Morning Meanderings…. When Did I Become A Movie Theater Snob?

Good Morning Sunday people!  It is a little bit of a snow dust happening here in central Minnesota right now and of course I find that a bit annoying but what can I do?

I know…. I can look forward to this afternoon when Chance and I are going to go to Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows!


Sorry about the “sssqquuueeee” but seriously…. the movie has been out for three days and I have been chomping at the bit (what a gross saying) to get there.

Even better…. since our original midnight showing plan was axed, I wanted to up the ante so we are bypassing the local Brainerd Movies 10 with our noses in the air and driving the 30 miles to Sunset Cinemas to see the 1:00 showing.

I have never been to the Sunset Cinemas but have heard of the larger more comfy cushioned seats, and nicer theater all the way around.  I am drooling with anticipation!

Born in Brainerd, I never knew there was a different way to do movies and maybe that is true of all of us.  Movies 10 is a large dark theater with sticky floors that make your shoes make noises like suction cups as you walk to your seat.  The chairs are the hard old school ones that flip down for you to sit in them with a big cup holder for that over-sized beverage I no doubt purchased for just such a movie.  And it goes without saying that you do not put your purse on the floor as if you are lucky enough to be able to release it from its sticky grip after the show you are more than likely going to spill everything in it when it releases like a bottle rocket.

Ok… I may be exaggerating a wee bit…..

I know I am suffering from “the grass is always greener” symptoms but this is a great movie to try a new theater with so we are doing it.  I have been saying for over a year now I would like to try out that theater and the anticipation…..  well, need we go back to the sssqquuueeee?

So that is my plan for this afternoon!  I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and I will see you later for a review and hopefully tonight when I post the It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading?

25 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. When Did I Become A Movie Theater Snob?

  1. The local theater that I grew up with started life as a quonset hut. It didn’t have heat for many years, so you had to bundle up to go to the movies. And there was a long stretch when the screen had a tear in it, and you could see the giant piece of tape holding it together. And yes, sticky floors and lumpy seats.

    Luckily, they’ve made some improvements over the years. 😀

  2. Oh, I totally get that whole “theater snob” thing. Back in the early nineties, I was living in a small suburb of my current city, and we had those kinds of theaters you described. But, in fact, there was nothing else around at the time. And then a few big multiplexes went in and I’ve tried them all, but the one in my current neighborhood is the best. The only one I enjoy visiting.

    Sometimes a movie will come along that isn’t playing in my favorite theater (too artsy, or whatever), so I’ll deign to visit the other theaters because I MUST see the movie. But I’m sitting there with my nose scrunched up at the sticky floors, etc. Some of those horrible theaters have better popcorn, though. I guess they realize they don’t have much else going for them!

    Hope you enjoy your movie. You have snow, I have rain today; earlier, I heard the thunder!

  3. Enjoy the film! 🙂

    Our local cinema has 2 screens, though 1 of them is no bigger than my living room (seriously!). The chairs are mainly hard, but they seemed to have replaced a few on the balcony with really soft & comfortable chairs (no cupholders… our local cinema hasn’t been dragged out of the 19th century yet, let alone the 20th!).

    I’ll go to our local cinema during the week, but will drive the 35 miles to the 8 screen cinema in the nearest “big” town at the weekends. I haven’t been for a while though!

  4. Have a great time! I don’t blame you for upgrading theaters for this one. My hometown theater had a rip in the screen and dubious sound. My sister fell through her broken seat when we went to see Fellowship of the Ring! It has since been repaired a little but the charming ripped screen is still there. I was fortunate enough to see Deathly Hallows in a really nice theater with stadium seats (really important for short people) and it was worth the extra $1.50 and 40 minute drive to do so!

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of the movie. I’ll be posting my review on Monday afternoon.

  5. Cushy seats definitely improve movie-going experiences. Although, when you go to midnight showings, they make sleep all that much more temping. Hope you enjoyed the movie! I’m already making plans to see it again.

  6. Most of the theaters here are all stadium seating, quite a few with balconies. The ones that aren’t stadium still have big cushion chairs that for the most part lean back some. Most of them hae arm rests that are moveab le A lof of them you can now order food and alcohol from your seat, especially the one downtown. 3 of the 4 big theaters here are owned by the same guy and he’s getting ready to replace all the screens with HD screens and a lot of the new chairs will have seat warmers.

    So needless to say it’s ok to be a movie theater snob, I am.

  7. I hope you enjoyed the movie in better conditions. We drive a little over 25 miles to a movie theater that is actually clean and has lovely seats.

    I’m late, it’s Monday am, and I saw cars sliding on the ice in Minn. on the news this morning. Hope you stay safe. BTW, I met a lady from a suburb of Minneapolis Friday in Philadelphia. She says Brainerd is a resort area – yet you go somewhere else to your cabin?

    1. LOved the movie and just put my review up! :0 How cool you met a Minneapolis person! Yes, we are a resort but our cabin is where my hubby grew up – further North. Its funny you mention that because when we had the furniture delivered to the cabin that we had purchased in Mnpls., the delivery guy said – we always vacation up North in Brainerd but we always wondered where you all vacationed… I laughed and replied, “further North of course!”


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