Morning Meanderings… What To Do With A Saturday…

Good morning!

I love days when you can get up grab a cup of coffee and your laptop and go back to bed.  Saturday is my favorite day of the week!  AND – here it is… in all its glory it is spread out before me like a port-hole….. so many choices of which direction to go….

I can be low-key Sheila and hang out for the morning tapping away at my key board and prepping guest posts for later this next week…

I can be reader Sheila who keeps the coffee coming and completes the two books on her nightstand.

I can be “Housekeeping!” Sheila and start organizing the house for the dog sitter….

I can be pro active Sheila and get ready for my day, hit the gym for group power, and then off to the store to find Al lightweight pants for the Honduras trip, and then home to start packing…

I can be coffee Sheila (ok who am I kidding, when am I not Coffee Sheila) and take my friend Wendy up on her offer to get together at Starbucks today to chat….

I think I will be a mix of all of the above starting with the laptop in bed and writing a couple posts.  😀  Did I mention I love days like this?

Bookish news…. I finished and reviewed Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt yesterday and have been basking in the after read.   I will be chatting with author Beth Hoffman soon here and I am so excited for that!

I am planning to stop by Pat Bluth’s book signing today at Bethany Book Store between 11-2.  Pat wrote From Pain to Peace, which I read last year and I told her I was planning to stop by.

I have 4 new audio books on my IPOD for the trip and I am excited about that.  Two are books we have been reading as a group anyway:  When Helping Hurts by Brian Fikkert, and The Hole In The Gospel by Brian Stearns, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.

Of course…. that’s not including the books I have yet to pick out – however I do not plan to overdo it like I have done in the past and am planning on three tops – THREE.

What is happening  this weekend for you?

Any movies you are seeing or recommending?

20 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… What To Do With A Saturday…

    • You are a football fan Kathy! 😀 I love that! I never even know when games are on…. except the Super Bowl…. I do love those commercials.

      Have an awesome day Kathy – it sounds relaxing and fun!

  1. I am taking the girls to see Harry Potter this morning. So needless to say I have two very excited tweens on my hands:) then it is back home to laze the day away:) Have a great day Sheila!

  2. I am hanging out with Noah today (7-year-old grandson). He had a sleepover and we decorated my house for Christmas, and then had pizza and apple pie his mom brought us.

    Today we’ll go to Barnes & Noble and pick out some books.

    Then we’ll come back and watch movies (and read books!)

    Have a good one!

  3. I hate to complain. My Saturday is starting with a headache. Needed to make phone calls about gifts. We are putting up the tree. Something is wrong with the star topper.
    I really want to read Saving CeeCee. I’m trying to start blogging on Word Press too. So, I feel divided bet. two places.

    • SO sorry to hear about your headache! I had one for four days last week none stop… I started to think there was something wrong with me but I think it was just stress.
      I am interested about your wordpress adventures – I hope you are enjoying it 😀

  4. I have a great Saturday planned as well: writing a post; seeing a group of old friends; and maybe a movie and a walk.

    I saw Harry Potter and really liked it (I haven’t read the book since it first came out)

    • Sounds fun Helen – enjoy seeing your friends. 😀 I am going to try to make time to do that today too…. I have one today and one I am hanging with tomorrow. Both I am so looking forward to.

  5. Sounds like a fantastic day! I’m hoping to catch up on blog reading throughout the day, and read a bit since I have a ton of books that I brought to Minnesota from Madison to read over the weekend. Also, my mom is making waffles, so I’m going to eat a lot of those!

  6. I love days like this, too, except for I find the days when I have lots of options to choose from, I somehow end up accomplishing a whole lot of nothing. LOL!

    Today I think I’ll be getting started on my Christmas shopping and hopefully writing a book review or few since I’m so behind on those.

    Happy Saturday! 🙂

  7. You’ll need to send visual proof of only packing 3 books with you!! 😀
    Have a great productive day!

  8. It’s snowing here, very pretty but cold. It’s almost noon and I haven’t done a thing. We slept late and after breakfast I sat down at the computer which was a mistake. MUST make myself take my shower and dress. Then football – yayyyy!

    • I haven’t done a thing either… I just wrote a few posts and finished a book in bed. Now I am writing that review and getting on with my day.

      Cold here too….10 degrees currently.

  9. I’m guessing you went with Super Sheila, pulled on your tights and cape and tried to do it all!

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