Author Chat with Bill Walker (author of Titanic 2012 and A Note From An Old Acquaintance)

I had the privilege of first hearing of Bill Walker through his book Titanic 2012.  I found this beauty of a book and being a fan of all things Titanic, had to – had to read it.   I really enjoyed (and recommend) the book and was curious about the author who would write a book about a future Titanic.  This is how I met Bill.

Please welcome Bill Walker to Book Journey



Bill Walker


First off Bill, I need to know how you take your coffee.

Bill: I like mine sweet and white.

Bill, what books will I find on your bookshelf?

Bill: You’ll find over 500 books on my shelf.  I’m literally surrounded by them in my little office/nook.  As to why they are there?  Well, because each one of them called out to me “Buy me!” and I couldn’t resist that literary siren call.  My problem is I buy them faster than I can read them 😉

No!  You are kidding me!  That never happens to me!  Ok, I kid… I have about that many books as well.  What is the earliest book you can remember reading?

Bill: Now that’s a tough one.  I don’t know if I remember the first one I read, but I do remember the first book that really inspired me to write.  It was a famous children’s book called Ben and Me, which is about Ben Franklin and his pet mouse, Amos, and was told as if Amos wrote it.  I loved that book so much I wrote my own pastiche called The Adventures of Mouser.  I thought my book was long lost, but recently received it back in the mail after nearly forty years.  One of my oldest friends had borrowed it and forgotten to return it before he and his family moved away.  It’s really kind of neat and strange to see where my head was those many years ago and how much I’ve learned about the craft of writing in that time.

Bill I love that!  I enjoyed reading your book Titanic 2012.  I have always had a passion for the Titanic.  Could you share a little about why you wrote a book about this famous ship?

Bill: Again it was a situation where I was inspired by another work, in this case James Cameron’s Titanic.  Writing it was my way of extending my feelings and experiences from watching the film.

I now have in my hands your newest book, A Note From An Old Acquaintance.  A little different from your Titanic story.  Why this book?  Why this story?

Bill: All my books have a romantic subplot, even the ones that remain unpublished, and it was my desire to write a novel where the love story took center stage.   I also wanted to tell a story set in Boston, which is where I spent many happy years.

I love this trailer Bill, which is saying a lot as I don’t usually like book trailers!  Book you are reading right now?

Bill: One Second After by William Forstchen.  It is a very realistic story about what might happen if America were hit by an EMP attack.  That is when a nuclear device is exploded high in the atmosphere to allow an Electromagnetic Pulse to bathe the ground beneath it.  It would basically wipe out every high-tech gadget in the country, whether it was turned on or not.  It would be instant middle ages and what makes it so frightening is that anyone with a nuclear device, such as North Korea, and a high altitude method of delivery, such as a missile, could do it.  It is especially frightening when you think about how dependant we are on all this gadgetry and how helpless we would be without it.  We would all find out very quickly how thin the veneer of civilization really is.

It is tradition for me to ask those I interview to share a little known fact about themselves.  (This could be an unusual talent, embarrassing moment, an award you won, an instrument you play, funny happening…)

Bill: I don’t know how little known this fact is, but I’m an inveterate rock and roller who loves to plug in my Les Paul and wail.  I find it psychologically liberating.

That is awesome Bill!   Thanks for your time!

Bill: And thank you for having me over.

Readers, if you want to know more about Bill and/or his books please link to him through his website:

Bill Walker

13 thoughts on “Author Chat with Bill Walker (author of Titanic 2012 and A Note From An Old Acquaintance)

  1. Oh, I absolutely love Boston, and that’s only from one very special weekend spent there in the 80s.

    I think that the One Second After book would scare me too much! I already have nightmares about my gadgets failing me! LOL

    Great interview, Sheila and Bill.

  2. Interesting interview. How great you were able to get your book back after such a long time. It must have been nice to be able to see where you started and how you have changed in our writing. I am still trying to decide if it would be easier or harder to write different types of stories.

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