Laurel I was shocked and I had to learn more about it to to understand. It amazes me how things can cause such immense pain in our lives that we try to find ways to release that pain – even by doing that.

      I seen a skit for young adults once about cutting and it was pretty powerful

  3. I have a post similar to this that I have written but not posted yet – Books I can’t wait to read! Funny… I’m lucky to read 2 books a month now a days so these posts make me smile.

    If I don’t ‘talk’ to you before you leave have a wonderful, safe trip!

  4. I get about 99% of my Wishlist titles and library possibilities from other peoples blogs, LOL… I enjoy seeing what they like or don’t like and reading all of the information they have about these books…

  5. Just another data point for you…Cut is the most frequently stole book at my HS Media Center. I have lost track of the number of copies I have purchased of this book.

    Tyger, Tyger was excellent. I read the eARC months ago and loved it.

    Have a good trip!

  6. Those all look great!! I was just reading Kathy’s comment about Cut being the most frequently stolen book in her library. My school copy went missing last year too!!! It’s a great resource for those kids that need help!

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