The GaMeS BiBLe by Leigh Anderson

I am a game lover.  A BIG one.  I have an entire double wide closet devoted to games in our family room.  I am a game addict.  If you remember last year about this time I had the awesome (AWESOME!) opportunity to review BLURT as well as a really interesting book called Timeless Toys.  I was totally engrossed in both!

The Game Closet

SO…. knowing this about me…. you can just imagine the SSSQQQQQUUUUEEEEEEE”ing” going on over here when I received this gorgeous book in the mail for review!  Seriously, you may have heard me and thought that sound was a cat or a siren but no… alas… it was me.  😀

I love game nights and when we gather with friends to get our “game on”.  I am more than thrilled to take part!  What I loved about this book is that it gave me ideas for ice breakers for any gathering, as well as pages and pages of ideas for games anywhere from card games, word games, holiday games….. oh the games!

It seems like my family plays more games around the holidays.  When we gather together we undoubtedly have to pull out a game.  This Thanksgiving, as this is when I am posting this review, I am pulling out the “Grateful Guessing” game out of the book (page 194).  For this game you give each guest three small pieces of paper and a pen ( I am putting them at the dinner place settings).  Each person is to put one thing they are grateful for on each of the three papers.  All papers are collected and placed in a bowl.  Take turns pulling out a piece of paper and reading it.  It is up to the guests to guess who wrote it.  The object is you can be as sneaky or as real as you want – but if you wish to stump the group, come up with a funny off the wall thing to be grateful for….  “I am so thankful for what I thought was my appendix rupturing turned out to be gas….” …. well… uh…… really – who could have written that?

There are so many great ideas with well written easy to follow instructions.  I can see many of these being tweaked to be used for event planning, family outings, meeting ice breakers, and more.

Overall I give this book my highest rating!  I will use this over and over again.

Amazon Rating

I received this book off of Shelf Awareness

18 thoughts on “The GaMeS BiBLe by Leigh Anderson

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, not sure what all we’re dong yet other than eating like we haven’t ate in years.

    I’m thankful for my son and his good health as well as the home I live in.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. We are also a games playing family, although now it just the two of us it tends to be mainly word games. Our family room also used to have loads of games, but not such an impressive collection as your games cupboard.

  3. You really loved this book alright and I cannot believe you have so many board games !
    I am not a fan of board games but the one you described was kind of nice. I am going to try it with my college friends at the training institute.
    Hope you enjoyed ‘Thanksgiving’ !

  4. I am SO jealous! I wish I had a closet full of games! I love love love to play games, especially word games…. unfortunately Joe hates games (I’ve been working on changing that- so far, it isn’t working). However, I do get to use word games as “brain breaks” in classroom 😉 Gotta get it in somewhere!

  5. I just got back from my trip, so am catching up on blogs.
    Game closet –check
    tons of books–check
    loves to blog–check
    OMG…we could so get together and have fun!! I laughed out loud at your game closet…looks like mine.

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