My Lost Daughter by Nancy Thayer Rosenberg – Hard Cover Giveaway!

Lily Forrester is a tough Ventura County judge who has overcome adversity and heartache to get to a place where she can help those who can’t help themselves. She’s put all of her passion and energy into this cause and has no regrets. That is, until she receives word that her daughter Shana, who is attending law school hundreds of miles away, seems to be having a nervous breakdown.

Feeling guilty at what she sees as a failure in her duty as a mother, Lily rushes to Shana’s side. With a major murder trial underway in her court, Lily faces an agonizing choice: stay with Shana — and possibly see a killer go free due to a mistrial — or return to work and possibly sacrifice her daughter’s sanity. In a desperate balancing act, Lily takes Shana to a supposedly prestigious treatment facility for help.

Unfortunately for the two women, the institution is far less interested in treating patients than it is in bilking insurance companies out of extravagant fees�Ķ and the staff is less than scrupulous about patients’ rights. After being stonewalled for weeks, Lilly discovers that Shana has been threatened by sadistic so-called caregivers, given mind-deadening drugs without consent, and held for hours in a tiny, bare cell without food or water. Lily will have to use all her knowledge of the law to find a way to free Shana. Lily does not know that Shana faces another danger — one that isn’t institutional. A sociopath is in hiding at the hospital, using the organization’s criminal activities for his own purposes. And Shana is his new obsession.

The cooler weather makes me crave mysteries that require a comfy chair, a warm blanket, and a cup of something steamy and delicious! This is where a book like My Lost Daughter pulls at my attention.

Thanks to Forge Publishing, maybe this book will call to you as well.  Forge Publishing has graciously sent me two extra hard cover copies of this read to share with my readers.  TWO WINNERS!!!  I hope that is exciting news!

Here is how to enter:

Share with me in a comment  what sort of books call to you this time of year as the temperatures cools and the days grow shorter.  (*This question mush be answered to be entered)

Bonus Entries (but not necessary)

Subscribe to my posts (upper right side bar and let me know you have in a separate comment and I will add a bonus entry

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That’s it.  Giveaway open to USA and Canada addresses only please.  Giveaway will end on November 3.

49 thoughts on “My Lost Daughter by Nancy Thayer Rosenberg – Hard Cover Giveaway!

  1. I really crave Amish fiction during the Fall. I don’t know what it is about it. I suppose maybe the simpler life stories and hands-on living has a bit to do with it. I started reading Amish fiction several years ago, and truly I have been captured by it. This is really pretty interesting too since I am also totally devoted to all things Stephen King. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. Ohhh! What a terrific question! When the weather turns cool I love to curl up with a “meaty book”, something long, involved and more than likely a classic piece of literature. There is just something about not having to go anywhere and dive into a different world. What a great giveaway Sheila!!

  3. As the leaves turn and the weather cools, I prefer books that I can delve more deeply into, ones with unforgettable characters and a intriguing, mind-capturing plot. I will also enjoy keeping a great biography or non-fiction book going inbetween other I tend to read “beachy” lighter stories during the summer and catch up on my growing stack of magazines.

  4. I tend to go the the genres of historical romance and mysteries for reading in front of the fireplace…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  5. I love to read cozies when it’s cold and when I am sick. Also with cold weather, I like to read books that involve a heat wave. I like to have a comfy sofa and a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top.


  6. I also could go for mysteries/suspense at this time of year and could even get into a Christmas story or two.


  7. About this time of year I love to start reading books with a Christmas theme. I know it’s kinda early, but the cooler weather makes me start thinking about the holidays.
    I also want to dig out my cookbooks at this time of year too.

  8. I like christmas stories or holiday stories as the weather gets colder. Especially in the month of December and January.

  9. The books that call to me this time of year are mysteries and thrillers. Please enter me. Thanks!

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