Morning Meanderings…. The Secret Is Out – It Is I Who Has The Invisibility Cloak

Good Morning!

I wanted to share with you my funny (or really – not so much) shopping experience I had recently with Chance.  Our destination was to go a certain (I will not mention the name) establishment where the idea was for Chance to get a haircut, while that was happening I was going to get a pedicure (upcoming Honduras trip = sandals!) and then do a little shopping.

First, I took Chance over to the salon area.  We stood at the front counter while the lady behind it proceeded to ignore us for several minutes.  Finally she said, “Can I help you with something?”  (Uhhhh… you cut hair….. what else would I be here for?)  I told her that Chance needed a hair cut and she tossed a clip board my way to write his name on.  Even Chance commented when she walked away about her pleasant – errr….. lack there of….. personality.  The next lady came up and I pre paid for Chances cut so I could go to the nail area.

Second, I went into the nail area where I have frequented many times before and they are usually quite friendly and get you set up right away.  Even if they are all busy they will still put you in that wonderful massage chair and your feet in a warm jacuzzi style water while you wait.  I had my book to read and I was so ready.  I went in and picked out my color and sat in the waiting chair.  No one acknowledged me other than a lady I knew who was getting her own pedicure done.   I sat and read for about 15 minutes slowly getting more and more irritated.  I decided that if Chance showed up done with his haircut before I was waited on I would just leave.  25 minutes in a guy who worked there approached me and said “what are you waiting for?”

I said I was there for a pedicure and he turned and walked away saying nothing and he did not return.  Now I am annoyed – and really, I am pretty easy-going so it takes A LOT to annoy me.  One of the ladies doing a pedicure turned and looked at me and said, “Oh, are you waiting for a pedicure?”  I said yes I was but now I felt I probably did not have time.

I returned the polish to the rack and walked out.

Third (oh yes, there is more), Chance and I shopped the store and I picked up the things I needed and we proceeded to the check out.  We got up to the counter and the cashier started ringing us out without saying a thing.  I looked at Chance and said, “I am so ready to just go home now.”  She continues to ring and then at the end of my order I had two large pizzas.  She said, “Are the pizzas yours too?”

I said “yes.”

She hesitated a minute, looked at me again and said, “Are the pizza’s yours too?”

I said “yes they are,”  (a little louder this time resisting the urge to wave my arms to see if she truly seen me).

When she finished ringing the order she handed me the receipt while looking at the next customer…. I had to chase her hand to get the receipt as she kept floating it around trying to find me.

As we walked out of the store I told Chance that I had no idea that I played such a large part in The Deathly Hallows.  “What do you mean” he said.

“Well, I clearly must be the current owner of the invisibility cloak” I responded.


True story…..  for the record… no employees of said establishment were hurt during this transaction.

46 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. The Secret Is Out – It Is I Who Has The Invisibility Cloak

  1. Don’t you hate it when you get treated like that. I’ve gotten to the point where I will pay a little bit extra for good customer service, even if it means I have to go without something. I hope you have a great trip!

  2. Oh, I could feel the roar of those feelings surging upwards as I read your story. I have worn that cloak…I swear!

    So I guess my response (after the initial rage) would be to call someone to complain. And if those customer service people did not give satisfaction, I would forever after not step into that establishment.

    My favorite shops are my favorites for a lot of reasons. Not just because they have stuff I want, but because of the way they treat their customers.

    I agree with Kathy…I’ll pay more to get that feeling of being valued—of being SEEN!

      1. Thanks Laurel – I worked retail for 14 years so I know what that can be like and I am not much of a call and complain type person…. but I do appreciate good service and do not hesitate to call an establishment to tell them when someone really went out of their way to help.


  3. My husband and I have found that when we are in the mall now, we are so invisible people will even bump into us! :–) I think people over a certain age – like 25 maybe, just are no longer considered worth noticing by young people!

    1. Isnt that horrible Jill? I was thinking about that too… the book I recently read about the food critic and how she used disguises…. when she dressed as a big time New York designer people tripped over themselves to wait on her…. when she dressed as an older lady or as a person who was a little drab in appearance she was basically ignored or given the worst tables and service…

    1. It really isnt Julie. When I go into where I used to work retail and I say hi to a cashier I always ask how they are doing… it seems like 9 times out of 10 they will tell me how awful their day is going or how many hours they have left to work.

      When I was there you would not have got away with such a poor attitude….


  4. Honduras sounds incredible right about now. What an absolute shame that this happened to you at the nail salon — isn’t it just awful trying to read a book when you’re growing irritated by something else? I can’t stand it, and then to be treated like that — my goodness. Too bad you didn’t have a wand or Hagrid with you to get noticed!

    1. LOL – it really is… my reading wasn’t the best that’s for sure because my internal voice kept saying….” ok… ten more minutes and if you are not even greeted you need to get up and walk out……”

  5. Frickin’ hilarious! But no so much for you I’m sure. I’m am so AMAZED by the amount of rude people who work in the customer service venue.

  6. I agree with Jill; we are “senior citizens” (hate that expression but what are you going to do) and we are totally ignored by anyone younger. They bump into us on the street, let doors slam in our faces, flip us the bird because Dave is slow crossing the street, all kinds of rude behavior that is totally uncalled for. When a young person actually treats us like human beings, I nearly faint with surprise.

    On the other hand, most people love to talk to me and I guess that’s because I don’t look like a threat – who knows?

  7. What a horrible experience! Being treated like I don’t exist is definitely one of my pet peeves; and I have this horribly passive aggressive way of giving people like that the evil eye, the exasperated sigh, and from time to time even the annoyed head bob.

  8. I admire how you kept it all in! I have seen that kind of nonsense occasionally, but having it happen everywhere you went in that store is so over the top! Good for you for keeping it cool. That happened to a friend of mine once at a McD’s. She was complaining to me in the car how she always feels invisible. When we got to McD’s she stood in front of me in line. We slowly made our way up, and the cashier completely looked past her to me and asked what I wanted. All we could do was laugh.

  9. If I were you I would definitely let the management know about how poorly you were treated. They may not care but hopefully they will. That’s ridiculous!

  10. Hi – You should write a letter of complaint to the manager of that company. I’ve done that before and mentioned in the letter that I wasn’t looking to have anyone get in trouble – but that kind of behavior is not acceptable. I started by asking if customer service has been taught in their staff meetings. Every employee should look directly at the customer, smile, say hello before they even pick up anything. And they should thank you.

    I’ve had clerks do that to me before and I have asked them to stop that I am right in front of them. And I have gone directly to customer service and gotten the name of the manager. I’ve even told them if they aren’t willing to provide me with customer service that I would like a different clerk or someone who is willing to help me. That’s not too much to ask.

    Can you tell I work in the customer service industry?

  11. Wow, RUDE!!! It seems like I have days where I’m invisible, too. The worst is when you are driving and feel invisible – like everyone is pulling out in front of you! But, that’s terrible when multiple employees at a certain store act that way. Sometimes I can cut them slack if it’s once or twice and say “Maybe they are just having an off day” but that is just too much!

  12. I had to laugh reading this post but at the same time I felt bad that you were the one in the invisible cloak because you are such a nice person.

    That has happened to me so many times. I have often wondered what part of yes that is mine that they don’t understand.

    I worked retail too for many years and finally got out of it ten years ago because i just couldn’t take it anymore.

    Thankfully I have found a great friend (I can call her that now) who always has time when I call to book an appointment to get a mani or a pedi even if its last minute.

    Hope you have a great getaway.

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