Morning Meanderings… Homeward Bound

Good morning!  This is probably the first post I ever wrote from the back of a moving vehicle.  We are on our way home from a wonderful weekend on the North Shore.  I am with my friends Heidi, Cindy, and Sara, and we are just passing through Two Harbors, Minnesota.  We forgot about Daylight savings time this morning so we were up pretty early, cleaned up the cabin stop and had brunch at out favorite place in Beaver Bay Minnesota before we realized that we were actually an hour earlier than we thought we were.  😀

We had such a fun weekend of baking cookies and making crafts.  We didn’t leave the cabin the entire weekend and had tons of fun eating great food, and laughing like crazy (stay tune for Tuesday – I will post pictures then).  I plan to post the recipes and the craft projects as well and how we did them.

Split Rock Light House - in the cabin area

See you tonight for the Monday What Are You Reading post!  😀

26 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Homeward Bound

  1. Oh, love the photo…what a glorious spot!

    Yes, I have trouble remembering the time change in the fall, ever since they changed it from Oct. to Nov.

    The first struggles I had with it was when we were on a trip to Sedona, AZ in late Oct., (a couple years ago) and were confused about the time the whole four days we were there. (They’re an hour ahead, but for some reason, I thought we’d had a time change, so I kept asking everyone what time it was and wondering why it seemed off…)

    But this year, I set my numerous clocks back before I went to bed.

    Glad you had a fun trip…looking forward to Monday reading!

    1. Hi Laurel – I home we usually do set the clocks before bed – but yesterday we baked and made Christmas bulbs all day long – at night we (the girls and I) sat at the cabin talking and reminiscing until we were exhausted and …. none of us remembered.


    1. LOL Mary. We all got up early but what was funny is we had packed the house up and were going to our favorite brunch stop on our way out of town that we (I) thought opened at 10 am. When we got there we discovered the sign said it opened at 9 so we laughed at that – only to later realize, we were right on time as it was 9 am.


    1. Usually when we go to the cabin the cabin is the “pit stop and rest stop” and we explore the small towns or bike. This time we stayed in the entire weekend and it was wonderful! We already committed to the same weekend next year/

    1. Its fun Alyce, we are close to Gooseberry Falls which is another go to spot…. I think it is one of those things we (I) take for granted because I live near it, but thinking about it now – I guess it really is a cool area. 🙂

  2. My husband and I have camped up near Split Rock a few times. We stayed at Crazy Bay,.appropriate for us i think!

    Love the North Shore!

  3. What a great site! Loved the pics of the girls toasting and hearing amazing raves about By Fire By Water… Have to get me a copy soon.

    have a great week

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