Morning Meanderings… LATE!

GAH!  I mean… morning!  I have been packing this morning and getting ready to leave for the cities right after work.  This means instead of planning my morning time with you, I have spent it finding my camera charger, a sweater, something casual, something nice…. GAH!

HOWEVER – before I run out the door to the gym I wanted to stop, have a half of cup of coffee (yes – that is unheard of I know!) and share with you this event going on right now:


I stumbled on to this and unfortunately have not had a lot of time to explore it so I can not tell you all lot about it, however I can give you the website so if you care to you can check it out.  It sounds interesting to me.  It is called The  Novel:  Live!

That’s my time.  I will try to stop in on Twitter tonight once I am in the hotel room and settled in the cities.  Twitter ID:  bookjourney

I will give updates throughout the weekend of whats happening at the festival.


24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… LATE!

  1. Have a wonderful time! I have not been “home” longer than a day in decades. I never thought I would like leaving the Twin cities and now I detest going back. Turn in a circle and wave to capture all my old haunts and family members. 😉 Seriously, have a wonderful time. I look forward to hearing all about it. I cannot recall where the meet-up is, but do eat on Grand (the St. Paul part) for me-anywhere will do. I do miss the food.

    1. Thanks Jennifer – we are going to a place called Chaio tonight at 7:30. I am in the hotel room now relaxing a bit. Reagan should be here soon, then we are meeting others at the restaurant.

  2. Have fun and I think coffee is good right before a work out…I had a trainer once who drank coffee before our classes…she said it was good for muscles…

    1. That’s good news Patty – I didn’t know that! I always have coffee in the morning, switch to water of course at the gym – but didn’t know coffee was actually good for me. WOO HOO! 😀

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