Morning Meanderings… I am on the Twitter

Good morning fellow book worms, bookish types, and random dude who just wandered over thinking this was a site that talked about cheese puffs.  I see you over there dude in the corner… just back away from the keyboard with your powdery cheesy fingers….

Ok… I am in an odd mood…. a good one… but I have no idea what the first paragraph is about.

So I am up and in need to take off soon here for work and beyond (voice echo’s “beyond, beyond, beyoooonnnnddddd”)

Has anyone seen any good movies coming up?  I am interested in seeing that Facebook one.  I think that looks interesting.  The other one that I would really like to see that is out right now is You Again.  It looks really funny and I like many of the actresses in it.  (Are they actresses anymore?  Or do we call them all actors?)

Anyway – I posted the trailer here for your viewing enjoyment and so you say see why I called today’s post what I did.  Seriously Betty White cracks me up.



I need to find time to see that one!

College Son popped in the door yesterday afternoon as a surprise (I have kids popping up all over the place lately!)  He had a couple of days off from work and school so headed into town from Mankato.  He is only here for a little bit but it was cool to see him and tonight we are going to hang out a bit.

Ok… times a moving so I had better run…. run like the wind (good grief what is with me today?).

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!

(Oh my word… what is wrong with me?)

27 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I am on the Twitter

  1. Have you seen the little boy on YouTube who loves Betty White? He’s adorable. When he sees her on TV, he says “That’s Betty White! She’s beautiful!”

  2. I love weird days like you are having. My family always looks at me like I am crazy, but I am happy and enjoying myself, so they can just deal with it. We are all entitled to a manic period once in a while. Things are too hum drum and need a little shaking up every now and then. It’ll put a smile on peoples’ faces and there is nothing bad about that.

    Hope you continue to ping along happily all day.

    Thanks for the movie trailer. I had not seen this one yet. Looks like fun. What a line-up of great actresses.

  3. Oh, I LOVED You Again…and yes, seemingly, all the magazines, etc., seem to call them “actors” these days. ???

    Betty White and Jamie Lee Curtis were fabulous, as were the others. I enjoyed every moment, laughing, chuckling, remembering high school…sadly. LOL

    You should see it.

    I think I want to see The Social Network this weekend. I must!

    Have a great and supercalifragilisticexpialidosis DAY!

  4. You Again looks really good! I love Betty White…

    I’m not real interested in the Facebook movie…

    Other than that I’m not really up on what movies are coming out right now…

    Have a great time with College Son!

    1. Deb I am not really sure why I am interested in the movie other than the fact that it is so huge fascinates me…. my brain could not even begin to think of how to do something like that. 🙂

  5. You crack me up! I love those moods when your thoughts are all over the place. Normally those are my most productive days. 🙂 That movie looks funny. I hadn’t heard about it or seen an advertisement yet. Thanks for the preview. Looks like a fun one for me and my mom to catch.

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