The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts

“Craving a little early Christmas?  The Snow Globe may be just the book to put you in the spirit of magical moments and miracles.”


Kiley Gray has had better days.  Her boyfriend has dumped her for her sister.  Yup.  Her scatter brained sister.  Kiley is having trouble finding a job and if that wasn’t enough, her two best friends Alison and Susanne have full lives and really do not have time to be the friends that Kiley needs right now.

When Kiley and her friends get away for a girls weekend (lets just say I love girls weekends and I was hooked from this point on!) you find out that each girl has a reason to need a break.  While on this getaway, Kiley wanders into an antique shop where a snow globe catches her eye.  The stores owner assures Kiley that this globe will bring miracles into her life and really, what does Kiley have to lose?

There are times when a book just hits you in the right mood and the right time and that is what I found with Sheila Robert’s Snow Globe.  It’s no secret that I enjoy reads with women’s friendships and adding a little Christmas magic to the pages as Minnesota has its first snow of the season is well… a bit magical.

Through this small book I found friendships that while at times may seem distant, you soon see that the base of these friendships is strong and sometimes a little Christmas magic, even when found within a snow globe, can remind us all of what is truly important.

I really enjoyed this book and found the writing to be much like another author I enjoy for this style of writing., Debbie Macomber.

There is so much more I would like to share about this delightful book but because what lies between the pages is part of the magic, I am going to leave it at this.

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Book Journey’s 2010 Reading Map has been updated to include The Snow Globe

Cover Story:  It oozes Christmas and magic…. I like it

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19 thoughts on “The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts

  1. Heya Sheila!!!
    I am back from Vacay and things have settled down:) You know what that means… yep I am blog stalking you again:) This book looks great and I have it added to my TBR list:)

  2. Hi one and all! I, too, love Christmas books and am hoping to start my Christmas reading soon. Meanwhile, here in the Northwest where we freak out at the sign of the first snow flake, I’m hoping I see no snow in my future until January… except in my snow globes. And the mountains (wouldn’t want to deprive the skiers!) Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. This book has a ‘magical’ feel to it by the look of your review and I guess that is what this season is all about. Somehow while I was reading this review, I remembered all my old school friends and the fun we used to have during this winter season which included our annual Christmas concerts at school. It has been 6 years since my classmates and I spent our ‘best time of the year together’. With all the studying and all the diplomas , I guess I almost forgot that there is another side to me than just plain ‘cramming for exams’.This review has made me nostalgic….and thats pretty hard to do considering a personality such as me…… Thank you Sheila for bringing these beautiful memories back.This book is going to be on my list for Christmas….which I am going to spend this year with my old friends……and not exam papers !

    Keep up the Christmas spirit !

    1. Thanks Fiza and thank you for sharing that memory…. you are right, it is easy to get caught up in the “busy” and forget what Christmas is really all about.

      I am going to make a conscious effort this year to slow down and really appreciate the season.

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