Cake Boss by Buddy Valastro

Buddy Valastro is a fourth generation baker.  Born in New Jersey into a traditional Italian family, Buddy showed incredible talent as a baker and decorator.

Star of the hit TLC reality show Cake Boss, today Buddy Valastro is a household name that upon hearing it brings visions of masterpiece cakes that are gorgeous to look at as they are a sensation tot he taste buds.  Buddy’s often asked to demonstrate, compete, and teach his craft around the country.  In his 10,000 sq foot state of the art facility, Buddy and his staff turn out thousands of wedding cakes, specialty cakes, and pastries weekly. His award-winning designs have been featured numerous times in different bridal and baking magazines. Carlo’s Bakery has also been featured in books, newspapers, such as, The New York Times, and television; most namely The Food Network.  He and his cakes have also been featured on The Today’s Show, Good Morning America, The View, and HBO’s hit series, The Sopranos.

By uniting time-honored quality with modern innovative techniques, Carlo’s Bakery is rated among the best.  Their distinct old world taste is hard to come by.  This is what sets Buddy apart from other sugar artists.  Buddy hopes to one day pass on his passion and knowledge to fifth generation members of the Valastro family and continue the Carlo’s Bakery legacy.

A must see in Hoboken, New Jersey

Cake Boss is more than a gorgeous book with mouth-watering recipes.  Cake Boss is a memoir of the Valastro family, Buddy’s remarkable father who played such a positive role in where Buddy is today… and within the first few pages of this book you will know that this is a book about family.  From Danny Dragone, who helps out wherever he is needed, Stephanie who was the first woman to work in back with the bakers (no small feat), Joey the brother-in-law who is not only married to Buddy’s sister, but is also one of the top bakers, the counter is run by Buddy’s sisters. Little Frankie who’s been in the bakery business since he could walk, and Sal who has been with the bakery since 1960.  This is truly a family business.

And that is just the beginning, as I turned the pages I found myself immersed in what family means to Buddy.  As I found myself reading the history of the “Cake Boss” I became immersed in the strong sense of history.   I enjoyed reading about the first cakes Buddy was allowed to make, to his growing talent as a baker… to his first wedding cake where he really began to flourish.

(Who knew reading about the history of a bakery and a family could be so interesting?)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  While I have heard of the show Cake Boss, I admit I have never watched it.  I can assure you I am going to start now.  This book jump started my heart for a family I did not know, and reading this book makes me want to know more.

Fun Facts:

1. How many pounds of flour are used in a week:    Over 3000
2. What is the most used ingredient in the bakery?    A special type of flour called soft as silk

3. How many cannolis are made in one week? Close to 6000 a week
4. How many employees work at Carlos’ Bake Shop?    35
5. How long does it take to make the average wedding cake? At least three hours
6. What is the most popular item in the bakery?   lobster tails
7. What is the most popular cake flavor?    French cream
8. What is the most unusual item sold at the bakery?  Sfogliatelle -a flaky pastry filled with orange-flavored ricotta

9. When should a bride book her appointment to discuss her wedding cake?  Six months before the big day
10. Most frequently asked question of Buddy:   “Can you make my birthday cake?”

While I did not have time before I wrote this review, I will be making the Biscotti from the recipe section of this book for gifts for co-workers and friends this Christmas.  When I make the recipe I will be sure to post about it and link you back to this book.

I think Cake Boss would make a wonderful gift book to that person you know who loves to bake.

Buddy is on tour, check out the dates and locations!

Amazon Rating

Book Journey has updated the 2010 Reading map to include Cake Boss

When in New Jersey, the obvious “must see” stop would be Carlo’s Bakery

Cover Story:  Fantastic!  It says it all!

I received this book for review from Free Press Publishing

Simon and Schuster

17 thoughts on “Cake Boss by Buddy Valastro

    1. I really like the bottom right one Hannah. 🙂 Even after I posted this I was still thumbing through the book…. I am really impressed at how well the history is written and the some of the funny moments that take place in a bakery..
      (IE. one of the walk in coolers was left open overnight ruining a $5,000 wedding cake that was to feed 400…. they went into overdrive to make another one)
      Can you even imagine a $5,000 cake? I can’t! 😀

  1. I’ll really have to track this one down at my library. I only started watching Cake Boss this past summer, but now love the show! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Okay, so I admit I haven’t seen this TV show, but between the beautiful photos you posted and your great review, I think I need to both read the book and see the show. Like Sheila, I’ll be checking Netflix.

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