Alice’s Tea Cup by Haley Fox and Lauren Fox

Once upon a time in New York City, there were two sisters.  Their father was a spinner of tales, always armed with a freshly brewed mug of English Breakfast Tea.

Their mother was a seamstress who loved to be out and about, and together, they would take the sisters to afternoon tea wherever it was served.  The sisters learned at a very early age that tea was more than a beverage – it was an even to be shared and protected.  Tea was a sacred experience, whether at a hotel or at a home; it was a time to connect, share your thoughts and drams, and escape for a spell.

And that is how Alice’s Tea Cup came to be…

Ahhh….. Alice’s Tea Cup is memories of May….  I was here with several wonderful book bloggers and the amazing Adriana Trigiani during BEA.   At that time this book was not out yet, but we were each promised to have the book sent to us once they had it ready.  You can imagine my SSQQUUUEEEE level when it arrived at my home recently.  What a treasure!

Filled with gorgeous pictures and recipes of cookies, muffins, scones, frosting and more… I literally drooled over the pages and remember the mouth-watering treats that we were served that day.  Authors Haley and Lauren show us how to celebrate with tea and festival foods, not only the delicious treats but also soups and salads that I can not wait to serve in my own home.

My only regret with this book…. the pictures were not scratch and sniff.  😉

This is a lovely gift book that I am beyond thrilled to own not  only this treasured book… but the memories it holds for me inside the pages.

Alice's Tea Cup in May 2010 with Adriana Trigiani

Book Journey has updated the 2010 reading map to include Alice’s Tea Cup


Thank you thank you thank you to Harper Collins

and of course to Adriana Trigiana who was the reason I experienced the amazing  Alice’s Tea Cup!

21 thoughts on “Alice’s Tea Cup by Haley Fox and Lauren Fox

  1. That looks like it was so much fun and what great memories you have. I think this book looks like I must have it! I love tea and goodies. This book does look like a great treasure! Going to put it on the wish list now!

    1. I seen it in your pile of books Kathy and I thought “YAY!!! We are all going to be able to make our own delicious treats and talk about this book and Alice’s Tea Cup!” 😛

  2. Oh, I LOVE scones, and shops that feature lovely pastries and tea.

    I would love to visit Alice’s Tea Cup in NY, but until then, we have a lovely Victorian shop in a neighboring village that serves delicious “high teas” that present all things delectable.

  3. I LOVE Alice’s Tea Cup 🙂 It’s such a great place to go and have a pot of tea with friends (and their pumpkin scones are amazing!) I feel lucky to live nearby!

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